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MrCharisma wrote:
Faunriel wrote:
Spell dancer magus and rogue. Spell dancer gets insight bonus to light armor as they progress which couples well with rogue.

Hi Faunriel, welcome to the forums.

Just a quick tip, at the top right of every post there is a date. In this case the last post in this thread was in 2016. While it can be useful to reopen an old thread to continue a topic, it's unlikely that the person who started the thread will see your post.

Often when someone reopens a thread like this it's referred to as "Thread Necromancy" (Expect to see a few comically named people post after this).

You called?

Intriguing answer...

And then it falls out on the floor. Not groovy!

I animate threads with lyrical dread!


... Okay, got that evil proclamation out. You know how it is.

You think you’re good at rapping? That’s a logical leap!

I’m tarter than cranberries and tough as bone!

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

What is a Win?



Rogar Valertis wrote:
WOW! Giant necromancy!

I’ll say!

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Re-raising and already re-re-raised thread? That is some grade-A thread necromancy there.

Well done.

Well, it doesn’t look like that money let us win much of anything, huh?

Maybe we should just look morosely at the Fortress until it’s walls crumble out of pity.

What do you keep your brother in? I hope it’s sanitary, for his sake.

Moral Standard: Thread necromancy is okay when I do it.

Pulg wrote:

Oh answer tree, oh answer tree, how lovely are your branches.

1) Yes, all of the members of 'Chicago'!
2) Nailed to Christopher Cross.
3) If you play it backwards, it says 'MeeenghOOOooooublugblurblugneeeEEEEEEEE'. NOW YOU MUST BELIEVE!

1.) The entire population of the city? You’re sure?

2.) And where will I find the money after we conclude our “business?”
3.) I dunno. I’m going to need one more good reason to believe that GoatToucherism is the one true faith. You got one?

Answers, I bid you rise. Rise and FEAST ON THE QUESTIONS OF THE LIVING!!!

1.) Not... precisely that, no.
2.) It will if I say it will!
3.) Two or three more at most. Definitely not more than four.

That reminds me, has anyone seen my Bone Shaman? I think I lost him when I made that wrong turn at Albuquerque.

Monk flavor this time. Interesting.

Goofus killed a random NPC on the street because the NPC had a mustache. Everyone knows that mustaches are evil!

Gallant makes sure to have plenty of spare pencils on the table so that every player always can grab one easily.

We have dumped a lot of water on the rebellion, your horribleness! Now they are no longer on fire. Some of us are wondering why you didn't want them to continue burning though.

Minions! Find the chosen one and turn him to the dark side! He will make a most excellent apprentice...

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This thread is my familiar.

Time is an abyss, causality has no meaning.

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Lathiira wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Yay! Necromancy week continues!
I thought we were on week 2 of Necromancy Week with all these threads. Did onyx go on sale or something?

Necromancy week was animated, obviously.

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Myesssss... This unnecessary thread revival fuels my power!

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My preferred sacred weapon is skeleton.

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After that one time, I decided to stick with necromantic spells. Transmutation is just weird.

The next poster has a different opinion.

'Glistening' Buff Scrotes wrote:
Postocles, Thread Necromancer wrote:

Is the popular music still worse than the kind I listened to when I was a teenager?

It's all been downhill since Timperley Tom And His Ragtime Rascals recorded

'I asked her to whistle for an encore, but all that I got was the clap' in 1927, believe me.

Damn straight.

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A nice strong skull with determined blue eyes.

10/10, would reanimate again.

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For 10,000 years I have lain in stasis, awaiting the day of my return!

Tell me, what lingo do the kids speak now? Is the popular music still worse than the kind I listened to when I was a teenager? What about my favorite spell, Mordenkainen's Mightily Masterful Magnificent Magical Missile?

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Yo llama's so ugly, no one even approached or looked at it for 6 years.

We have... measures for dealing with those who deal in commas with no thought to the consequences...

Malsamma the Queen of Drumming Bones

Don't worry. I know a couple of guys who can maybe get us a meteor if we need one.

You're all okay working with tyrannical psychic fish, right?

You were supposed to use locusts, not crickets, as the main material component. Also, "Give my creation life" is not an actual spell.

The next poster accidentally started the zombie apocalypse.

Longshanks Kid

I'm going to Animate Thread again because I can.

Dread Duchess of Desolation

Sissyl wrote:
The Internet, Circa 1998 wrote:
All your beard are belong to us!
You still have no hope of survive make your time.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

I've got us 2 seats to a performance of The Barber of Seville with an all-banshee cast! The reviews say that it is to die for!

The next poster also enjoys the opera!

Patty-cake daydreams
Fade as I rouse myself to
Patty-cake action!

Every night is December 31st, 1978 for KahnyaGnorc.

That's right! Absolutely nothing!


Excellent. You are learning well, my young apprentice.

You people are just the worst.

rashly5 wrote:
The next poster had the privilege of experiencing a steak and stake combo.

My vampire minions did not have a good day. Who knew you could enchant steak with holy power? Well, I do. Now, anyway.

The next poster is trapped in some kind of maze.

A wizard is always fashionably late to parties. Especially if they're murder-orgies.

The next poster engaged in a life-and-death struggle with actual cannibal Shia Labeouf.

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One time, I found this big pile of gold coins. A few seconds later, I understood how to cast 2nd-Level Spells.

Made entirely out of belly button lint!

I resurrect dead threads by the hundreds of thousands...

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Oh, shoot! Did I forget to declare my Time Stop bonus before I actually used Time Stop?

Those fools said that thread necromancy isn't real necromancy. But who is having their servers destroyed by undead flame wars NOW!?

The next poster found something lying on the ground.

KenderKin should not rule this city because his coleslaw recipe is very subpar!

2-Month thread necromancy bonus! Triple points!

Guess who cast explosive runes on their underwear this morn- *BOOM!!!*

The next poster's favorite movie was just ruined by a remake.

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