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breithauptclan wrote:
Hogeyhead wrote:
I'm also not worried about balance being broken, there are two currencies in my world, and magic items can't be in general bought with gold, which is what this will be earning.

Oh, well in that case I would run it as a passive Earn Income type of thing. Pick a task level and success level representative of how good of a play that they wrote. That would be the rate that the play earns income at, and the character will get a cut based on that for royalties.

There is no rule for how much royalties percentage is in the game, so you will have to look that up IRL.

Thank you, this is simple, direct and makes a lot of sense in the system.

I'll use a variation of this.

Disclaimer if you are part of the "Nobility Campaign" in Montreal do not read this post.

Greetings friends, I have a somewhat specific set of questions, that sadly is not already answered in the rules I believe.

It relates, as the name of the thread suggests, to the price of theater.

The reason for this is that for plot reasons one of the PCs has become famous, and for essentially an unrelated reason has written the greatest play of the age.

Once it starts circulating the combination of her fame and the quality of the work, all the Theaters in the city will start running it giving her royalties.

I have three brass tacks questions.

1. What would the different prices of different tickets in different quality of theaters cost?

2. How many seats of different kinds would there be in different kinds of theaters, and how many theaters would there be of different kinds?

3. And finally what percentage royalties would someone normally receive for having written the play being performed?

I'm really not looking for a "whatever feels right" answer, I'd really like some help with simulationist type rules.

I'm also not worried about balance being broken, there are two currencies in my world, and magic items can't be in general bought with gold, which is what this will be earning.

Thanks for the help!

Thanks guys, yeah, I think I'll take your advice and take gang up. Seems legit.

So there is a rogue feat in 2e called 'Twist the knife'

It reads:

After stabbing your opponent in a weak spot, you tear the wound open. You deal persistent bleed damage to the target equal to your number of sneak attack damage dice.

Let's say your sneak attack is 2d6.

I read this to say that the bleed damage would be 2, but I'm not completely sure that it's not 2d6, which was my original reading.

I'm considering taking the feat with my rogue, but if the damage in this situation is just 2, I can't really say that taking a whole action for 2 persistent damage is worthwhile even if it is guaranteed.

Am I reading this right?

Am I underestimating the value of the feat?

Hmm, yes, thanks

So I'd like a clarification on what you can do with an echoing spell metamagic rod.

Lets say I have a normal echoing spell metamagic rod. It can ge used 3 times up to lvl 6, great.

I prepare heal once, and only once.

Can I cast heal 4 times using all the charges of the rod, and then expending the spell one final time, or can I only cast it twice, using one charge of the rod, but I'm unable to use the rod on the spell again?

David knott 242 wrote:

I don't think Fey Magic adds any spells to your spell list (as non-spellcasters can select and use that option), so you would need to resort to Use Magic Device in any case, even if you are in your selected favored terrain.

Really? Even though I can cast the spell I can't use magic items with that spell, it is 100% dependent on class? I didn't realise that. Do you have a source other than what is said in the magic item section of the core rule book? If so then say, a devil cannot use a wand even if he could cast that spell as a sla?

So I saw fey magic and I wanted obscuring mist for reasons. Not important, the thing is I want to be able to cast with, say, scrolls whenever. If I'm not in my favored terrain with fey magic can I still use spell completion or spell trigger items as normal, or would I need to UMD?

Thanks in advance

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Cool, thanks, that's great actually.


I can't seem to find this anywhere, perhaps I'm just blind and it's spelled out perfectly well elsewhere, but I can't seem to find anything about undead being implicitly immune to mind affecting. Mindless sure, I think that's specified somewhere, but not sentient undead. Can I cast command on vampires?

Also I'm sorry if this is the wrong section for this I didn't put it in the spell section, because really it's a question about immunites in general and undead immunities in specific rather than about command.

Thanks in advance.

I think I understand how it works. When you shield block, and reduce the damage by the hardness, the shield actually takes the damage. It is not reduced because the damage was not dealt to it, but you. Whatever, the point is that I'm pretty sure that was what the balance was supposed to be. It is just not adequately expounded.

