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Sunday, the 31st of Lamashan, 4711AR

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Silver Crusade

Hm, that class you are making sounds interesting. What is it like?

Cool cool. Sounds good. If you want someone to look it over before you playtest, I'd be more than happy to give you my thoughts.


Let it be known that this was excrutiatingly difficult to narrow down! I had to let go of some characters that I really enjoyed! That being said, here are our SIX champions!!

Congrats to:
- Ali and Azeri!!!
- Cleo Gingerberry!!
- Helgarr!!
- M'ara!!
- Maria!!
- Vandra and Jeaux!!

Discussion will be open shortly, and gameplay after that! To those who did not make it, I honestly wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. There we SO MANY great characters, and I hope you make it into other games with these guys. Thank you so much for your interest!

Phew! Thanks TreasureFox. I'm honored to join in.

Grand Lodge

Oh, Well good luck to all that have made it. I hope everyone has fun!

right now i just got a jumble of ideas, partial caster with spells mostly drawn from the enchantment school and spells that enhance combat ability, pool of minions from npc classes that you choose, could make an army, a spy network etc, a trusted lieutenant with a level cap, possibly based on animal companion or familiar, leadership as an automatic at level 7 (maybe) Possibly a few other things.

EDIT: Good luck everybody, hey, toss me a PM, if I ever get my lazy butt into making this class I'll invite you to recruitment for the play test.

Also, I feel it appropriate to say this given the character list. "The kids are a'ight!

Have fun gaming.

Oh well. Kent's a fun enough guy, hopefully I'll get him into a game soon. As I mentioned before, feel free to let me know if you need a character for the campaign later on, assuming we aren't several books in, anyway.

Congrats to those who made it. Have fun!

I had a feeling I wasn't going to make it in, to those who did I say enjoy it, you don't see much RotRL recruitment threads these days.

Doh' :(

Have fun you all :D

Grand Lodge

Sweet, my first PbP game! Well, for Pathfinder anyway. Did a lot of forum RPs on a couple sites.

But this will be even better! Can't wait to start, looking forward to seeing how this goes.

And hoping that I don't die in the first/second encounter.

For those who didn't make it, I hope I can get to play with you in another game.

Whatever! Azzerix doesn't care! Azzerix had better things to do anyways! I'll just find another place to call home! And it'll be way better stupid Sandpoint!

Seriously though, good to see a tough band like that is working on this one. It's much easier knowing you placed out to a bunch of really good concepts. And this one had some stiff competition!

Good luck to all!

Azzerix Wyrmclaw wrote:
Whatever! Azzerix doesn't care! Azzerix had better things to do anyways! I'll build my own Sandpoint. With blackjack, and hookers!

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Congrats all! Hope to play with you in future games.

Many thanks DM.
Good luck next time and happy adventures to those that didn't get in.

Have fun everyone. Wish my tank could have got in, but in guessing my story held him back.

Korak The Boisterous wrote:
Also, I feel it appropriate to say this given the character list. "The kids are a'ight!

Gotta say, I was hoping the kids would make it into the adventure. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I'll be around if an extra character is needed, but i hope it isn't...i want to see these guys pull through and conquer :D

Thanks Tsakua! :) And cheers to everyone else too. Hope to play a game with ya'll soon.

Dawwwwww, but bombs!

Goodluck to those that got in though! :D

Whoa, thank you very much. I didn't much think Cleo had a chance with all the great possibilities.

This means she doesn't get lost in the woods and eaten by a bear! At least not yet...

"Ma'am I find that racist towards Bears and Bear-esq people!"

Grand Lodge

Calm down, CareBear. It wasn't meant to offend you.

You know Vandra, I note that he just said he found it offensive, not that he wouldn't eat you. Maybe you shouldn't call him a care bear.

Azerie turns hastily and pulls off the napkin he had tied around his neck. "What? Me? Eat the snot nosed punk? Never! Ha Ha Ha!"

No offense meant, big bear like thing that talks.

... please don't eat her ...

Tsakua wrote:
Congrats all! Hope to play with you in future games.

I may be able to help with that...

I was interested in what I saw of your posting and character, if you'd like trying in playing him in a Runelords game run by me. I'm just getting back into pbp after a fairly long hiatus and thought I'd go with a classic I've always been interested in.

I'll be keeping creation rules and such essentially the same, and get a actual recruitment page set up soon, but thought I'd reach out to some people first.

Something to think about. Content in my games tends to run a bit mature in places, especially in a game like Runelords where you face ancient and monstrous evil. I don't try to be shocking or gratuitous, but entrails are spilled, people get naked, and the terrible things that can happen to the helpless don't always take place conveniently off-screen. This isn't to everyone's taste, and I wanted to let you know.

