New Flip-Tile sets


I hope these products are popular because I love them, however we need new sets.

The 3 base sets keep getting expansions and Starfinder is getting a base set but still no new sets on the horizon.

I’d love to see the gamut of these. Tundra,Jungle,First World,etc.

Whatever Paizo makes for these I will buy.

Do you guys buy these?


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I run a lot of PFS/SFS. I have tried them on a few scenarios. I find them clunky, harder to transport and they take up way to much time to set up! I would rather have flip mats. I usually just print off the map rather than messing with the tiles. But that's just me. I could see using them for a home game. But for me the extra time to set up and collect them vs unfolding/folding a flip mat during Convention slots makes it a non starter.

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I too would prefer new base sets instead of expansions to the current sets.

I was hoping for a desert set, a 'hamlet' set that would allow you to construct small thorps and crossroads villages.

I'd also like to see a 'rivers as highways' set with various docks, mudflats, rills and small waterfalls, mill ponds, etc.

I'd like a similar set for seaside: coves(both rocky and sandy), reefs, a sunken ship, some docks and warehouses, smuggler caves, along with rough seas.

Other sets I'd like: rocky highlands, marshes, farmlands with hedgerows, mountains and mountain passes, stone building ruins,

I'd also really like ambush set ups for desert, forest, open meadows, marshes, city streets, etc. This might have tiles with big elevation changes that would give advantage to whoever was using the heights for advantage.

So many more things to get base sets for instead of sewers and dungeons.

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its a little way off, but there are some in the pipeline, by the looks.

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CrystalSeas wrote:
I'd also like to see a 'rivers as highways' set with various docks, mudflats, rills and small waterfalls, mill ponds, etc.

I really like the idea of a river set. It probably wouldn't sell very well, though.

I would love for Paizo to make large vinyl mats, like wargames battlemats. Quite a few adventure paths would benefit from it.

Would there be demand?


I just picked up the newest dungeon set and I added it to the box with the core set and the other sets and its too much now to store in just one box.

I love the tiles and I hope we get 3 new lines to fill out now after the current run.

I'll be buying all the Starfinder ones as well even though we don't play anymore. ( Need to find new group )

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