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Wowee, it's like 'amateur night' at Studio 54 all over again. All we need is for someone to ride in on top of Jerry Hall and the experience will be complete.

Reading this was a beautiful waste of a day or two. \(.. )_/

Worth every minute if it means I WIN!

And if I win instead?

Welcome, King Waffa. Welcome. Now that you are one of us... you know what they say about checking out?

That you can do it all the time and that you can leave whenever you want?

I’m staying in the Hotel Arizona, fyi.

Sounds like a better checkout policy. Still, we both know that isn't how this thread works...

It works best when I win, I find.

That's convenient, isn't it?


Observation indicates that actual winning of this thread is likely not really be point thereof. It is instead a function intended to encourage regular participation.

I feel like your theory is a theory about the nature of this thread!

I like beans. Beans are the best.

Your administration has been in the pocket of "Big Beans" for years, Mr. President, and the American people won't stand for it much longer!

Scarab Sages

That is because the American people prefer to sit.


GoatToucher wrote:
Your administration has been in the pocket of "Big Beans" for years, Mr. President, and the American people won't stand for it much longer!

I don't care. Big beans are the best sort of beans, and the citizens of our great country are 100% behind me on this! This is a business friendly administration, especially if the business in question involves huge great massive colossal immense juicy health-giving virility-enhancing life-affirming BEEEEANS!

{Swoons in ecstasy}

Sovereign Court

*Contacts main battleship, hovering over Lord President Beans' home planet.*

Wipe them out, all of them.

Alright that is enough of that.

Scarab Sages

*saunters up from out of nowhere, wipes Count Reiner Heydrich's windshields with a wet squeegee - all of them*

So hows it feel IHIYC for clowns to be back in the mainstream again?

Scarab Sages

Wait, what?

*looks down*


Ah it just kind of creeped up on you eh?

Sovereign Court

*Puts on diving gear and a hazmat suit.*

Now to have some fun!

*Plays really loud music that hurts everyone's ears.*

Greetings everyone, I am Darth Vader, I am from the planet Vulken!

*Performs the signature Vulken salute (which Real Life me, can't actually physically do).*

Is it Disco Time already?

Is it disco time again? Will Pulg bust a move and win the big prize? Will Darth Vader manage to save his home planet of Vulcan?

Found out next time! Same thread time, same thread channel!

So many questions so few answers.

Answers are questions that people forgot to put question marks on.

Sovereign Court

And sometimes, unanswered questions are themselves answers.

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Such as, 'You want me to do what for 50 sous?'

Or 'You want to do what with 50 Sues?'

Or 'You want to do what with 50 Sioux?'

The unspoken answer is exactly the same in all three cases, depending on whether or not the little Spanish Fly has kicked in yet.

I see I'm in good company.

Sovereign Court

Ah, Comte de Malodor, my friend! It is so good to hear from you again! In truth, I was worried that the nefarious Bone Shaman (whom, like you, are from Bathoria) had hunted you down for not being a death cult.


That reminds me, has anyone seen my Bone Shaman? I think I lost him when I made that wrong turn at Albuquerque.

EH? lets not go stealing anyone else's gag. eh doc?

Sovereign Court

Well done, you rascally rabbit, you effectively killed this thread! Fortunately, I have revived it, for now at least.

And i’ve mevived it!

Get it? Because I won?

Ah man He had quite the streak too almost carried it home.

And yet again Mr Bond i win....

Again? when did you win the first time?

Who's this Mr Bond he's talking to?

Goldbond maybe?

Silver Crusade

Okay, what did I win?

not chocolate

Chocolate Thief wrote:
Okay, what did I win?

A zip! Hyook hyook hoo!

I’m Back. Sussyl seems to be closely monitoring the thread, despte her lack of posting.

Sovereign Court

I think you're right, there's security cameras everywhere! Makes me wonder what Sissyl is doing while she's watching.

*Begins to imagine that Sissyl is doing something everyone would expect GoatToucher to do, then shivers at the thought.*

On second thought, I don't think we should think about it.

Nobody would do what goattoucher would do

:finger wave:

Liberty's Edge



Who is this mysterious Sussyl character? Is Sissyl involved somehow? Will GoatToucher’s “enchilada” dip win the grand prize?

Stay tuned, folks!

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