DM Grey wrote:
Tsakua wrote:
Congrats all! Hope to play with you in future games.

I may be able to help with that... ** spoiler omitted **

I've got an Arcanist in the works that I kinda want to use. I wouldn't mind bringing him into your campaign.

Congratulations guys, and have fun.

DM Grey wrote:
Tsakua wrote:
Congrats all! Hope to play with you in future games.

I may be able to help with that... ** spoiler omitted **

!!! Azzerix shall be the one to spill the entrails! They shall be those of his foes! All shall know and fear Azzerix Wyrmclaw!!!

The Cult of Norgorber is a complex organism, but the God of murder secrets, greed, and poison would have it no other way. The cult's legacy in Magnimar stretches back to the city's founding over a century ago, when a figure known today in whispers as the Forever Man laid his own foundations within Magnimar's - he ensured that the cult of Norgorber would always have a place in the city's heart, mind, and soul. Today, several branches of the cult function side by side, although not necessarily in full cooperation. The cult of the Skinsaw Man, in particular, has its own goals in mind for the city...

Hello everyone! One of our players just had a newborn baby, and won't be able to play for the foreseeable future. We're looking for a replacement player who can fill a niche we've been missing for quite some time. We would like an arcane caster who's an expert on all things Thassilonian.

Character creation rules:

Level 8 (you do not need to make the entire character in order to make an application, see Application spoiler)
Max hp for the first 3 levels, half+1 for the remainder
20 point buy, final ability scores (not including magic) must be no higher than 20, and no lower than 8
28,000gp please do not spend more than half on a single item
1 trait, and either your choice of a campaign trait or a regular trait, no drawbacks
Core races are preferred. Aasimars and Tieflings are allowed, but do not have access to variant heritages or abilities. If you would like, you could design a half-orc character and call it a half-ogre.
No evil alignments, CN alignment must be willing to work with the group

Exactly what kind of character we're looking for:

We're looking for a full arcane caster who is quite skilled in at least: Arcana, History, and Spellcraft
It's preferred that you're an intelligence based class, primarily for high knowledge skills
You would have a strong desire to learn about Thassilon and explore its ruins
Speaking Thassilonian would be required (you can either take the campaign trait, or put a skill rank in linguistics)
We don't have much of an opinion about damage/buffs/debuffs/utility, etc.


Please include in your application:
A rough idea of your character's build. This might include basic stats, expected feats to take, general spell selection, highest skills, a level 1 character sheet, etc. I just want to get a decent idea of how your character would function mechanically.
A summary of where your character fits in the world, how they grew up, what they believe in, what they fear, and how they got to level 8


Variant multiclassing, background skills, and fractional bonuses are allowed
The book does not allow much time for crafting. I try to put some extra time in there, but there's no guarantee.
This game is not PFS legal
Posting requirements are 1/day, however I'm not strict about it. My mental health occasionally demands a day to recuperate, and in the past I've been absent for far longer periods of time. I may choose to bot a character who hasn't posted their turn in combat after 24 hours, but this doesn't always occur.
We are currently on the last bit of book 2. The party is currently level 7 and will hit 8 after the boss encounter. We're situated in the city of Magnimar, though we won't be staying for long.
This game has been going on since 2015. Many of the players have been here since the beginning, and have supported me when I've been at my worst.

Our Party:

Wabbit, an indestructible raging Halfling dodge tank paladin. Quite happy go lucky until evil is detected
Cleo, a Halfling cleric of Erastil who tries her best to be peaceful and diplomatic (original character and player)
Furnok, a Human ranger who kicks butt with his lucerne hammer and his cheerful boar companion Bacon (original character and player)
Janis Scarnetti, a Human rogue who's a bored scoundrel, with a practical mindset and interest in Thassilon (original player)
Brelin, our now retired character. She's a cartomancer witch with a Varisian flavour. She may return one day if parental duties lessen, but we have no plans at the moment.
Aggah, who is a homebrewed goblin companion for Cleo. She's extremely chaotic, a bit evil, really dumb, and occasionally hits enemies. She's kind of our lovable mascot.

How I run the game:

While I keep the overarching story the same, I do homebrew the game fairly heavily. I change enemy races and stats, allow the story to flow with a bit more player choice, alter locations, change or create NPCs, and more. I have to admit that sometimes these things don't work out the way I've intended, and some of them worked wonderfully and I'm quite proud of them.
I do run a slightly lower magic setting, with a bit less gold. I prefer having the items you want in a treasure hoard from enemies rather than giving you the gold to buy them. So if you'd like certain items, please ask me and I may include them.
Occasionally the tone gets dark in this adventure path. While I have no intentions of bringing up player traumas and past experiences, I do at times push the line a little further than the average DM. I sometimes choose to describe death with gruesome details, explore a bit more sexuality before fading to black, look at slavery and other human atrocities, and create dark encounters one might expect from eldritch horror. For these reasons I request that you are 18 years old or more, and approach these situations with a certain amount of respect and maturity.

