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Sovereign Court

*Remains unconscious, begins to lose energy and leak out blood.*

Sovereign Court

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Waterhammer’ s ghost says that he went to the shop for a hair piece. Decided not to get it, because it was too much toupee.

Sovereign Court

*Bites Comte de Malodor, jaws firmly locked onto his head.*

*As such, Comte de Malodor doesn't know what's worse, the saliva or the headache.*

Sovereign Court

*Stops playing around and goes back to causing havoc.*

Sovereign Court

*Joins the Swarm of Heartless in the "merry making".*

Sovereign Court

*The Spirit Dream Eaters (good guys) try to help everyone but are quickly defeated.*

*Meanwhile, the Nightmare Dream Eaters (bad guys) assist in spreading terror.*

Sovereign Court

*Is able to feed on the negative emotions and aid in the disruption.*

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My my, Alphonse. What an unusual hat!

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Yes. It's a bit tight, and oddly sticky (and corrosive), but it'll be fine once it's worn in, and trust me, this will knock 'em dead when we have the battalion night out at 'Scandals' niteclub, City Of Brass.

Sovereign Court

Yes, I hear that particular establishment is quite promising.

*Begins tending to the needs of Dowager Comtessa de Malodor.*

Personally though, I find the "Classic taste" of Club Calistria to be more my style.

*While this is being discussed, Fish-Malkovich starts to really close his jaws.*

Sovereign Court

*Observes the events that are unfolding, becoming quite amused by it all.*

Jafar: I must say, it does look awfully fun down there. Wouldn't you all agree?

Queen of Hearts: Why yes, it does, doesn't it? I do so love fun and games!

Oogie Boogie: That makes two of us, sister! *Bellows with laughter.*

Maleficent: Now that I think of it, just why should the Heartless, the Nobodies, the Unversed and the Nightmare Dream Eaters have all of the fun? After all, we could certainly make it more interesting!

Hades: Well then, let's stop chatting and actually do it!

*The Disney Villain Council promptly teleports in to join the fun.*

Sovereign Court

*Upon seeing the Disney Villain Council partake in the chaos, Xemnas (the newly unveiled leader) stands up from his throne and addresses the other members of Organisation XIII.*

Xemnas: Alright everyone, let's take a vote, all in favour of also joining the fun?

*The other members give a unanimous decision of yes, much to the delight of Xemnas.*

Xemnas: So, we are all in agreement then? Good! I was starting to get bored.

*In an instant, the members of Organisation XIII have teleported in and causing trouble.*

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Buries Count Reiner Heydrich under the Bloodbowl field so he can absorb all the blood spilled over the centuries.

Sovereign Court

*Absorbs all the blood soaked into the ground, regaining his strength bit by bit.*

*Erupts from under the ground, creating a massive hole in the Blood Bowl pitch.*


You can't do that in the penalty box! Boo! Boo! Send him off!

Sovereign Court

*Throws a volley of rotten tomatoes at Pulg.*

*In a snarky voice.* Ahhh, SHUT UP!

Sovereign Court

*Count Reiner Heydrich - having been fully reinvigorated - transforms into a giant bat, spreads out his wings and promptly flies away. As soon as that happens, a group of builder orcs run to the massive hole in the middle of the pitch to sort it out.*

*As the hole is being filled and new grass grown, the next match is being prepared.*

I like how the orcs are filling the hole by throwing themselves in it.

Sovereign Court

I quite agree, Schism Hag, now on to the next and final match of Blood Bowl!

*The crowd cheers wildly, though disappointment is easily sensed as well.*

We got a special Old World Rock Out today folks, two human teams eager to go all out in a final blaze of triumph, adulation, blood (both theirs and the other team's), sweat and actual fire!

First up: The Bretonnian (Brettonian?) Empire!

*The first group of humans enter, all dressed like the knights of the round table.*

Now, give it up for, The Kislev Circus!

*The other human team enters the pitch, each dressed like a circus strongman. And one of them firmly holds a rope which is tied very tightly around the muzzle of a large and (hopefully) tame polar bear.*

Let the games begin!

*A whistle is blown and the final match of Blood Bowl commences.*

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The polar bear is sitting on the sideline at the moment.
Is the polar bear a mascot or a member of the team?
Looking at the Kislev roster, there are several one name members.
Counting the number of players and comparing it to the roster, they are several players short.

Sovereign Court

*The teams have an epic clash in the middle of the pitch, each attempting to get the ball. Soon, one of the Brettonian/Bretonnian team members gets the ball and scores a touchdown (knocking one of the Kislev Circus team members unconscious).*

*In response, the polar bear is released from its rope (but still wears a muzzle) and takes to the pitch. With a mighty roar, the polar bear bounds towards the other team swiping linemen away and crushing the blockers as it gets the ball and scores a touchdown of its own.*

How is that bear supposed to play the saxophone with a muzzle on?!