In the example where a wooden shield took 10 damage, that was from more than one attack.

Okay about your knowledge thing, there is an odd solution that I will propose. first put at least one point into each knowledge, and if you can make them all class skill, lore warden still does this level one, so if you like you can still pick up one level and not lose a Bab.

Next buy a mask of a thousand tomes, makes you blind, but gives +10 to all knowledges, Pyrrhic, yes? Well:

Next give your armor a quality called Sensing. 60 foot blindsense, 5 foot blind sight while blind, which you are. The whole thing is going to cost you monetarily like 25000 if you put nothing else on your armor, still the equivalent of 100 ranks in knowledge, and suddenly all invisible enemies are screwed vs you.

Finally pick up blind fight, and improved blind-fight to be able to do stuff at range, if you care.

Dave Justus wrote:

"Anyone holding an eye from a particular cluster of spy eyes can share the view from any other eye in the cluster as if that eye were her own"

To me that says if your own eye is blind, it won't work.

Ah yes, I could see that ruling. Thankfully, Sensing is a sure fire sucess.

Yeah, you're probably right, they can take their save at any point during their turn. I still don't see it giving a save on a hit.


I would go with [15 000gp] Spy Eyes; they are magical sensors that may not relate to your own sight and can be absorbed by your clothing or a headband. In fact, if this works, why not put two into your mask, roughly where your eyes would be ... This does, however, come at the cost of taking up one of your hands.

Depending on your level of comfort, if you have a (neck-warmer) Familiar, Animal Companion or Cohort you could apply a [30 000gp] Soulbound Eye.

Unfortunately the wording of the [30 000gp] Witching Doll indicates that it uses your own vision through the doll, so that is a no-go; a shame considering the fun aesthetic of a "masked, wandering outsider" arriving in settlements with a creepy doll in toe - one that people cannot help feel but is watching them, ha, ha.

Hmm I really like spy eyes. Gee now I'm torn I found between my OP and now a perfect armor quality - Sensing a +3 bonus, but whenever you are blinded you gain 60 foot blind sense, and 5 foot blind sight. The problem is I want to also put brawling on my armor, another +3 so 49,000 gold total for enchantments. The doll also sounds cool, and I'm not 100% convinced, but it's twice as expensive as spy eyes, so they would win no question. Ah, I dunno...

Yeah, but there's the thing, the way it's worded there is no save on hit. It just works, then on their turn they get a save.

So the bewildering weapon quality looks cool, yes they get a save each round, but it's DC 17, which is decent for a weapon dc, and confusion.

My question is when do they save? Not when they get hit, that's clear. My question is at the beginning of their turn, the end of their turn, what? Normally these things specify, but not this, so... yeah. Who would like to weigh in?

So I saw mask of a thousand tomes, and I thought, well gee that's neat. On the other hand you are blind, which is tough.

On the other hand if there are easy(-ish) ways of getting alternate vision methods, that would be just great. I was thinking something along the lines of tremor boots, just not tremor-sense, as if it flies, it does not apply.

Looking mostly for items, anything Paizo non 3.5 is good. A really strong argument for something else, like a feat will be considered, but the build is already there, y'know...

Thanks in advance.

I would put the starting stats: 16 str, 14 dex, 13con, 16 int, 10 wis, 7 cha. Normally I don't really dump stats, but your stats are working against you enough to rationalize it.

If you are really dead set against dumping then I'd go:
15 str, 13 dex, 13 con, 16 int 10 wis, 10 cha

If you don't mind a 9:
15 str, 14 dex, 13 con, 16 int 10 wis, 9 cha

lvl 4 +1con, equvalent to 3 point buy. All other +stats to str. If the first point buy

lvl 4 +1 str, lvl 8 +1 con the rest str. If the second or third.

You don't need amazing strength as a magus, so I wouldn't bother starting with 17, I can understand why you want to, but it's a real pity to have an elf magus starting with less than 16 int. The stat does a hell of a lot for you, it's a lot more than just save dcs, trust me you want it.