About me:

I'm a Canadian man in his later twenties, with a strong desire to run d&d-like games for a living. I like to explore and experiment on both game systems and stories, and focus on the story that both DM and players are trying to tell. I enjoy researching about topics of the game, even if they have very little relevancy or importance in the great scheme of things. I once was planning to run a pirate game, and spent nearly a week looking into the effects barnacles have on a ship's hull.
I've run Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition at the table 3 times, each with massively different stories. I'm very familiar with books 1 and 2, but have never played beyond them. This forum game has been going since 2015, and yes, the post rate has been horrible at times. I'm proud to say that I'm in a better place, and our pace has returned to something far more respectable. I also run a Hell's Rebels game here with some of the same players.
I watch a lot of Youtube videos regarding d&d. My favourites at the moment are Matthew Colville, MonarchsFactory, and How to be a Great Game Master.

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Hello! I'll polish some details and story for a Knowledge focused Arcanist and post it here in a day or two I hope (being Sunday doesn't really help with all the family meetings and meals and cousins nephews and stuff).

PS: We're having "True Paella, Greater" for lunch, so that's a positive point :P

Hello there, allow me to throw my hat into the ring with Richard Arcanagrim.

History: From a family of primarily arcane casters from within Cheliax, Richard grew up with a profound interest in discerning how arcane and divine magics could be combined. He found belief in the God of Magic Nethys but never took fully to the ways of the cleric. Instead he has dedicated his will to find a more practical approach.

Upon rifling through an old study, he came upon his great grandfather's journals. Within he found sections which related to the idea of Thassilonian history showing they were indeed interested in strange experimentation with magic in general, and had an extremely odd interest in the arcane healing rights performed by Witches and Bards. I find it a fascinating idea to play a Wizard who is raised in such a way and is interested in pushing the bounds of magic.

Despite where he was raised, he often thought about fighting against the constraints and social limitations placed on the Chelish people. He often did what he thought was right, even if it meant breaking laws or social conventions, such as practicing worship of Nethy's god of magic. Fearing for his future, his family pulled together and sent their increasingly errant youth abroad to study.

Class: Wizard.
I plan to have him go one of several ways. Either a Necromancy specialist Wizard, pending approval. I know some DM's have issue with Necromancers but I will say this would be mostly reactionary usage and not an army raiser. Not all necromancy spells are evil after all.
A spell sage Wizard, or an Exploiter Wizard archetype. Further, with these I would be interested in possibly using the variant multi-classing with Cleric.

Wizard: (B)Scribe scroll,
Necromancy School?: (B)Command/Turn Undead,
1st: Orator, (Advanced Class Guide)
Human: Skill Focus- Linguistics,
Wizard 5th: (B) Extend Spell,

Spells: Mostly focusing on Transmutation, Necromancy, and divination.
Skills: Knowledge Arcana/History/Religion, Linguistics, Spellcraft,

At age 30, Richard appears as a man of average height and weight for a human, neither terribly imposing but not unappealing either. He has the sort of build that you can find anywhere and could probably just pass for one in the crowd. He prefers studying comfortably in a room as opposed to being overly taxed, but his thirst for knowledge has led him on some wild adventures.

But it is when he talks that his passionate personality presents itself. He mostly has a biting intellect but has been known to be anywhere from extremely sarcastic to surprisingly empathetic in conversations. He speaks little of his past as it holds a secret he does not wish to share with others. He hates spiders and does not care overly for extremely hot weather. But he does like warm drinks next to a hearth, a warm bed to share out of the rain, and enjoys eating sweets.

He's met researchers like him, traveled with adventurers exploring ancient tombs, fought undead, deciphered ancient Thassilonian texts, known and lost love, acted as an interpreter in some diplomatic disputes, and campaigned briefly with and even bested a young copper dragon in jokes, while frustrating a tyrannical lordling in his country manor house. He now carries a copper coin with the dragon's likeness as a mark of their friendship.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sorry guys, bit too late. We had two recruitments open and when this only got one person we forgot to update when he moved to the second. We've filled the spot.

Thanks Janis.

Yeah sorry about that, I hope it didn't take up too much of your time. We closed the recruitment a while back, and I forgot to close this thread as well.

Ah, too bad. A few hours lost to today. I thought I'd been rather lucky to find a still open re-recruitment thread to a game I had already been involved in the first two books of and in which only 1 person had responded to.

Keep me in mind for next time and have fun!

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