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I just want to say I appreciate this thread for basically having a twist ending.

OK so this one miiiiiiiiiiiiiiight be a bit of a stretch, but....eh what the heck?

Make them Zombies*. That asterisk is SUPER important.

See they wished to be fully restored right? Well, restored applies as long as they can achieve all the things they could before. So as long as their physical ability scores and skill ranks remain it totally applies.

The trick is to use Alchemy, which, technically, is not magic. So they end up becoming alchemical abominations onto the lord. The fact that they now have alternative dietary concerns shouldn't be a problem; they still had to eat before, the fact that they now need to consume flesh (Or really whatever you want, including rare materials that hey only this guy as access to) is, in the grand scheme of things, negligible.

Beauty is also a subjective term. As long as they're roughly humanoid, it totally works out. They're just as beautiful or ugly to an elder god as they were before right?

Again, kind of a stretch, but it's a starting point at least!

Edit; Also you should be sure to make them Pseudo Zombies in this case. It wouldn't be fair to them if they couldn't die horribly anymore, after all.

Reksew_Trebla wrote:

This thread is why I'm glad I'm highly intelligent.

Wish 1: I wish this wish and every wish I make afterwards from my perspective turns out 100 percent exactly how I want them to turn out, even if I do not specify every detail.

Wish 2: I wish your helpful powers were transfered to me.

Wish 3: Oh wait, I don't have to make wishes anymore, because I have wish as a spell-like ability, with no material cost. I'm effectively a god now.

This is why unlimited wishes should never happen.

I feel like the problem with this is that it comes across as (Even if not intended) very condescending which actively encourages people to come up with new and exciting ways to twist it around.

Though, to be honest, I imagine most GM's would simply say "No" to the first wish and be done with it. I think there are such limitations for the spell, but I actually don't remember off hand (And can't check at the moment sadly)

I'm also a big fan of rewinding time.

For a twist, you could have them personally put back in time, but everything else has still progressed, so essentially their past versions are drawn forward in time suddenly.

Another potential "small" thin; return their gear to them melted/broken down and formed into a hostile golem. Never said the gear had to be in any sort of condition.

Like the cost of this uber wish would need to be staggering. We're talking undoing major maladies, raising the dead, teleportation, safeguards.

Also I noticed they did not say anything about disease so I guess you could start a world ending plague that follows them, but also doesn't directly affect them.

This sounds really cool. How would you feel about non-optimal builds? Like, for example, an alchemist that really just wants to make exploding zombies.

No reason.

No reason at all <.<

Oh. Oooooooooooooooooooh. Well if the price is always proportional there need to be severe consequences for cramming half a dozen or more wishes into a single thing.

You could have the wish create psycho-ranger versions of the characters for example, beefed up evil clones with existential crises, psychosis, and a grudge.

Depending the circumstances, you could have them suddenly shifted to an alternate reality where they're all whole and back together, but everything else has gone horribly wrong. Mirror Mirror sort of deal.

I suppose you could just go with the "Returned to somewhere horrible" route. As long they are all together it would be valid.

You could even make an adventure of it! They wind up in the belly of a multi-dimensional whale or something and need to get out without killing the poor thing or else reality shenanigans ensue.

This does make me wonder if the fast/instant alchemy abilities would affect the brewing of the mutagen. On the one hand, it doesn't actually say it does, and brewing a mutagen doesn't require any sort of check.

On the other hand, it's clearly an alchemical item to some extent. But it would also be kind broken to be able to whip up a new mutagen as it suits you in the blink of an eye and kinda negate the need to actually think about it.

So I've been plotting an alchemist to take advantage of the animate dead discovery and the Implant Bomb feat. Y'know, for exploding zombie hilarity. And I have a question;

Is there anything other than the GM (Rightfully) stopping me from implanting more than one bomb in a zombie?

I TOTALLY see the logic of why you would not want to do this. But if this were purely for poo and chuckles, could you stuff a zombie to literal bursting?


I'm interested and will try to post something soon. It's not a problem to do the two level dip in Master of Many Style and stick with Brawler is it? If it is, I'll just stick with Brawler.

