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Will be starting this AP next week if my players don't die defeating the Cinderclaw base tommorow.

For those of you who have got into this one how did you explain or try to relate the fact that this portal just so happens to lead directly to the very group they are looking for and just had showed up in their town?

I'm going to have to go with the will of the gods on this one because it is pretty unexplainable any other way.

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Since it’s a new edition I try to let my players know sometimes what checks can disable or be used to learn or do things. I’ve always felt giving a little tidbit here and there is better than discouraging players by murdering all there characters due to rule nuances.

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Sorry James to clarify my issue with the bad writing is that Nketiah directs the PCs to this hex with the intent of them learning about Cinderclaw cult but nowhere in the area info is there anything about what this NPC should inform them of or what knowledge of the cult he has. It is essentially a dead end if players were to follow this tidbit. I know sometimes as GMs the info is left to us to determine and that’s fine but this is 1 instance where it probably should be spelled out what this NPC has for info. I’m going to correct myself as well because “bad writing” isn’t right to say either. Incomplete writing of how the NPC and quest moves forward with the direction being given by Nketiah to visit the elephant people. I can’t find anything about what this man knows.


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I think with the fact Paizo needs PF2 to be successful for their company to be viable as far as profits and keeping the doors open yeah they need to publish frequently.

I think alot of people are forgetting how little money RPGS actually make in the gaming scene.

CCGS, Wargames (Warhammer,Hordes,Etc.), Board games all are bigger money makers than RPGS by quite a bit.

Paizo needs 2E to be accepted and utilized and purchased or they aren't going to be in a good situtation.

I'm not going to speak for Paizos financial situation because I have no idea what it is but I imagine everything is riding on 2E being a success for the company to be able to sustain and grow.

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Ennies have no relevance to the hobby. They are a biased award that means nothing. Look at the winners this year and look at their actual sales and popularity. This is my opinion.

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I agree. Should be more up to date especially considering COM is a month away.

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I'd buy a prepackaged product that contained the adventure and pawns James. I think this would be something that maybe you should see if is possible and if others would want it.

I thought about Marcos idea as well doing the two part release but I don't think that would be something Id be interested in.

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I wish I had time in my life to see if the fantasy city in my game had the same population density as New York! (Joking)

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I'M going to disagree with some of you guys and say that I think the art is fantastic and I like the new style.

On a different note have you guys seen the art done by other companies in the same industry???

Paizo is for the most part leagues above 99% of the competition.

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I think Gencon sales can be a good indicator.

Starfinder for example killed it.

I think its a very strong game and I prefer it over 1E but I don't think it will have a chance to come anywhere near 5e for the simple fact of brand recognition.

Best case scenario for Paizo is that they can get back some lost ground that 1E has lost over last few years in sales numbers slowly dwindling.

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Printing error by not being in the book or printing error as being on the sheet?

I'm thinking it got axed last minute from the CRB but wanna be sure as its a pretty huge loss for a sorcerer if he actually should get it.

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So reading over the book a few times I'm a little confused about searching and finding hazards and secret doors and the likes.

It says every character gets a free secret check to find hazards that do not require a certain proficiency.

If the characters are using exploration tactics other than search can they still get free check?

I really like these rules because they make traps RAW actually work nicely for the first time in history just want to make sure I am getting it right.

My thinking is that players using exploration tactics other than search do not qualify for the free check because they are busy with other stuff.

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I've had the book for a few days now and have to say that I think it's quite a bit better than the original "Pathfinder".

My reasoning?

My players also have their books and are constantly flooding whatsapp chat with all their excitement over everything.

They were excited for PF1 too but it wasn't this level of excitement.

Worth the money and I can already tell that running it is going to be a blast.

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I think to give the respect and love that Paizo deserves for this unique product we should all call it what it is.

Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

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I don't know if Jason Buhlman is joking or not but it looks like he's giving him heck on twitter for posting it.

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Midnight Anarch wrote:
Doktor Weasel wrote:
So it starts in Isger, goblin emissaries come asking for help. Some of their people who had been staying at the abandoned Hellknight Keep have stopped responding.
Uggggggh. They start with a ham-fisted "goblin emissaries" hook? I didn't have much of an opinion on this AP so far but this doesn't improve it. Why the heck would a party of do-good heroes care about a group of missing goblins at an abandoned Hellknight Keep? Ugggggh, why Paizo, why?! Please tell me I'm missing something with this.

Because Goblins are now core characters and this is a way to bring them in right away??

Personally I think thats the right way to go if you are trying to introduce a new race into the general fold is to humanize them a little more.

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James Jacobs wrote:
ograx wrote:
Another question if you are still lurking in the thread James Jacobs, do we get to rebuild or do anything with this castle after we capture it back?!
The assumption is that the PCs turn the castle into their headquarters/home base. Rebuilding it and creating training halls and other support elements within the castle as downtime activities to support other downtime activities is detailed in the 2nd adventure.

