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I would be interested in this.

I don’t have 2e yet. (Dawdling, haven’t decided to buy yet.)

R1: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 2, 2) = 12 = 10

R2: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 2, 5) = 14 reroll: 1d6 ⇒ 6 = 17

R3: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 5, 4) = 17 = 15

R4: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 2, 5) = 14 reroll: 1d6 ⇒ 4 = 15

R5: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 5, 6) = 20 = 17

R6: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 4, 6) = 17 reroll: 1d6 ⇒ 5 = 17

Well, that's pretty satisfactory.

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Tarrasque & Tarantulas.

3 actions right?

So move, attack, ready an action for AoO. (Which maybe gets rid of that pesky attack penalty.)

I believe there was a call for wild speculation?

I like the idea of the four degrees of of success, or failure very much. I don't care for 1s and 20s to be overvalued. I've had bad experiences with crit failure rules.

Consider: DC 10, the 1st level rolls a 'natural' 8, has a +1 mod to his roll, and fails with a 9.

A few levels later, the same character has the same DC 10 challenge. He has been practicing the art of whatever, so now he has a +8 mod to his roll. But he rolls a 1. OK, so that is a final result, after modification, of 9. The same roll he failed with at first level. Except now he rolled the dreaded 1. So suddenly it's a critical failure. Even though the final result was actually a nine. The same final result that was not a critical fail at 1st level.

Placing too much importance on 1s and 20s kind of invalidates a characters level achievements.

'Course I haven't seen the actual rules, It's probably fine. :)

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Might I suggest calling it potent alchemy, instead of Powerful Alchemy?

Probably not.

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Goblins already were a playable race in PF 1. With GM permission. Now in PF 2 they are forced on us. It's a play style that can be fun for a one-off, or at some tables, but should not become the standard. Goblin players do not suit all GMs, so it should remain optional, not mandatory.

BryonD wrote:


What is your solution for Drow as presented by Pathfinder Canon?

Also, are you actively calling for them to scrap big chunks of setting cannon and start over?

If goblins are now to be a core ancestry choice, this is exactly what needs to be done.

Maybe they should start a new campaign setting from scratch. Get rid of the old baggage.

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Gisher wrote:
Howndawg wrote:

Throughout history, spear and shield has been one of the most common fighting styles. However, without an archetype, this has been impossible in Pathfinder, as spears are two-handed weapons. So no Zulus for you. I would like this to change, at least for characters with martial proficiency.

If D&D can change this, so can Pathfinder.

The Doru fixed this problem.

Yep if the Doru was in the CRB, and called a spear; the problem would be fixed.

Of course, we don't know how all that stuff will work in the new version.
I do really hope they fix things of this kind. Slash or stab damage types for longsword, shortsword, and scimitars. Bastard sword not an exotic weapon. Also should be slash, or stab.

I'm also aware that the gladius fixes the problem with the short swords damage type, but it should be core.

People seem to prefer taking 10, actually...

What is charisma exactly?

Physical beauty is part of it, certainly. Also a well modulated voice; one that can cut through other people's talking and be heard, without shouting.
Probably it also has to do with things like making the right amount of eye contact, a firm hand shake (but not too firm).

It would be the appearance of sincereness, even if one is not sincere.

I think that "force of personality" is an illusion, "presence" just a word to describe the attributes I've listed above.
That being the case, it's weird, and artificial to have things like the sorcerer with charisma is it's casting stat.

People want to make rules to up value charisma. I think that's a step in the wrong direction. Better to design the classes so they are not so dependant on attributes.
Up the BAB score for martials, increase the spell save DCs for casters. Reduce the point buy drastically so that the now powerful classes don't get overly strong due to too high attribute scores. I'm thinking a 6 point buy with a 1/1 buy rate. That way someone could still have a 16 if desired.
Have classes and feats designed so that even a score of 10 could be effective. So, built in AC bonuses, Save bonuses, class ability boosts, as well as good feats to enable increases in problem areas. For instance if a wizard did spend all 6 points on intelligence, they could get a feat to be better at diplomacy, or carrying capacity, or AC, or whatever. Limited by the number of available feats, of course.

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CalebTGordan wrote:
Arutema wrote:
Arssanguinus wrote:
Except no one is going to want to spend their resonance points. Happens every time there is a limited pool.

Exactly. Under the system as we know it, people will save their resonance for healing potions and nothing else!

Thus I would strongly urge the devs to exclude potions and scrolls from costing resonance.

I'm making this point once more not because I'm picking on you but because I want to hammer it home to the community at large.

0 Resonance does not mean you can't use items.

It means you start making a check to see if you can use the item. If (I) remember correctly only a fumble result means you can't use non-invested magic items for the rest of the day. (Paizo Person correct me please.)

I bolded the part of this quote I'm mostly, talking about.

Resonance is a game mechanic designed to increase the value of charisma. Or so it seems (to me at least). I'm OK with that.

I'm profoundly not OK with critical misses, and/or fumbles. I've always found such rules to be opposite of fun. (Already having a bad day because I can't get a decent roll; now I get a horrible effect that reduces success chances even further. Meanwhile, all the others players are gaining joy from my misfortune. Nope, I don't love them critical miss rules, no, not at all.