Also you will really want the 14 con no magic items, as a d8 front liner 12 con is really pushing it without incredible AC, and you aren't really there.

So you mentionned that the rest of the party is still level 7 and you are level 1? You should discuss things with your GM, you won't be able to acomplish very much, and you will die if hit once, or caught in one AoE. Most people start at the same level as the rest of the party, if that isn't on the table, see if your GM will let you at least not start at 1.

There is an arcana that would really benifit from 16 int, you can add your int to attack for a round, it's pretty nice.

Alright, so I am considering alternatives, My new question is, is there some way of counting as having dodge and mobility without actually having them?

Wonderstell wrote:
Hogeyhead wrote:
3 Monk Unchained (of the empty hand) Dragon Style, catch off guard (Monk bonus feat)

You're aware that you can't flurry while wearing armor, right?

Ah, you are quite right, my good sir. I thought you could, but I was looking in the wrong place. Now I don't think Monk will work at all, and I'll go back to being a brawler instead... Probably...

VoodistMonk wrote:
I don't understand the path you are taking with your feats.

Yeah, it's really a fluff choice, see he's a barbarian who hits people in the face with inappropriate objects, I wanted him to be able to act on his concept from level 1, rather than need to wait till level 3, that's all. I might take improvised weapon mastery at 9, dunno.

So I have a character in War for the crown, it is a very fun character (this is his second iteration) His birth name is Cragg, and is a barbarian, however he's decided he wants to be a noble, because he is enamored with their lifestyle and basically their style. So he goes by Professor Webster McAlister, and only wears armor that can go beneath his noble's outfit. Of course Common is his second language, so it's broken and with an accent, and he doesn't really get it . So he behaves like a barbarian playing at noble, rather than like a noble at all. Anywho that's the char.

Currently he is lvl 2 and his crunch is as follows:
(He has a trait that allows him to stay neutral and take levels of monk)
Str 16 dex 12 con 13 int 14 wis 10 cha 14
1 barbarian Unchained Power Attack, Catch off Guard (human bonus feat)
2 Investigator (mastermind)
3 Monk Unchained (of the empty hand) Dragon Style, catch off guard (Monk bonus feat)
4 Barbarian
5 Monk Dragon Dragon Ferocity, improved grapple (monk bonus feat)
6 Investigator
7 Investigator Extra Investigator talent
8 Investigator

At level 4 the +1 goes to con

You may notice that catch off guard appears twice, this is not a mistake. I plan at lvl3 to initially take improved grapple as a monk bonus feat, then retrain both it and my lvl 1 catch off guard, changing the monk bonus feat to catch off guard, and my lvl 1 feat to either Iron will or combat stamina.

Given this build which would you recommend o interwebs, do I need more will, or more to hit (I have a trait that gives me +2 to attack with improvised weapons, And I'll be taking brawling on my armor, and a couple of items will eventually give me more rounds of rage)

So what do I need more considering the campaign, and that I'm basically the bruiser of the team, as well as a bit of a skill monkey.

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Ganny wrote:

...I didn't know there were rebuild rules in Ultimate Campaign. That could work quite well...

And if you combine it, with, say, something akin to Tinalles idea (perhaps the information to track this ancient hero is costly, or the item needed to free him requires a special ritual with rare components), then it gives it quite a bit of weight and a feeling of rarity. Nifty!

A word of warning about the ancient hero idea if you go that route.

In my second campaign in pathfinder I began the game a multiclass sorcerer, and later in the campaign I regretted my build (I was very green when creating the character). I asked for a rebuild and I was given one sans restrictions.

I remade my sorcerer, and good lord did I optimize. No need to be conservative for lower levels, and I could buy whatever I wanted in my budget, with the only restriction being more than half my wealth couldn't go to one item.

I'm a clever guy and I crunched the numbers, but not clever enough to forsee what would happen.

I completely dominated most encounters with two massivly powerfull fireballs (that didn't nessesarily deal fire damage) per round (high high level, but that's where you are).

