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Hey hey, whatja call a group of pirates all playin' musical instruments?

An arrr-chestra! Oogieoogieoogieoogieooooooooh!

Hey Pulg, ya wants ta give that Triceratops a job as a horn player? Yag yag yug yog yuuuuu!!!

{Mimes vigorously}

You ripped my tongue out, huh? Well, that ain't worth a lick! Hyukyukyukyukyokyaa!

Count Reiner Heydrich wrote:

So you were paying attention in my classes.

I was worried that I'd have to make you repeat the entire semester.

Hey hey, I can do that easy.

'The entire semester'

There ya go! Ahoohoohoohoo!!!

Ahoy ahoy!

Why cain't bicycles go as fast as motor cars?


Because they're two tyred!!!!


They are often amena-bull, it's true!

Yok yok yoo hoo haw!

Shouldn't that be un-bear-a-bull?!?!?!?! Hyu hyu!

Do it have undead-derlay beneath it? Hyuk hyuk hnuuuu!

Harhey, does that make her a Thundercat Ho!?

Hey hey, I gots a real thigh-smacker for ya!

Q: What's the difference between a male catfolk with a harem and a yellow cab with Fighter levels?

A: One's a bull tabaxi and the other's a full BAB taxi! Kwoo! Kwoo! Kwoo!

Same for I. Hadamicus Wunce!!!!


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Which means you's been miss-spelt! Ukukukukuk!!!!!

Vampire's children are obviously born underwater... because they're dhampir than other babies!!!!!

Awk awk awk awk!

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Vampire Schism wrote:

Or just ripping the limbs off his victims.

I learned a lot just watching him.

Yahuh! He's got claw - a - form!!!! Hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk hee!

Doncha mean witch ones? Whoowhoowhooooo!!!!!

Looks like things have taken a turn for the w-ursine!!!!

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There was a young fellow from Troon,
Who ate a whole bushel of prunes
Oh, what a mishap!
A small ocean of crap,
Swept the country, right up to Dunoon.

Of 'corsair', ya couldn't resist doin' that! Hohoho ho hohoooo!

Ya never know who's gonna be 'necks'.

Honk honk hawwwww!

He's moved 'vamp-higher' up in the 'pecking order'!

A hoogie-hoogie-hoop-hoop-harooooo!

Q: What's the difference between a landshark and a landsknecht?

A: One has incisors and the other, striped trousers.

Hee hee hoo ha hey!

Count Reiner Heydrich wrote:

Good grief man, do you mean to say that even after all this time, you still haven't received the letter addressed to your deceased mother from her secret lover that may in actual fact be your biological father?!

*Quickly checks pockets of self then everyone else.*

Aha, here it is! It appears that Vidmaster7 forgot to pass it on to you, here you go!.

*Takes the letter from out of Vidmaster7's pocket and gives the letter over to Chuck Les.*

H'mmm. Let's see....

"Dere person, this is a leter of curse iff you put $10 in ther male and send it to me u will not get cruse but if you do not and do not send 2 five other person u will. Get currse. And Jesus wil be very cross.

PS: Count Reiner Heydrich is ur reel dad."

Golly gawsh!

I don't know. I wasn't there.

I never 'axed' ya to do that!!!

To cheer y'up, here's a proper thigh-slapper:

Q: What's a 5th Century barbarian's favourite stringed musical instrument?

A: A vandal-in! Hoo hoo hoo hoo hooooooo!!!!!

If she's any good at all, the medium'll know in advance you're going to 'stake' her and run away!!!! Yuk yuk yuk yuuuuuu!

Yuh-huh! And she was the most highly decorated fighter pilot in the Mexican Air Force, too, with over 55 confirmed kills, which makes her a Mayan Ace!!!!! Hugh hugh hugh hugh huuuugh!

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

*begins tossing out bald caps*

One for Uncle Teddy...*THWIIIP!*


One for Pulg - sorry, these're all I got...*THWIIIP!*

One for The Game Hamster...*flop*

One for Grandpa Wonderbra...*forms mini-black-hole-of-baldness*


One for me too? Why, thankya! Alopecia-te it very much!

Hey, ain't thespians ladies who like other ladies very much indeed?

I gived the weasel man a joke for Thanksgiving! I "mustela" been feelin' generous!

But they can be 'hobbit'-forming!
You don't want to develop bad 'hobbits'!
The 'hobbitual' consumption of hin can contribute to the development of such conditions as the Dangling Bilbo, Pippin's Orange Coxes, Extramordorian Hyper-Samwiseism and loss of a single finger - you have been warned!

Yuk yuk yulp ying yooooo! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Chocolate Thief wrote:
Okay, what did I win?

A zip! Hyook hyook hoo!

It's 't'reason' for his lack of strong opinions on the subject!!!!?!!!?!?!?!?!

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Happy birthday, sport! I hope you has a 'howling' good time!

Betcha can't top that one, Pappy!

Haw haw, pappy, that's a rootin' tootin' rib-tickler, by jingo!

Gee whiz, if I could crack a yolk like that, would momlette me lay Shelley? She's one hot chick!

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So you do have 'keen' hearing! Hyuk hyuk hyuk ooogh!

I'm in despair... OF PANTS!

The next poster is in despair of bosoms.

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Kileanna wrote:

I wonder if this is really a joke. I think it was a real thing.
I didn't know you had a son, Jokey.

Why, sure he do!

I was conceived in a sodium oxide mine, which makes Jokey my soda pop!

And my mommy used to insist that he was cleansed (internally and externally) with two different types of charcoal before the Act of Love could commence, which makes him my bicarbonate of soda pop! Hee ha ho ho hu!