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Invisibility so I could steal billions of dollars.

As someone who buys the physical product from my LGS but uses a TableTV to display the maps can I somehow get access to these upgraded map files?

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I feel like as long as a GM is trying to do his best and putting effort forth the onus really falls on the players to make known what they don't like or what they feel would be better for them.

Good GMs will listen and bad ones won't.

Being a GM is a very time consuming task and I spend about 5-8 hours weekly prepping maps and pawns and reading to make sure I am ready to GM.

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Way too much to sift through and give a response.

I've noticed alot of the blurry text in almost all of the books from PF2. I can send pics in Paizo if needed.

Wisdom of the 12 ancients.

Sounds like you need to ditch Roll20 and get Foundry. Join the Foundry discord and find a game there.

The high res images should be made available where possible for older AP's.

I buy the products physically from my LGS and I wish there was a way for Paizo to make the maps available to download for me as I use a TableTV.

I think this game hitting consoles is really a chance for Paizo to market their product. RPG's have always been one of the bigger markets for videogames and I hope Paizo is really getting behind this and marketing it as best as they can.

Pathfinder becoming a mainstream name like D&D should be the goal with this especially with the game being such a great game.

I am on the fence whether I like the Circus mechanic and the AP focus on it. I think its simple and interesting enough to engage players but lacks any real crunch to it other than small changes here and there. We are halfway done the second book or so and I've only read the first 3 books so that is all I can speak too. The encounters I have been impressed with and their is a good variety even with all the Xulgath influence.

We've done 3 circus shows so far and we are just about to go into chapter 2.

I do however like as a GM the switch to something off the wall like a circus troupe.

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I spent 500$+ on this product and I’d rather wait a year extra than get something rushed or lacklustre. Thanks for the update. Knowing James Jacobs is fathering this project gives me complete confidence in it being worth the wait. Best of luck James!

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I like the non-human approach and am all for having different types of adventures than the usual.

I don't blame Paizo at all and maybe my words were harsh but I don't believe them to be false or misleading.

I applaud Paizo for their stances and their opinions even when I disagree.

I purchase my Paizo products locally and know how tight margins can be for them so China is probably the only option currently.

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Thank you Paizo!

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For PF2 why would you use anything but foundry?

Hands down the best.

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Paizo seems to be having a hard time holding on to employees especially in the lead positions and I hope the company is realizing their might be a problem.

Good luck Amanda I really enjoyed your work and contributions at Paizo.

Glad to hear James that you are personally working on the Kingmaker re-release which I have 500$+ invested in!

I'd rather have a perfected product than a rushed release or something that was released to try and meet a streetdate.

I hope this brings Pathfinder more into the mainstream which I think it will. RPGs on console are big $$$$ items.

Foundry is King.

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Any date for when High Res maps for APs are coming?

I was hoping to see what would be on this screen as well after hearing Lyz said it would be available.

Where are the Paizocon announcements posted??? I'm at work while this is all going on so missing out on the action.

Wow the discord server is packed, that is a great turnout!

My question for you is if you are planning or if we will ever see an adventure written by you again?

Whats the discord server James Jacobs that I seen in the Paizocon twitch stream that you are in all week to answer questions?

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Those maps are still terrible quality. I know James Jacobs has said they are looking at releasing higher res images which is I hope is now a bigger priority with all the VTT gaming.

Darkmoon Vale has something I’ve revisited lately and I’d like to see it shown some 2E love.

Were these not popular enough to keep the line going like the novel line?

I know fantasy fiction novels have been dying off for a long time but with podcasts and listenable media being so trendy maybe these have a shot at profitability now?

I don't like the solution being to partner as it means we have to pay twice for some content. I also think there should be way for those of us who make only physical purchases at the LGS to have a way to download maps to use with virtual tables. Maybe this is wishful thinking by me but I know Paizo is a forward thinking company and has always been supporting of the community and their wishes. I have no problem having to enter a serial number or download code to retrieve maps and as someone who purchases all the Pathfinder/Starfinder stuff I think this should have some form of integration. I've bought some .pdfs so I could get the digital maps but was pretty let down with quality.

Maybe I'm in the minority but alot of the GMs and players online have been voicing this on those forums and/or reddit but maybe need to be more vocal here.

Thanks James, that’s good to know and I really do hope you guys find something doable. Appreciate the answer.