I deeply regreted what I had done by the time the AP was over. Thankfully it didn't kill the game or lose me friends (nor should it, I think we've all done it once).

My point is that the rebuild rules are there for a reason, and unrestricted character builds or rebuilds at high level are dangerous, and should be approached with caution.

First piece of advice don't let him rebuild his wealth. Let him sell stuff, if it's an issue you can deal with it later, but unrestricted buys at high level is the most dangerous thing.

Aside from that just proceed with caution, you clearly have the experience after five years, just think before you make any decisions.

It's pretty easy actually. Have him retrain, don't give him any freebees (he won't appreciate that based on what you've said of him) but let him retrain every single level as something else as is explained in ultimate campaign, then all his feats (if necessary) and finally his attribute gains.

I'm assuming after 5 years the party is high level, and if he was a jack of all trades he almost certainly has a good charisma, so retraining as a sorcerer or an oracle would work well thematically, either latent blood echoes kick in, or an aspect of nature suddenly curses him as it's champion.

If he is skill based, which he probably is a bard would be good, unless he already is a bard, in which case I'd suggest a sorcerer with vmc bard, possibly take a prestige class with more skill points, these usually come with loss of spellcasting level(s) but if he takes prestigious spellcaster that's okay.

A bit of new life to an old character could be just what he needs.

As a build I recommend is the immortality oracle. It's a life oracle with all the healing options maxed, making sure that the whole party is full every round, it makes a tpk very difficult (not impossible, obviously, but hard), of course I don't know the character so this could be an inappropriate choice, but I would suggest the possibility.

Keep in mind that this option will cost thousands of gold, possibly tens of thousands.

Do you have craft scroll? If you do I'd say keep some gold for scribing, like a good amount, maybe 5,000? Go to a library and pay the price to learn new spells, cheapest way to go, very very important for a wizard. Very very important. Wands are good, especially if you have umd. If you have umd then go with a wand of hermean potential, amazing lvl1 cl1 spell. If not, a wand of obscuring mist, wand of enlarge person, definitely infernal healing. If you want something offensive as a lvl2 wand scorching ray is nice even at it's base level, for a wand anyways.

First are you unchained? If not, well you should be. Talk to your GM. In my opinion the unchained rogue works well without archetypes, YMMV.

So for purely fluff reasons I'd like to be relatively effective with improvised weapons, while generally being an unarmed combatant, and I'd like help making this viable.

I know of the trait surprise weapon that gives +2 to attack with improvised weapons, and I'll be taking it, along with catch off guard, as well as probably chair breaker. It's just that there is always the sense that I'd simply be better off attacking in any other way.

I know about the monk of the open fist, and I may or may not be able to take it, depending on whether or not my GM waves the alignment restriction as it is not compatible with martial artist.

The current plan is 2 levels of barbarian, 2 levels of martial artist, 4 levels of investigator, and then we'll see (entirely role play reasons).


Filthy Lucre wrote:
Shinigami02 wrote:
Why would you want a system that promotes resting more? Players resting too quickly is already one of the bigger complaints people have, since it takes away the most common balancing force against casters (limited spell slots.)
I tend to run a lot of dungeon crawls and time sensitive adventures - i give my players reasons they DON'T want to rest.

There is already a very strong incentive mechanically to rest very frequently, and they way wands exist right now allow a party to deal with emergencies and low impact fights easier. It sounds like the low impact fights aren't an issue, but rather your players are in a constant state of emergency. Instead of gimping your players ability to respond to your narrative, maybe modifying your narrative away from code-red-at-all-times would be a better way to get your players to rest more.

If your players are in such an emergency mode that they are relying on wands to the point that it's actually somehow a problem, and you take away wands (which is more or less what you propose), and don't decrease the level of emergency, they won't rest more, they will fail.

Look guys "when using her" is just another way of saying "in regards to." The reason why it wasn't worded "extra rounds of" is that you do gain early access to greater bane. That's it that's all, that's what the punctuation in the sentence imply. English is just funny like that. If it was in regards to during the period of active use of the ability, the word used would have been "while" not "when." In this case when is being used in more of an infinitive use, not a specific.

