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Waterhammer wrote:

He opened a door to a far off place.

And all around not a friendly face.

Pulg’s greatest hits sounds suspiciously like Leonard Cohen doing “Closing Time”.

With Tiffany, the chief bellower from rock champions 'Disturbed', and half a Brecker brother. They all have to share an accordion, though.

Vampire Schism wrote:

It would be better if she played the accordion.

Everything's better if you're playing the accordion!!!

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Nosferatu Fester Addams wrote:

That's quite a lovely tune you are whistling, Schism.

Tell me, is it "My Heart is like a Rusty Accordion" by Dirty Hanukkah?

Close, but it's actually 'Dirty Rusty Has My Heart This Hanukkah', by Pulg's Fairy Accordion Band.

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And now, we enter a new golden age for the accordion! Your Billie Eilish medley starts on the count of four!

Skrw skrw skrrrr skrw

Skrw skrw skrw

Skrw skrw skrrrr skrw

Skrw skrw skrw.

What Panter doesn't realise is that we could either have shoes or accordions, and by Oberon, I think we made the right choice.

Can you toss them over your shoulder,

Balls hang low?

Morvel, your monkey has swallowed all our accordions! Fetch laxatives immediately!

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Claw, the Giant Monkey wrote:
*Starts viciously pounding on the bongos (causing them to be smashed to pieces), then goes over to Pulg's Fairy Accordion Band and tears their heads off.*

Since when did you need a head to play the accordion?

Right, lads - never mind the bongo player going berserk, we're better off without. 'America The Beautiful', on the count of three.

Great. here you go, chaps - accompany us on bongos by all means while we squeeze out a 15-minute rendition of 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon'

skwer skwer skwer skwer skwer skwer skwer skwer skwer skwer skwer skwerr skwerrr, etc.

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As a special Tuesday Treat for the Captain, here's Weird Al Yankovic and Weezer doing 'Africa', an absolute masterclass in accordion soloing.

'I hear you bum geckos in the night...'

Skwer skwer skwer

We've got a big gig coming up, fairies - better get practicing!

skwerskwerskwerskwerskwer, skwerskwerskwerskwerskwer, skwerskwerskwerskwer, skwerskwerskwerskwer.

Skwer skwerskwer SKWEE squernkskwer skwerskwer SKWEE SQUERNK erk ererkerkerk SKWEEEERNK

A musical note played on an accordion, perhaps?

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Freehold DM wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Now it's an evening alone with the wife.
stands outside captain yesterday house, playing violin badly

{Accompanies Freehold on accordions}

There is no such thing as a bad musical note, as we shall now demonstrate.

Skwerrr, skwerrr, skwerr skwerr skwerrskwerrskwerr, skwerrskwerrskwerr skwerrskwerrskwerr skwerrskwerrskwerrrrrrr...

He won free tickets to the 48 Hour Non-Stop Accordion Marathon.

{from inside the otyugh}

squerr squerr squerrsquerrsquerr squerrsquerrsquerr squerrsquerrsquerr squerrsquerrsquerr squerrsquerrsquerr squerr squerr squerrsquerrsquerrsquerrsquerrsquerrsquerr