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KahnyaGnorc, recording as Men At Gnorc, has recorded a version of 'Safety Dance' that is sure to be this autumn's New Pop Smash.

Sovereign Court

Pulg owns the recording studio where KahnyaGnorc and many other famous music artists record their songs.

Ever since the release of Wrath of the Lich King, TBBWoK has been very lonely.

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KG has purple glitter glue for blood.

GoatTouchers new perfume, "Blusplessence," has a scent so strong that the factory that manufactures it was declared inimical to human life.

Boiled Ventnor blood and a little pinch of magic is what makes up Blusplessence.

MD pinches Magic a lot . . . and Magic slaps him back.

'It's a Kahyna Magic', sang rock supergroup 'Queen', after Mr Gnorc successfully spiralised Brian May's hair.

Grand Lodge

Pulg occasionally wishes they were Barack Obama's left nostril.

Just your average clone is Barack Obama's right nostril. The pay is excellent, and the job has some good healthcare perks.

Ventnor is Barack Obama's Caddy's assistant's secretary's assistant. The pay isn't half-bad.

Sovereign Court

KahnyaGnorc is Ventnor's assistant, but only when the latter requires someone to tell folks "Get real!". And there's no payment for the service.

The Big Bad Wolf is actually from Alabama, but claims to be from Karazhan for tax purposes.

Sinister Stan: Schemer Supreme got his title from winning a coding competition where the contestants have to code exclusively in Scheme.

KG has done extensive photo comparisons and has concluded that Obama and Bin Laden were and are the same man.....

KK "Borrowed" the safe in which that evidence lies. And, by safe, I mean the island on which the building that contained the safe was built.

KG is of course referencing Goattoucher island. Inhabited with herds of pygmy goats

KenderKin's second job is that of "MeepMoop", the metrosexual herald of GoatToucher Island who randomly points at the sky saying "Zie Germans are coming!"

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Molten Dragon isn't a German, but he plays one on GoatToucher Island.

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KG loves the fact that MD's German nickname on GT island is Schultz...

....it is a magical place

Scarab Sages

KenderKin sailed to GoatToucher Island and claimed it for Spain.

IHIYC has spent so much time on GoatToucher Island that he basically stays there for free now.

MD is lying the common mantra is goat, gas or hay, nobody rides for free......

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Kenderkin is run over by speeding ellipses at least twice a day.

Ventnor has been trying to catch two speeding ellipses for years, chasing them all over Hazard County.


Sissyl burps 'Dixie' if you squeeze her nose and wave a pair of denim HOTPANTS in front of her.


Sovereign Court

Hotpants Hussar doesn't like hotpants (or short-shorts as he calls them) but he looks so fabulous in any sort of lower garment (according to GoatToucher at least) that he gets called hotpants.

TBBWoK appreciates that pants of any sort are prohibited on GoatToucher Island.

It is a land of freedom.

Due to his "commitments" all over the multiverse, GT doesn't actually spend much time on his island.

KahnyaGnorc is a man out of time.

Ventnor's first name is Trevor.

Cluny the Scourge has a channel on the YouTubes advocating the rights of wererats and rat kind in general. It's a labor of love to hear him describe it.

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Molten Dragon prefers to labor for money rather than for love.

Ventnor is out standing in his field.

MD is lying under the field, pretending to be turnips.

Scarab Sages

Inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2, Pulg has made a pastime of going to those fields, uprooting the turnips, and throwing them at people with lethal force.

"Lethal Force" is the title of IHIYC's Murtaugh/Riggs fanfiction.

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Every fanfic that GoatToucher has written has been banned by the Geneva convention's prohibition against deadly weapons.

Ventnor's fan fiction consists of stories about fans. Box fans, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, etc.

Molten Dragon is a firm believer in burning fan fiction.

Old Doc Flumph prefers 'burning Belieber' fiction.

Pulg is Biebnostic.

Ventnor went back in time to convert the Monkees to the faith of the Biebs. They didn't quite get it, and the song "I'm a Believer" was born.

KahnyaGnorc is Grand Chief Elder of the Church of Latter Day Biebs

Sovereign Court

Correction, was, until Pulg killed him and usurped the position.

After a night of drinking, TBBWoK awoke to find himself in an animal shelter, wearing a cone around his neck and with a decided lack of boy-parts.

GT doesn't understand what TBBWoK is making such a fuss about, as that sounds like a regular working day on GoatToucher Island to him.

Pulg is currently living in a stump on top of the Eiffel Tower.

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Who lives in a temporal rift under the sea? VENTNOR BAD-BREATH!

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