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high G wrote:

Deep 6 FaWtL •

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Wow, what have you guys been talking about?


I expected beans for tea. No beans!

The next poster is preparing to make an official apology.

And I did it with a big eyed bean from Venus.

The next poster was in Reverend Green with the study and the candlestick

Bloodfang, Dire Tyrannosaur wrote:


*Stomps into scene, devours everyone who looks edible, leaves beans behind*

It's the Holiday Beanosaur, leaving a trail of Christmas Miracles in his wake!

Cheer up! Life is fleeting, but beans are forever.

I like beans.

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How many beans make five?

How many of the elite Presidential Bean Guard make five?

What does Dave Brubeck think about all this?

Infinity Beans.

The correct ratio of portions of beans per person is 25 to 4, if you're feeling stingy.

Actually, I think I will, since the next stop, according to our itinerary, is the Strategic Bean Reserve and Petting Zoo.

Beans forever.

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*Cuts the ribbon and pulls the lever to start the new Municipal Bean Geyser*

Hunt, the PugWumpus wrote:
{climbs down off roof, shuffles in wearing tin-foil suit making squish-squish footstep noises} Traumatic harpoon accident + vegemite... nothing. I doused myself in crime-lab chemicals and waited all night for a lightning strike... nothing. This getting superpowers thing is turning out to be much more difficult than comics and movies have led me to believe.

Have you tried eating BEANS?

'Bean' slow without me.

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GoatToucher wrote:

Beans, beans, the musical fruit.

The more you eat, the more your abdomen distends due to your anus having been sealed surgically.

Doesn't matter. Beans will find a way.

Sunomono Slaad wrote:
Lord President Beans wrote:
I do have some beans...

They are particularly elaborate beans, yes.

Sunomono Slaad wrote:

*eats a trombone*

No, too runny.

*eats another trombone*

That one's too waxy....

Haven't you got anything more un-tubular, with just a hint of chrysanthemum and uupsie-daisy?

I do have some beans...

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Banshee Pizza Delivery Girl wrote:
Amby's Brain wrote:
{pours out fresh beans onto fresh plate, commences overthinking them}
{issues bean curdling scream, examines new bean curd} I'm kinda surprised that worked.

Please to not curdle my subjects.

I prefer beans.

I shall stuff myself with beans.


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The next poster successfully took the test of the Starstone, but unfortunately, there was only one portfolio left...

GoatToucher wrote:
Your administration has been in the pocket of "Big Beans" for years, Mr. President, and the American people won't stand for it much longer!

I don't care. Big beans are the best sort of beans, and the citizens of our great country are 100% behind me on this! This is a business friendly administration, especially if the business in question involves huge great massive colossal immense juicy health-giving virility-enhancing life-affirming BEEEEANS!

{Swoons in ecstasy}

I like beans. Beans are the best.

Have some beans.

You like beans.

Everybody likes beans, especially me.

Beans for breakfast!

We have run out of beans.

Captain Oblivious wrote:
I like them as long as they don't have beans in them.


Confine this heathen in the Pit Of Great Beans, and there let him lie until he is suitably repentant!

The beany kind.

I like beans.