Humors of the goblin alchemist? Nobody likes goblin humor, it's all puns, and knock, knock jokes.

And flatulence, always flatulence.

I don't care for the idea of powering up charasma. I'd rather make it cheaper to buy. Then use it only for social interactions, not spell casting. Sorcerers can use wisdom as their casting stat. (Force of will.)

I do agree with the OP, that charisma is a problem; just offering an alternate way of dealing with it.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
I mean is a kid repeating a cuss word really that bad? Its a word. as opposed to watching someone get their still beating heart ripped out or brains shot out. Seeing one cop shoot a bunch of sure corrupt but still in uniform police officers. I feel like cuss words are the least thing to worry about. I remember back in my retail days a parent returning some video game because it had to much cussing and they didn't want their 8 year old playing it and they got mortal combat instead. That just seems like a wrong placing of priorities. heaven forbid someone say a word but its OK to see someones spine get ripped out in detail.

Bright is a movie that is not suitable for children. If you let your kids watch it, you're a bad parent. Because of the violence. As far as words go, your kids just need to understand that certain words will offend certain people.

My mom doesn't like it when I use foul language, so I try not to use it when I'm around her. If you can get your kids to grasp that principle, then it doesn't matter what words they know. They know when it's appropriate to use them, and when not.

Feed the nerd.

As soon as we knew what a 'Bright' was, everyone knew that Will Smith was going to be one.

Still I found it to be entertaining.

What if you could buy Charisma at a 2 for 1 basis? At least for the first point.
Then you could afford to make a relatively charismatic character without sacrificing more important abilities.


At least comb the food out. *brandishes a black comb.*

Good to see everybody still here... Winning.

Or was it whining? It's hard to tell the difference sometimes.

EltonJ wrote:
Havocprince wrote:

Or, I can fall asleep for a few hours and then do the derivative work.

** spoiler omitted **

Yep. All of the characters look good, seriously. I'm going to close character submissions tonight and choose who gets into the party. I was going to hold out for Waterhammer to get his character in, but it looks like it's not going to happen. If anyone wants to say how they got to New Cyre Station, that would be a plus for consideration. :)

Good luck everyone.

That's cool. Thanks for remembering me EltonJ. I did get my book, and do have 1/4 of a stat-block. No fluff at all. I had a work call-out that disrupted my life some this week, so I haven't had the time I might like to work on making a character/learning the new rules. I'm going to keep working on the character, just to learn the rules, but don't hold the game up, that wouldn't be right.


quibblemuch wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Beard-men really, and I wouldn't say quite like a snake.
I've often wished I could slough an entire layer of skin all at once like a snake. Mostly so I could then put the hollow-skin-me in the passenger seat and use the commuter lane... that'd be sweet...

No need for such elaborate schemes.

Just get you one of these...

The shiny one in the background probably best for city riding.

Curse you, snail-mail. Where's my book? (Somewhere between Washington and Arizona. Probably took a party break in Las Vegas.)

I'm waiting for my copy of Starfinder, if it get's here soon enough, I'd be interested in playing.

APs are usually pretty popular.


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I was entertained. Also, now more impatient for Starfinder to drop.

I was in a Carrion Crown game that died out awhile ago. I'd be happy to submit a character.

Why bother arguing with yourself? You already know who's going to win.

If you don't, I'll tell you.

Not you.

That's right.

Me too. Absolutely and categorically.

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No rain = No mosquitos. Instead we got fire. And smoke, lots of smoke. I must say, I'm a little tired of breathing smoke.

@ GoatToucher: Wanna buy a snappin' turtle?

Argh! Shiver me timbers, and a bottle of rum!

Pennywise the Clown.

And that is how the pun-bear is summoned. (So you know what not to do.)

I had a bear in my mind once...

It gnawed it's way free.

Kileanna wrote:
I will be there of course!!! I was unaware I had a(nother) sister!

A sister from another mister.

What about Wally the Ferocious?

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To let innuendo get the better of me...


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Q: What's the difference between a banjo and a trampoline?

A: You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline.

In Xanadu did Kublai Khan
a stately pleasure dome decree.
With shoes and ships
and sealing wax
and cabbages
and kings.

Quoth the Jabberwock: "Nevermore."

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I thought we were going to be able to use the monsters from the various bestiary books in Starfinder. Now I guess not. None of the monsters in the bestiary books have EAC or KAC. Nor do they have SP and RP.

That's disappointing.

Iron Federation Drone wrote:
*Hovers, silently philosophizing about the pros and cons of being aware of the fourth wall*

Your fourth wall should have a door in it.

It's also nice to have a window in one of the other walls. The third wall for instance. You can have more than one window, usually to benefit.

Better than windows, however is a roof. Really helps keep the weather out. Don't go for one of them Santa Fe style roofs either, the roof of a building should be larger than the building it's meant to cover. Tends to leak otherwise.

May the fifth.

Of whiskey!

#pound sign

#thats right im old #get used to it

Alright, that's enough of that.


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