Well I've officially made myself a table tv for my home group but am finding the .pdf maps to be of such a low quality due to the resolution that they I can't even really use them. I experienced the same problem using them in a VTT but the problem is way worse for the table tv.

My old method was to print the .pdf maps and sticky tack them to table but that was taking forever and I thought this would help the maps look better. Other maps I have from 3rd party companies look fine but the Paizo ones even though the art looks great in the book once it gets put on table and gridded for 1" is just not pleasing to the eye.

Is there any way to get these maps in a higher resolution? Do the artists post somewhere in an art source?? I can't imagine they are actually drawn at this resolution.

The interactive maps are just as bad.

I would be willing to pay more for .pdfs if they had a higher quality map if cost is the issue why they don't have higher res version.

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I'm looking forward to getting their paints and I hope they do some PF2 stuff with the new art style.

I have always wanted the higher res version as I do get the PDFs and printing or using them in a VTT they look pretty horrid compared to how they look in my AP book. Thanks James Jacobs for at least looking into it. I am definitely interested in having a way to get these maps however that may work.

I agree that these not fitting are somewhat of an issue as it is stupid to have to sort things out into their own boxes afterwards instead of combining in the big box which has dividers but isnt big enough. Thinking ahead if we are getting this many sets for a a core make the core box bigger please so we can fit in. That said I did buy these and they look good. I agree with others and am glad you guys are coming out with new core sets.

Hopefully they don't have the logo stamped on all their recycling bins and uniforms.

I'm glad for any type of map that hasn't been done.

I'd love a first world map!

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In my group with a Bomber Alchemist the players were starting to get annoyed with how much the Alchemist seemed to be behind the power curve and I knew were secretly wishing for him demise.

He did end up dieing trying to save one of the other PC's in a failed resurrection ritual. ( PC's rolled a 1 on primary check )

Awesome!! Keep new sets coming!


I just picked up the newest dungeon set and I added it to the box with the core set and the other sets and its too much now to store in just one box.

I love the tiles and I hope we get 3 new lines to fill out now after the current run.

I'll be buying all the Starfinder ones as well even though we don't play anymore. ( Need to find new group )

I've noticed some of the gaming books I've bought recently ( Kobold Guide to .....) were all printed by amazon on what I assume is by demand.

I liked the Pathfinder novels and am still reading through them. I would definitely buy more.

After reading the fiction James Jacobs wrote I'd love for him to publish some new 2E novels.

For the Influence Regent action do the players not answer the query if they choose to roll a favoured skill instead of the diplomacy/lore check? Is this meant to allow players who don’t RP as much to contribute without speaking? Thanks!!

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Leon Aquilla wrote:

Currently Paizo has taken about 135$ of my money but only "shipped" 55$. You have no idea how upsetting it is to be at home and have Paizo holding money I could be currently using to buy masks or other essential supplies and they won't even give me access to the PDF's that I have legitimately paid for at this stage.

I really hope that CS can resolve this soon because otherwise I'll have no choice but to issue a chargeback.

They are doing there best. They are probably just overwhelmed.That said what you are saying about buying masks and essential supplies is just aggravating and we will leave it at that.

I wish everyone luck and hope that everyone is doing what is needed to make sure all of us have a chance to get through this with minimal casualties.

I hope these products are popular because I love them, however we need new sets.

The 3 base sets keep getting expansions and Starfinder is getting a base set but still no new sets on the horizon.

I’d love to see the gamut of these. Tundra,Jungle,First World,etc.

Whatever Paizo makes for these I will buy.

Do you guys buy these?


After reading the GMG these went way up on my favourite list. Please do infiltration cards as well!

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I don't have time to read through 20 pages of you guys discussing a game I'm loving playing because I'm either too busy playing or reading my fancy new GMG.

Pathfinder 2E is awesome.

5E is a good stepping stone into RPGS but way too simple for my taste.

Therefore for me 2E is superior.

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I just finished the GMG.

Great book, money well spent.

Thanks Paizo!

Is there something in the GMG covering surprise situations and ambushes and stuff?

Page 52 for the drain phylactery of the lich it has the ability being used as a reaction but pretty sure this should be be free action ability.

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Would love to see James Jacobs GM a live game even if it’s just a one-off.

I’m sure the rest of the community feels the same way.

Are these going to be made for other sources like AP’s and APG and Gods and magic or are they going to be exclusively just for CRB spells?

I’d purchase theses for all and any sources you guys to choose to make them in.

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