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Does everything with the "Magic" keyword need to be identified now?

Even potions have the tag so I'm just wondering what exactly needs to be identified or is it just everything with the magic keyword?

Using the avoid notice exploration activity allows character/s to roll stealth for initiative but without there being a surprise round sneaking up on an enemy can actually be a worse tactic in that characters can't really get a free action or round and are forced to roll stealth which for most characters isn't the better option.

Is there something in the rules I am missing as to why sneaking up on an enemy as a party successfully doesn't really do anything good for most of them and can even be a negative for some party members?

Would the sneak action through the stealth skill give a free attack?

As title says does any XP carry over??

Its not anywhere in the rules I can find other than when you reach 1000 to go back to zero.

What are you guys playing as?

I can see being at 940 XP and gaining 80 XP just going back to zero as the carry over with new APL and stuff making it less XP but what about something like 980 XP then 160 XP gain??

We are going to do the Age of Ashes XP and I'm planning on allowing no carry over whatsoever but wanted to hear some thoughts.

Resolve at level 17 is showing as something on my Sorcerer specific character sheet that a Sorcerer should receive but isn't showing up in the CRB.

This gives Sorcerers Master level will saves and critical successes for will saves instead of successes.

Which is correct? ( Was it left out of CRB and forgotten to be removed from Char Sheet or the other way around)

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So reading over the book a few times I'm a little confused about searching and finding hazards and secret doors and the likes.

It says every character gets a free secret check to find hazards that do not require a certain proficiency.

If the characters are using exploration tactics other than search can they still get free check?

I really like these rules because they make traps RAW actually work nicely for the first time in history just want to make sure I am getting it right.

My thinking is that players using exploration tactics other than search do not qualify for the free check because they are busy with other stuff.

Is the Advanced screen going to be portrait or landscape or both?

Personally I'd love to see both and I do love my 2E landscape screen as I'm not as hidden behind the screen and can better engage my players.

Are we going to be seeing more of the modules and have them revitalized or is Plaguestone a one-off kind of deal and modules going back to being few and far between?

Finished watching all the Paizocon videos and the one group of products that didn't seem to be touched on at all are the support products.

Are we getting more Flip-tiles?



Any changes in these product lines?

Flip Tiles have to be my biggest want for support products and would love to see caverns,deserts,tundra etc. for the line.

I haven’t really seen any reviews on this product and I know there have been quite a few who have now tried the finished product. ( I did listen to the knowdirection review)

What are your guys final thoughts now on this?

Major improvements since playtest?

What did you like?

What didn’t you like?

Is it going on the right direction?

Developers please feel free to throw your thoughts in as well.

I’m already down for every product on release and 3x of limited core rulebooks so I’m confident to say the least.

( Only looking for opinions on this from everyone involved, please leave debates and conflicts to other threads. Thanks.)

Had an issue with a player using greater invisibility last night.

He is under the impression he can cast spells or shoot a gun while he is under this effect and that the enemies must beat a Perception vs Stealth check to detect him.

Since he is invisible but is not immobile he gets +20 plus his stealth bonus + a roll to determine his check that the enemy needs to meet to locate him.

I chose to treat it as a set DC that the enemy needed to meet since he was either casting spells from a square or shooting his gun and not moving.

How do you guys handle this???

What kind of check or roll do you do??

The rules are little bit contradicting or not worded the greatest and I see where he is coming from because it says in the stealth skill to play it like he said but it also says perception checks vs actions made in other parts.


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How do you guys feel about these modes?

Personally as someone who likes to have rules for everything I love them.

Do you think they will be incorporated into the AP's and Modules or end up just being a rules system that is used in homebrews?

I really hope they put them into the AP's and use them in unique and diffrerent ways to show off the system.

Just announced that Starfinder will be added to WizKids line of preprinted miniatures in blind packaging.

Is the players guide going to come out before the release or day of or after 2E releases?

I tried searching a little bit but couldn't find anything on it.

If a trick attack is successful on the trick but the attack misses is the effect from the trick still applied to the enemy?

IE if I use trick attack and apply flat footed on a successful trick but miss the attack roll and my operative has the ability to have the flat footed condition last for one round does it actually last the round or is it negated because of the missed attack?

We’ve always played it that the condition continues but I see other people playing it differently now.

This is a question for the development team as I know they read these boards.

Is there any plan in 2E for adventures and modules to use the flip mats and tiles for maps in the products instead of using custom maps in the APs only?

I've been using alot of Undead in my current story arc and I'm finding the Mystic is really hampered by the Undead Immunities. I know there is a feat for using the healing channel to damage them but not being able to Mind Thrust or use a majority of the spells he has I feel is starting to be a little annoying for him. I know there is quite a bit of others monsters,robots,etc. that have the same hindrance for him but since the Undead are going to be a fairly common enemy for quite awhile I'd like to know what you guys think would be best for him to maybe take for spells or feats?

He is a level 9 Mindbreaker Mystic. I'm not 100% on which spells exactly he has but I know the only one he has been able to use so far on the Undead is Slow.

In the core rulebook there is a bit of conflicting information whether armour protects the use from heat,cold etc.

Does armour that isn't out of charges for its proper functioning completely protect the wearer from enviromental effects?

Is it worth having the 3 softcover books of the damned or is all the info contained in the larger hardback?

Debating whether to purchase these and I already have the hardcover.

Is it worth having the 3 softcover books of the damned or is all the info contained in the larger hardback?

Debating whether to purchase these and I already have the hardcover.

Was looking at placing an order as the only place I can get the Emerald Spire map pack is directly from Paizo but I live in Canada and have a few questions.