Working on building my character! Hope to have it ready soon.

Gonna be building a Spiritualist tonight when I get home! :D

I'm dotting for interest!

Curious, is this at all inspired by the novel Boneshaker by Cherie Priest?

Really hope I didn't miss anything! lol

Alright! I think I finally got my Arcanist ready to go!


Gonna be rolling up a character. Would a Brown Fur Arcanist be alright? Or would you prefer a regular one? Assuming they're ok. lol

I would love to get in on this!

I am very much decided on making an Ifrit, and strongly considering a support(ish) paladin. Gonna roll it up.

I am however also toying with a bard, but I shall make a choice ASAP. Gonna post as soon as I can! :D

Oops, derped on the date! lol. Oh well!

AWESOME! Totally gonna pitch a character ASAP!

Psychics are allowed right? XD

The Misadventures of The Extremely Flammable!

I would be interested in playing an outcast.

So, maybe "Glimmil" the Psychic Hobgoblin, a very peaceful and honorable creature with no home or family to call his own, because of Lawful Good ways.

I would be willing to pitch a goblin character but would much prefer my alchemist as is :D

Also sorry for the uber late delay I was out of town for a little bit.

Sweet! Gonna build an occult class! Muahahahaaaa!

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Hykan the Traveller wrote:

I'm burning with anticipation/curiosity.

Which is, generally speaking, better than burning with an itching sensation. Or fire.

I would love to build a character for this! I know you said all classes with those exceptions, but wanna be 100% sure; are occult classes allowed?

Well I only have one trait there, the ones in my note were for alternate racial stuff, and I was wondering if those were ok.

Behold! Lilaney Ratkin.

Dotting this for interest. Definitely gonna roll up a character for this because it sounds like a blast.

Thinking a rattrap inspired Alchemist or Rogue. We'll see how it pans out as I design him/her! :D

Oh! I didn't see it mentioned anywhere. Weird. Anyway I am kinda familiar with Mutants and Masterminds so at least I'm nopt starting from nothing. Thanks for the info! :D

OK I am just a little lost, what system is this? Where can I find the information to build a character? This looks like a lot of fun and I'm gonna cook up a concept ASAP but not familiar with the system.

Sorry for the confusion on that! I honestly thought it was silly enough to be obviously fake. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I also work in retail so I also can understand why it had to be taken seriously, sadly.

Ummm...I was being silly. That wasn't a real thing.

Interested! I'll post something soon!

I am SO in. :D

Is Alchemist/Investigator allowed? I ask because they're not casters but might be close enough.

Ouch, I was really confident about Dimitri!

Congrats to those that got in!

Dawwwwww, but bombs!

Goodluck to those that got in though! :D

For the record; I am currently loving the idea of keeping my Barbarian/Unchained Rogue Dimitri as human and not vampire. Black sheep of the group by being the most normal!

Oh I had a question! I had been considering the vampire chain for Dimitri, but also realized that would severely hinder his rages, as they're all Con based.

Would there be a workaround for this? Would he have to suffer from reduced number of rage for now, and then maybe base it off Cha later when he's undead?

Or just stick with the badass normal route he's currently going? Hehe

Also I swear I made Dimitri before anyone pointed out the need for a rogue. He's always been a roguish type XD lol

Ooooooooooooooo I am gonna try to get in on this.

Thinking maybe Swashbuckler/AntiPaladin. Because charming murder monster is just hilarious.

Or Swashbuckler/Oracle. Still pondering. I have a character I've tried in this before and would be interesting in reviving him.

So, it's OK to post a second character, if only just for fun? :D Hehehehe (But no more than two total. Because I can read!)

Really interested! I am totally gonna make a character for this!

Is it OK to re-purpose one of the characters I had already made for another campaign but was turned down?

Well, good luck and congrats to whoever all got in! :D

Aye, lemmie know too if I need to put in more info. Otherwise, hope to make the list! :D

Dang man, you make me wanna add more to Sig just to catch up! :D

Sorry to hear that man.

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