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Sovereign Court

It's been a while, since we've had the latest on the Blood Bowl match. But then again, that's because some random person *cough* Comte de Malodor *cough* accidentally set off a "time stop bomb" whilst retrieving unconscious Halflings!

Anyway, the match is now over and the Lightfoots have beaten the Croakers 94-68!

Now we have a special minor league matchup, as the Kureshi Kobras...

*A team of snakemen (quite literally) slithers out onto the pitch.*

Take on, the Dark Mountain Spiders!

*Everyone gasps as the team consists of actual spiders, giant ones!*

This is going to be so interesting, I just know it!

Very possibly, but not as interesting as Waterhammer's triangle playing.

If we can eat the snakes and spiders after the game, that would be preferred.

Of course, we can eat the snakes and spiders whilst climbing up chutes and sliding down ladders.

*tingaling, ting, ting!*

Spiders and snakes, spiders and snakes. I’m gonna haz me some spiders and snakes!

Cooked in an omelette or baked in a cake,
Spiders and snakes, spiders and snaaakes!!

Sovereign Court

Syndrome: These guys don't realise that the "snakes" are actually snakemen do they?

Mother Gothel: Or that the giant spiders are quite intelligent.

Oogie Boogie: Yes, a darn shame really, a spider and snake omelette sounds delicious!

Queen of Hearts: Maybe I should have my Card Guards participate in this Blood Bowl.

Chernabog: It is worth considering, but we still need to explain more about...

Lady Tremaine: Wait until the next post, my dear, wait until the next post.

Sentient meat? Terrifying. It might try to rebel against chaos. Really a futile endeavor, though I'd rather not miss a meal because of it.

Sentient meat is a delicacy!

O! To hear their wordless screams as you dine!

Sovereign Court

GoatToucher wrote:

Sentient meat is a delicacy!

O! To hear their wordless screams as you dine!

Oogie Boogie: Now here's a guy who understands! *Belly bumps GoatToucher.*

Yzma: Really now, a simple high five wouldn't have sufficed?

Jafar: Calm yourself, Yzma, we have other matters to tend to.

Mother Gothel: That's right, we should explain more about the realms.

Lotso: Just a quick tangent, each villain also has two decks of cards.

Ursula: Correct, but they will be explained later on. Back to the realms.

Dr. Facilier: Thank you, Ursula, it's best to stay on track. As was said earlier, each villain has a realm with four locations. And each of those locations has four actions (by default, though this can be different, having three or five actions instead) that can be taken while the player is at a location. There's a total of eight actions that the player can possibly take, each one represented by a symbol.

Queen of Hearts: the coin symbol is "Gain Power". Power is the currency of the game and is usually stored in the cauldron (comes with the base game). There will also be a number on the symbol (1, 2, or 3) that tells you how much power you get.

Captain Hook: the symbol of a vertical rectangle with a triangle in it is "Play a Card". While all actions are optional, if you have enough power, you should play as many cards as possible. Particularly because this is the only action you can do twice (if the location says that you can do it).

Evil Queen: the symbol of a vertical rectangle surrounded by straight lines (mimicking a celestial brilliance) is "Activate Ability". Certain cards (Allies or Items) will also have this symbol, which means that if you want to activate a special ability (first you need to be on the correct location), you'll need to pay a cost. This is quite useful for achieving objectives or simply changing the game, so save power where you can.

King Candy: if the symbol is a vertical rectangle (gee, there's a lot of these, four to be exact) with a triangle on either side of it, that's "Move an Ally or (unattached) Item". Pretty self explanatory really, move an Ally or Item card from one unlocked location to another.

Madam Mim: if the aforementioned symbol has a lightning bolt in it, then it's a "Move Hero" action instead. It works like the previous action, but you move a Hero card in your realm instead of an Ally or Item.

Hades: Now comes on the best actions, as symbolised by a storm cloud: "Fate"! This particularly nasty action allows you to choose an opponent and pick up the top two cards from their Fate Deck. Choose one to play, as the other will then be discarded into the Fate discard pile, and really mess up someone's day. If more than two people are playing then the person who got "Fated" gets a special token granting them immunity.

Cruella De Vil: the other best action is "Vanquish", and it is symbolised by a circle with spikes going around it and a jagged line going through it. If you need to get rid of a Hero in your realm, you must make sure you have an Ally or Allies at the same location as the hero and the total strength of your Ally/Allies is at least equal to the strength of the hero. After the action has happened, the hero goes into the Fate discard pile and your Ally/Allies go into your normal discard pile.

Lyle Rourke: and finally, we have "Discard Card(s)", represented by three rectangles together (facing to the right, diagonally) with an arrow pointing to a fourth rectangle with an "X" in it. Simply put, if you feel that you don't have a good hand, this action will allow you to discard a few cards in the hopes of getting better ones.


Ting. Ting.
Ting, ting, ting. Tingaling!






Sovereign Court





Hnern (x43)




Now we’re playing the blues.

Sovereign Court

Pete: and now, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for; The Seven Deadly Singers!