If you really want confirmation take it to a university and show it to an English professor, preferably an old professor.

Zhayne wrote:
I'm unfamiliar with 5e, but I personally would assume that the reason wands are limited this way is because gear isn't supposed to be as big a chunk of character power as it is in 3e/PF. You don't *need* a 50-shot wand; it's for emergencies, not 'I don't feel like casting a spell'.

If you mean in 5e you don't need a fifty shot wand, I couldn't say; I've never played. If you mean in Pathfinder you don't need a fifty shot wand, well no you don't. But beyond basic +1 magic weapons you don't need magic items. They just help.

A fifty shot wand is something to rely on, a one shot potion or scroll is for emergencies. Think about it, lets say you have say, 5 wands. They are cheap, so why not? Do you really thing though the course of a whole 1-20 campaign on slow progression there will be 250 emergencies?

Wands are not meant for emergencies Staffs, perhaps, wands no.

If as I said you meant 5e then you can safely ignore this post.

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Hogeyhead wrote:
Personally, I would not like this. I like being able to use a fully charged wand as many times as I want in a single encounter is great, for a caster basically infinite actions is huge, yes once they are gone they are gone, but the wand is useful because it has perhaps 50 charges. Think about a wand of clw and healing a party at high levels, your wand has say 3 charges, yay! Or it has 50, you use them all, and buy a new one, like the responsible little adventurer you are.
Or you buy the new one, now you have 6 charges per day.

Or as few as 2, you would need to buy a whole bunch to reliably heal a party at high levels, you might as well craft a wondrous item that just casts cure light wounds at will, and it would be likely cheaper.

Same goes with a spamming spell, if I want to cast it say every round (which isn't that uncommon) of a combat, I would need about 5 wands in this format.

There are some spells that would benefit from 2-7 uses per day, like obscuring mist, but at that point save some money and buy a scroll with 3 uses for 75 gp.

Personally, I would not like this. I like being able to use a fully charged wand as many times as I want in a single encounter is great, for a caster basically infinite actions is huge, yes once they are gone they are gone, but the wand is useful because it has perhaps 50 charges. Think about a wand of clw and healing a party at high levels, your wand has say 3 charges, yay! Or it has 50, you use them all, and buy a new one, like the responsible little adventurer you are.

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Edward Vysenguard wrote:
Hogeyhead wrote:
Edward Vysenguard wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Uh, you kinda need to be a corpse to be undead (pretty sure there's published NPCs that use that very tactic).

He argues that even the vampires do not decompose but honestly I see the fact forced.

Some arguments to explain the difference btw the two undead?
I'm pretty sure you are the only person to mention vampires, do a search on the page, just you and now me. Unless I'm really missing something?

I use "He" for target my player not the guy that answer maybe wasn't clear :).

Btw i like how @BlingerBunny explain the concept a lot.
Thanks for the help guys, i hope this will convince him.

Ah, that makes sense I thought you were referring to another poster, simple misunderstanding.

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Edward Vysenguard wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Uh, you kinda need to be a corpse to be undead (pretty sure there's published NPCs that use that very tactic).

He argues that even the vampires do not decompose but honestly I see the fact forced.

Some arguments to explain the difference btw the two undead?

I'm pretty sure you are the only person to mention vampires, do a search on the page, just you and now me. Unless I'm really missing something?

Slim Jim wrote:
The hue shading for links could stand to be darker as well.

That's what I was trying to say, I understand it's use, but it's execution is poor.

also if I posted this in the wrong forum I apologize I wan't really sure where to post it.

So I have noticed a trend on forums and that is certain important posts made by the staff are made in very light blue text.

An example of this is Sara Marie's post (a Customer Service Manager) in the recent thread on the changes to the shifter here another example of this if you need it, just look at the instructions for how to format text when posting.

Now I'm really not speaking to the content of Sara Marie's post I understand it's important to mention the things she spoke of, that's not the point.