1. Will I have to pay duties and taxes on top of Paizo cost and shipping?
2. Why does shipping to Canada for the cheapest option cost almost 30$? With exchange rate that’s like 40$ for the least expensive option. ( I haven’t ordered from USA from awhile but last time I ordered a map pack it was like 8$.
3. Is Paizo ever going to have a Canadian priced shipping hub or the likes? ( A lot of companies had separate Canadian websites nowadays with the .ca web address and I love that they do that now)

I see they have these available for pre-order now and I am wondering if the pawns and map in this product are unique to it or if they are just stuff from previous products. Either way I'm buying it but if it's reused stuff its just going on display on top of a bookshelf.

Just finished a session and used the Syrinscape program in it for the first time. It was quite the addition and I really hope they continue to make Starfinder based soundsets for it. I bought the complete subscription which gives you access to all fantasy and sci-fi soundsets for 10$ a month.

I had 4 high end speakers sitting around and decided to add them to my game room this weekend as well as purchase a new stereo receiver for the purpose of adding sound to my games.

It has everything from environmental sounds to starship sounds and my players loved it. I definitely recommend everyone at least give it a shot if you are set up to use it in your games somehow with the ability to play off some kinf of sound set-up. Its a free trial anyways.

I'm holding back on a full review of the system til we have a few more sessions under our belt but I'm liking what I see so far.

Is there a synopsis for the scoured stars multi-table event? I run a 6-7 player group and purchase the society missions for us to play but am at an impasse due to not meeting the requirements for running the scoured stars. We are about to start the missions directly after the scoured stars but have a huge hole in the story where the scoured star even happens. How do I go about handling this? I do not live in an area that has any organized play within a 200 KM radius.

Can you trick attack a swarm? I know they are immune to the effects like flat footed,bleeding etc. but am wondering about the extra damage?

For a NPC successful trick attack do you add the full CR to the the damage roll or just half of it like a player would for the specialization from weapon?

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Are drugs legal in the pact worlds?

I can't really find any information on the actual legality in any of the books of drugs.

The aasimar for his stat boost only has +2 to charisma listed. Is this supposed to be +4 maybe?

I’m liking the alien archive but I’m finding quite a bit of stuff I think should’ve been caught by quality assurance testing.

You guys have posted most of this so I’m not going to repeat but the aasimar issue hasn’t been posted.

Is there any word on new books after Alien Archive 2?

Also, why is it such a long wait after the book is out that the pawns get released if anyone knows? (It has usually been month after)


Where are the rules for weaknesses and immunities locates? Or are these listings in the stat blocks for future reference? I haven’t been able to locate this info in any of the books.

I am running across quite a few enemies/NPC's that have RP but no ability to use RP. Is this meant to give them the ability to stabilize/recover like PC's or is there another reason behind it?

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If I have level 1 mystic who took 10 damage who uses share pain as a reaction and the creature fails will save how much damage does the creature take back as damage from share pain? The wording makes it ifffy in my eyes how rhte damage works. It’s either 1 or 9 which is a huge difference!

Is it possible for the maps the maps that the AP's use to be made available without the DM markings and available as a download? Like how the SF society modules at the end have a blank map that can be resized and printed.

I can do the resizing myself but I have no clue how to take the markings out or if its even possible.

I have the Bestiary boxes plus the monster codex but am looking to buy the rest of the pawns which I do not own which is about 15 sets.

Is there alot of repeats throughtout the products or are they fairly unique products?

AC = 10 + the pilot’s ranks in the Piloting skill + the ship’s
armor bonus + modifier based on the ship’s size + bonuses
and penalties from successful or failed stunts and actions

For the pilot ranks portion of this equation is this just the actual ranks put in piloting skill or ranks plus trained bonus plus the dex bonus of the full amount of actual piloting skill?

I am finding that the difficulty with 4 players and not using the scale downs in the adventures is still way too easy for the most part combat wise. The skill challenges and other parts seem right on par and are challenging for my players but the actual combat encounters seem to be a breeze and my players are starting to sense that. I am going to start upping HP and some other things myself but I think it would be nice just like there is scaledowns if there was some kind of increased difficulty options for combat encounters.

All of my SFS modules have the maps which aren't a physical product displayed at the end of the module without the GM markings except for the one in this module.

I print all of these out to use in my runnings of these so is it possible to get one for this module please?

Anyone have a link to Hex counters or something similar to use on space battlemap to represent asteroids,space station,planets etc???

We've been playing through Starfinder Society adventures and I'm a little confused about skill checks and taking 20. If they are facing no adverse effect and not in combat should I still be making them roll checks for most of these checks? These checks run the gamut of computer,engineering,perception and most other checks that from what I read are allowed to have the take 20 action being used.


I use a battlemap for most of my encounters that I draw on but would like some 3-d doors to use. What are you guys using if any? 3-d printed? Cardstock? Purchased doors ?

Give me some ideas guys. I do not have a 3-d printer so something other than that would be great but open to any ideas.

Are the pawns going to be updated or changed or redone for PF2 ?

Any answers from Paizo staff or anyone with any knowledge woyuld be much appreciated as I am looking to buy a whole collection someone has in anticipation of PF2 but wwould rpbably hold off if they are going to be revamped or anything for PF2.


If a multi attack says something like 2 claws (1d6), 4 legs (2d8)
does this mean that the multi attack actually contains 2 claw attacks and 4 leg attacks with the following rolls?

I noticed there is a new kickstarter by Ninja Division for the Starfinder miniatures but after reading the comments I am hesitant to back it because of the issues with the previous kickstarters from this company. They seem to be have switched names for this Kickstarter from Soda POP Miniatures and that makes me very nervous. Is Paizo aware of this companies failed promises and issues with previous products?

What are others thoughts on this Kickstarter?

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