*An assortment of villains (including Hades, Jafar and Captain Hook) begin playing various musical instruments. Though everyone is sceptical about just how well it will be, the music that gets played is surprisingly good. Soon, everyone is dancing to the villainous rock tunes.*

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I reckon you could get a pretty decent slide guitar sound out of a hook, provided you used the round bit.

Sovereign Court

Captain Hook: Possibly, but I think you'll find that I play the drums.

Jafar: Indeed, as we have two people on guitar (one of them being myself).

Caint never have too much gee-tar.

Sovereign Court

Hades: Yeah, because I'm the one on lead guitar and vocals.

Cruella De Vil: While I play the saxophone! So there's your blues everyone!

Gaston: If only we could remember who the other three band members are.

Well, while you try to recall that info, for your support, I am thrilled to announce THE CHER BEARS, an affectionate tribute to Cher, by some bears.

Sovereign Court

Pulg wrote:
Well, while you try to recall that info, for your support, I am thrilled to announce THE CHER BEARS, an affectionate tribute to Cher, by some bears.

And there we were, thinking that our name was a terrible pun!

She was born in the back of a travelling bear,
Mama used to dance in her underwear,
Papa would do whatever he could,
Preach a little gospel,
Or go and do a poo in the woods.

They'd call us


Sovereign Court

*Rampages through the thread, trampling AM GOLD to death (but leaving everyone and everything else completely unharmed), bellowing loudly to give a negative opinion of the song that AM GOLD has sung.*

Kills and eats Wild Triceratops when it stops to take a drink of water.

Sovereign Court

Wrong one mate, the other guy left the thread already.

Hey Pulg, ya wants ta give that Triceratops a job as a horn player? Yag yag yug yog yuuuuu!!!

Sovereign Court

*Throws Chuck Les into the water that Bigger Shark is in.*

Here you go, an extra little something to keep the hunger at bay.

Sovereign Court

*Provides Bigger Shark with the power to swim and breathe in air as well as water. Just in case it might want to eat Dedrick, The Professor. *

Sovereign Court

He can already do that you nitwit! Surely you remember when he got the power?!

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duuuunnnn duun… duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn.

Sovereign Court

And he's musical too! Though he should on the high notes a bit more.

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I'm a bass.
High notes are beyond my range.

Sovereign Court

And here I was, hoping to make you into a soprano, never mind.

Let's see how the rest of the gang on the thread are doing.

It'll be nice to know how the Blood Bowl match is going.

Besides, The Disney Villain Council has recently turned Schism into a Heartless (which means that these Disney villains are from the Kingdom Hearts universe). So, I'm curious about meeting Schism's Heartless and just how she will be like and how she will act (particularly if the DVC has control of her).

R. I. P.

The Professor.

Should have been running.

Sovereign Court

Excuse me, but I'm not dead yet! So don't write out any sort of eulogy!

And why should I have been running instead of talking? That makes no sense...

*Does not get to finish the sentence, as the next poster accidentally runs him over in their super charged hot rod (that, coincidentally enough, was designed and built by Dedrick the Professor). Meanwhile, the next poster just keeps speeding away, unaware of what has just happened.*

*Vroom vroom*

Dangalangalang my dingalingalinglong.

Sovereign Court

*Gets into clown car and races Pulg's hot rod.*






Sovereign Court


..- -.. .-. --. ...

Sovereign Court

*Has a swarm of Heartless disrupt everything and cause Pulg to crash his hot rod.*

Jafar: That was most amusing! Now, where we we?

Ratigan: Why, I believe that we were going to talk about the two decks of cards.

Yzma: Oh yes, that's right. Each player has a Villain Deck (which goes on the left of their realm) and a corresponding Fate Deck (which goes to the right of the realm, although mine is a little different). Each deck contains 15 cards (again, mine is different).

Queen of Hearts: In addition, there are five types of cards (by default): Ally, Item, Effect, Condition and Hero. Ally and Condition cards are only in the Villain Deck, whereas Hero cards can only be in the Fate Deck.

Mother Gothel: Ally cards are your minions, pretty obvious really.

Ursula: Item cards are used to either assist or hinder, depending on the deck.

Jafar: Effect cards work in a similar way, again depending on the deck.

Prince John: Condition cards are your typical "surprise" type of card. Each villain has two condition cards at their disposal, but they can only use one each game. So, it's best to consider how things might turn out and choose wisely.

Lyle Rourke: And Hero cards are obviously the good guys whose sole purpose is to be summoned by your opponent(s) and hinder your progress. However, certain villains require to vanquish ether a specific hero or a group of them.

Maleficent: There are other card types, but they are specific to certain villains.

Throws monkey wrench into the system, just to see what would happen.

Sovereign Court

*Gives Schism a smack on the back of her head.*

Personally, I approve of your action, but it is most unwise to anger the DVC.

Besides, I also wanted to see your Heartless personality.

Gives Mr. Grinch a disdainful glance.

Sovereign Court

*Returns the glance with a most intimidating stare.*

You can succumb to the darkness as much as you like, I really would like to see a new personality from you (although, if you don't bring about Schism's Heartless, then something tells me that Jurassic Bard will), just don't think you can pull that kind of stunt on me!

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What makes you think Schism has another personality inside her?

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