The point is that she used very light blue text to say it. Personally I can read it, but I know people who's eyes are not good, and have a hard time reading something if written in pencil rather than pen. However, this is much lighter than pencil, and what's worse, is on a screen, implicitly, which makes it even harder to read.

If you do have a problem reading this stuff I would recommend highlighting it, it helps a lot, though it's a bit silly to need to do this.

I just wanted to recommend to Paizo that you may want to change the color you use for this particular purpose, whatever that specifically is, particularly if you are going to use it to write a block of text, if for no other reason than it makes it less, perhaps much less likely that your target audience will read it, or want to.

Thank you

Avoron wrote:

You're using the spell telekinetic maneuver, right? It's powerful, sure, but you're an 8th-level full caster. You are powerful, that's just something the game will have to expect. And this tactic, while awesome, comes with several harsh limitations.

We're talking about a primary caster spending their entire turn, every turn, simply to partially neutralize a single opponent. Note that your expectation of "grappled and pinned with near certainty in the first two turns" isn't quite accurate - you still have to spend a standard action to cast on the first turn, so you'll only be attacking with a +18. If you don't hit with that, you won't be able to pin them until the third turn of combat - and by then they might very well be dead. And unlike telekinesis, telekinetic maneuver lists the target as "one creature," so I don't think you can change to a new target halfway through.

Thanks for your imput, that's a very interesting perspective, noting concentration can easily be broken is a good point, but I would like to note that I'm a psychic, not a sorcerer/wizard, and as such I have telekinesis as a 4th level spell not fifth, it doesn't change much though (and I lose some combat maneuvers also).

So I would like to preface this my saying this was mostly accidental, I didn't realize the implications of my build until, pretty much now.

So... I'm playing a lvl 8 psychic in a home brew game and all is going pretty well. I chose the pageantry discipline because you can augment your spells by turning them into full rounds then giving them +2 cl, +2 DC, I was like sold, also the flavor was delicious.

We started lvl 5 and sometime maybe lvl 6 I decided to specialize in telekinesis. Now that had to wait till this level, but still, I took feats to help with that (And a retrain).

Then I realized that I could maintain telekinesis as a swift action by activating my fifth level power and spending another phrenic. Strong, very strong as it (at lvl 8) would give me a combat maneuver (including grapple) once per round as a swift at +18, strong but not game breaking. We tend to encounter lots of enemies with strong CMD's.

Then just a day or two ago I realized that I could hold a wand of true strike in one hand and activate it every round and grapple stuff at +38. Now we usually face many creatures at once, but suddenly BBG is grappled and pinned with near certainty in the first two turns.

I feel this may destroy the game I want to know what the internet feels. I would like to note that I haven't done this yet.

Avoron wrote:
Ooh, this could be really fun for a reach dragon disciple, maybe with a fauchard and VMC magus. Since time dragons use electricity, you could deliver boosted-up shocking grasps through your high-crit-range two-handed Power Attacks, then watch as your target is unable to close in or move away without provoking attacks of opportunity.

I dunno about vmc magus, I mean it's great, it's one of the best vmc's if not the best, however it makes the build very feat starved along with the feats to get the first level of casting lost back favored prestige class allong with prestigious spellcaster. Looks like it will need to be human I guess.

So I'm not sure where it comes from but there are alternate draconic backgrounds for the sorcerer draconic bloodlines, and considering I'm really fond of dragon disciple (in theory, I've never played one) I was wondering if anyone would like to weigh in on the alternate bloodline arcana for the outer dragons, which is:

Variant Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell with an energy descriptor that matches your draconic bloodline’s energy type, if a creature is damaged by the spell, that creature cannot take a 5-foot step for 1 round. This effect occurs only when you’re using spells that require an attack roll (such as chill touch or scorching ray) or spells that allow a save (such as fireball or lightning bolt). A successful save against the damage or effects of the spell also negates this additional effect.

This seems very useful, but I thought I'd ask the internet what they thought, I really like the idea of a time dragon dragon disciple, and this arcana seems good, has anyone had a chance to use it?