Sovereign Court

Phoomph ala phoomph ala phoompa-de do. When you say phoomph, you be phoomphing for true…

Sovereign Court

*The polar bear takes a nasty swipe at Pulg when the latter offers the former a saxophone to play (even though the game of Blood Bowl is still going on). Fortunately, the goblin referee grabs the saxophone and begins playing it brilliantly.*

Listen, listen! I have here a signed contract for Sax-O-Bear to produce a smooth rock reworking of S Club 7's entire output, including the infamous 'Basildon Tapes' - I beg you to reconsider!

If not, Sax-O-Goblin will have to do.


So what? We were all wearing masks, we mopped up after ourselves, and none of the pangolins were permanently harmed.

Sovereign Court

Ah yes, Vampire Schism and I remember that day all too well...

*Shares a grimace of disgust with Vampire Schism.*

The both of us had (somehow) been roped into participating in a terrifying and outright ridiculous stunt with you hours before your little "house party" with your father and the pangolins!

*Flashback sequence commences, complete with blurring motion.*

*Comte de Malodor is working on something, with Count Reiner Heydrich and Vampire Schism reluctantly providing assistance to his endeavours. While the picture is not clear, the vampires are clearly worried.*

Okay, are you really sure about this, Comte de Malodor?

*Looks at whatever Comte de Malodor is working on.*

I think this is dangerous, even for the likes of us!

Comte de Malodor: *turns towards the Count, grinning.* Danger, is my middle name!

*Upon hearing this, the Count looks confused, then turns to Vampire Schism.*

I thought it was Leslie.

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Danger is Captain Danger Bear's middle name.

The Comte de Malodor's middle names arw Apollion Maria La Piscine Paté de Rennes GrosseFesse Pingu.

Heeeey, can you play the saxophone?

Sovereign Court

Umm Pulg, when people talk about musicals, they don't actually mean that they will dress up as musical instruments (unless you plan on doing a Land of Symphony kind of thing). But rather, have a musical accompaniment.

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I was just born.
How was I to know things like that weren't supposed to happen?

Sovereign Court

I'm an ageless immortal vampire, daughter, so it stands to reason that you are too.

Besides, time and space are completely irrelevant concepts to us.

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Dedrick, The Professor wrote:
Umm Pulg, when people talk about musicals, they don't actually mean that they will dress up as musical instruments (unless you plan on doing a Land of Symphony kind of thing). But rather, have a musical accompaniment.

Why not both, eh?

Sovereign Court

Sure, why not? If you can imagine it and put it together, then you can do it!

Sovereign Court

Hades: hey, that sounds great to me! What about the rest of you guys?

Sabor: *roars in approval, extending and retracting claws eagerly.*

Gantu: clearly, that means "yes". We should be able to come up with something.

Ursula: naturally, though I doubt that you would come up with "something!"

MCP: ENOUGH BICKERING! The pair of you are giving me a headache! It is clear to me, that the correct solution to formulating a plan, should be to assign it to the one who possesses the highest IQ. And, unlike the collection of Users before me, I am statistically the one with the highest IQ. So, it is only logical that I handle the important tasks.

Yzma: really now, we must learn to work together, darlings.

Clayton: quite right, after all, it takes a pack of wolves to take down a moose.

Sovereign Court

Xemnas: Indeed, after all we are able to achieve much in the way of our objectives. Because (even when performing separate tasks on our own) by working as a unit, we successfully complete our agendas (even if we are defeated) without any major... inconveniences...

*The rest of Organisation XIII all nod in agreement.*

Xemnas: *with a sly smile.* come now, my friends, show everyone your faces.

*One by one, each member removes their hoods to reveal their faces.*

*It is soon shown that the other members consists of 12 other men and 2 women.*

*One of the men steps forward. He has slicked back, purple, hair in a long ponytail. His left eye is covered by an eye patch, with a nasty scar running down the left side of his face, obscured only by the eye patch. While his right eye glows yellow. And in his hands, he wields a strange weapon: it resembles a rifle made of crystal and seems to consist of two components.*

Xigbar: *grins wickedly.* I got to say, it's much better to breathe now! *Laughs.*

I've heard a lot about this 'breathing' Is it as fun as people say it is?

Sovereign Court

No, it is not. Then again, if you can think of a fun way to do it, it might be.

Sovereign Court

*Performs a series of bellows, chants, howling and singing (annoying everyone).*

*Does so at infinitum, even when they run out of breath.*

*Everyone is able to appreciate the silence (especially the demon summoned).*


Sax-O-Bear! You're REAL!!!

Sovereign Court

Sax-O-Bear. Now there’s a name that will never be misheard…

Sovereign Court

*Begins shaving off all the fuzz, while Schism turns Sax-O-Bear into taxidermy.*

This heat is really stifling! The frozen peaks of Mount Crumpet have melted and the dump outside my cave has been catching on fire constantly!

*Finishes shaving and is now hairless, it's not a pretty sight.*

In regards to misheard names, only the When would know when!




Now, I'd have thought that having a beak was a perfect hindrance when playing the saxophone, but no - it's a positive boon! Such tone! Such control!

Sovereign Court

Mr. Grinch wrote:

In regards to misheard names, only the When would know when!

To when is to Win!

Sovereign Court

Excellent counter quote, I salute you sir/ma'am/thingy.

*Salutes the When.*

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