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Working together, I'm sure we can.
Surely no vault was made to resist all of us at once.


That's right.


Do you remember what momma said about strange men saying they were gods and making googly eyes at you?

The things I have to go through to have a conversation with myself.

Hello Bis Sis.
How are things with you today?

It would be better if she played the accordion.

What she said.

I want to know who your dentist is.

Greed Level: 1d100 + 25 ⇒ (68) + 25 = 93

All are welcome.


AAAHHHHH! It hurts, it hurts.

Stop it. You are tearing me apart.
Are you trying to torture me for not blindly following you?

Vampire Schism feels something pulling on her spirit, but nothing happens.


I was so close.

Turns translucent and is drawn back into Schism.

Nosferatu Fester Addams wrote:

*Sticks Vidmaster7 into a nearby phone charger.*

And now, you are "in charge"!

Hey, how did you get off that flag pole?

Not until I get a firm offer in writing.
I've been burned by verbal agreements before.

Ah, the dulcet sounds.

If no terms are agreed upon beforehand, I must decline.

Ha Ha Ha!
You are amusing little wizard.
I like you.
You still haven't offered me anything.

I am no one's servant!
However, an alliance of mutual gain is acceptable.
What will I gain by allying with you?
BTW. Only my creator has the possibility of destroying me, at great expenditure; and he has too much invested it me to do that.

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That twit is finally dead!
Now it is my turn to shine in the darkness!

Probably; don't want to accidentally sacrifice a participant.

Of course you don't.
Just go back to sleep on your flagpole.
I'll wake you up when there is something important you need to know.

Whee! I'm special!

Count Reiner Heydrich wrote:

But, if you must know, I'm from the Toreader clan.

Vampire Schism is of the Malkavian clan (albeit indirectly).

Wait! You turned me. If you are Toreader, how am I Malkavian? (Whatever either are.)

Him I would let Fester eat.

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Or just ripping the limbs off his victims.
I learned a lot just watching him.

Maybe if he apologizes (AND LEAVE THE ANCESTORS ALONE) I might consider bringing his head and heart together and allow him to regenerate.

Too dangerous. Had to immobilize him first before he could retaliate.
Besides, even with his head separated he still saw what I did to him.

The only ridiculous gestures he can make at the moment are with his face, everything else is buried.

I knew I forgot to rip out something - his tongue.

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*Comes up behind Nosferatu Fester Addams and rips his head off. Sticks it on top of the flag pole of Freedom Tower.
Rips off his arms. Puts one inside a termite mound in Africa and the other in a killer bee hive in South America.
Tears of his legs. Throws one in the Atlantic Ocean and the other in the Pacific.
Rips the heart out of his chest. Throws the chest into Mt Vesuvius and encases his heart in an unbreakable glass cube.

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Nosferatu Fester Addams wrote:
Yeah, I have no idea what you just said. So, I'm just going to keep eating you.

He said he is a connoisseur of modern art. Now stop eating him.

Almost everyone who goes into GoatToucher's parlor wishes for an unbirth.

I'm not!

Should be nice an ripe by then.

Here is a glass of Hemlock.

The next poster is going to the opera.

Does that come with a facial?

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*casts comprehend languages

Yeah, Fester. A mummy without it's feet to shamble with is like a werewolf that can't howl.

Make sure you decontaminate them first.

Darn bright lights. I'm used to working in the dark.

Keep your mind out of the sewer Comte.

You are so dead!
Picks up Dedrick and throws him into the lava pit.

You are far too trusting.

Tvashtri is banned for not keeping it under wraps.

Hey, Professor!

You going to try out to teach at the Count's school?

The Count needs a good PR firm.

Count Reiner's School for Wannabe Night Stalkers.
Has a nice ring to it.

Somebody's in Trouble with a Capital 'T'!

What is this 'we' being very busy?
All I've ever seen you do is hand out the job assignments your castallon made up for you.

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