Also am I mistaken and this is 3rd party or something?

Agreed Magus magus magus. Look at some archetypes to pin down the exact flavor you want, for instance you can change your casting stat to charisma, if that floats your boat (no spellbook either).

James Risner wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
I've never seen this 24 hour recommendation in 3.5 or Pathfinder.

It’s unfortunate that all the “rules of the game”, “sage advice”, FAQ, and Book of Heavily Debated Topics, are forever lost to websites reorganize/deletion/offline.

Topics that loosely touch on this were:
Item slots are not like interchangeable parts, you wear items not put them on for their function then replace.
That is demonstrated for a number of the offensive items that were heavily abused this way (with errata in pathfinder).
The healing belt in MIC was another that wasn’t designed to be swapped out.
Things with daily uses like LB Nightstick, can’t be swapped out or you own multiple for more effect.
It’s explained the GM is expected to step in if they feel the player is exploiting the loose language. Fixes such as forcing daily refresh at the same time, blocking swapping around items to the party (like using one healing belt to give everyone in the party their own charges), etc.

There is a ton of wisdom in how the game is written that goes beyond the actual text written. The GM is in charge of adjudication for all things not written, so places that are fine if not exploited. The ones with the errata are the problem items that were exploited most often.

What you are describing only applies to casting stat headbands, and casting, not other aspects of the casting stat. Otherwise you are quite wrong about the 24h rule. This game is too simulationist to invoke directly narrative rules like that in general.

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See how he reacts to children that are part of a generally or inherently evil race. They may detect as evil, but killing them would also be evil.

Undetectable alignment, it's easy to get.

Also atonement is a thing, so if he kills someone who keeps a society running, have him fall, if he complains tell him to deal, he's a paladin not a moron.

ZomB wrote:

Once they have a base of operations you could allow them to order scrolls from Restov via traders with a few weeks delay between order and receipt. Mail order magic. Ordering specific spell books could happen the same way.

Looking at the scribing process from the creators point of view they can only scribe one scroll per day, but they can write a spell book all day long. So as long as they are selling the spell book for twice cost they are making a fair bit more profit per day with spell books than they would with scrolls and for less investment. Cantrips, first and second level spells are particularly lucrative for scribers in spell book form.

If you are an NPC vendor it costs the same to craft a spell book as selling it gains. If you find a spell book you can sell it for half that.

After doing a little more research after reading other posts in the tread your best bet is indeed to rent out other wizard's spell books. This service has a fee of half the cost to scribe the spell into your spell book. Buy a bunch of blank books and go to town in your background.

Atalius wrote:
Thanks! I have a familiar yes. Is there a set price for wizard spell books or do I just tell my GM I search the city for low level spellbooks to copy into my own?

It is the cost of a blank book, and then the cost of all the ink. So you would calculate how much it would have cost to create, that's the price. Remember it's not as useful to you as someone else, which is why it's cheap.

I second buying some wands.

I highly recommend a lvl 1 wand of thunderstomp. It's a great standard action to span in combat when you don't want to use spells, and it's still relevant even though you are 4 levels higher than the cl. Remember it's not a DC it's an attack, so you use the cl of the wand (1) and your intelligence modifier to determine the CMB of the attack. It's really good.

obscuring mist depending on the party is either very good, or just good.

grease as a scroll or 2

wand of infernal healing.

cloak +1

Do you have a familiar or a bonded object? What is the object if so? Whatever it is don't buy the item, craft it later. Personally I would choose amulet for extra spell preparations (or a familiar), but this isn't about your build.

Try to get your GM to let you buy spellbooks, or get access to a library to learn spells instead of buying scrolls. Much cheaper.

Honestly with such a strict restriction I would buy the handy haversack and then as many spells as I could manage, as cheaply as I could manage it, which means the spell books of dead wizards, people sell them. The cost is generally the cost of making it, then double it if it is a very rare spellbook or whatnot.

Doing this once or twice right off the bat will save you some money later on.

edit: Better yet pay for access to a library or pay a wizard to copy his spells, cheaper still.

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