Fantastic! I really hope you guys are doing some twitch shows or putting some ads up about this AP and what cool stuff is in it. I’ve been seeing a lot of your stuff on social media and the art and showcasing has been very well done.

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Roswynn wrote:
ograx wrote:
Roswynn wrote:
ograx wrote:

I'm sorry James, I meant exploration mode. I assume since downtime is in exploration mode we will have specific options and events with it as well??

That is so exciting to hear as I personally feel as having some of those kind of options scripted and hashed out really lets whole system shine.


Downtime is not in exploration mode. They're two distinct things.
I know. I meant to specifically ask about these separate modes and if they will be integrated into the adventures and modules. Seems like they will be which is fantastic.
I apologize, I read "I assume since donwtime is in exploration mode" and my inner pedant reared her ugly head ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All good!

This is just stuff I’ve been waiting to hear about and I’m ecstatic with the news.

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

Numbers after 4 days:

-926 backers

Paizo is the kind of company though that's going to say once its all said and done that they are going to fulfill a bunch of stretch goals that were never reached.

That said once this campaign is over I hope they don't take this as too much of a negative and instead go with KS next time so they can receive the exposure on their products they deserve.

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I think if this would've been a KS project instead of gameontabletop it would've had alot more interest and generated better advertising for Paizo as a whole on that platform especially with the branching out into 5E.

It looks like we will be lucky to hit 300K at the end of it and I would think on KS this would've easily been a million dollar project.

Either way I'm looking forward to this project and am sure it will be top notch just think Paizo could've done better franchise wise to go with KS.

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I think if this would've been a KS project instead of gameontabletop it would've had alot more interest and generated better advertising for Paizo as a whole on that platform especially with the branching out into 5E.

It looks like we will be lucky to hit 300K at the end of it and I would think on KS this would've easily been a million dollar project.

Either way I'm looking forward to this project and am sure it will be top notch just think Paizo could've done better franchise wise to go with KS.

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I feel like these stretch goals are too far apart for this platform. I don’t see this project getting the amount pledged it deserves. I know they’ve stated the reason they went with gameontabletop but I think they are going to barely make the 500k mark using it. I hope they tighten up the amounts to give us more for our bucks. The hard cover book plus a tiny companion guide special edition already cost me over 250$ with shipping. I live in Canada and expect some exchange rate and shipping hindrance but that means I paid 200$ for a hardcover.

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I'd love it if Paizo had some kind of canadian distribution method that wasn't so cost restrictive for shipping.

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Gorbacz wrote:

On the other hand, buying from Amazon boosts Paizo's position in The Great Algorithms of Amazon which determine who lives, who dies and who sells the book about your story.

Which, given the fact that in 10 years Amazon will rule the world and be the only place where you can buy anything, is somewhat relevant.

As much as I hate what you're saying you are 100% correct.

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Thats awesome to know!

Its not something I personally want as I will be moving forward and playing and embracing 2E but I like that he cares enough about the fanbase to at least consider it.

I can't wait for tuesday to see what this crowdfund entails but this is one of those times where I will be looking at all the extras even if it hits the 500$ range as I want to support Paizo as best as I personally can.

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I'm hoping that all the guys wanting the 1E statted version doesn't end up taking away 2E stretch goals.

I know from the amount of people wanting a 1E version it would be silly for Paizo to not consider doing it as well due to the sheer demand for it but I wouldn't want to lose out on any 2E stuff for them to get it.

I think it would be a great last hurrah for 1E and show some final love to the 1E people.

I know Erik and Jason read through the forums and listen in to the shows a lot more than most companies, and I know they care about pleasing the fanbase so hopefully they figure out something to please the majority without irking the minority and the other way around. ( I know it wont be easy)

That said I am super pumped up and so is my group for 2E.

This Crowdfunding Kingmaker AP is great and I'm sure it'll show the dev team a glimpse of how people really feel about everything.

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Isn't this supposed to be about rules reveals??

Not trying to be disrespectful but everytime I check back in on these threads they are way too derailed to even make sense of what is going on.

22 CR Dragon?? 10,000 arrows ?? Huh???

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I'm glad he's still going to be in the industry. Syrinscape is one of those up and comers in my mind and I really hope Dan prospers with them.

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Did Dan take a job with Syrinscape?

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I’m very excited for this and with the success of the game I think this an awesome decision by Paizo. I will be purchasing this for sure as well as any extras that are available with it.

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To each their own, I think it was more of a test in the playtest and not hashed our properly by any means.

For me it is something I’d like to see get expanded greatly and it is a book I’d purchase separately as something like an ultimate campaign.

I’m not sure how popular ultimate campaign was but for my group these kind of options and other systems we can integrate are something we’ve always loved to do.

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Why not play Starfinder?

It really is a great game.

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For me I really would like to see it integrated into the AP's with actual outcomes and little rewards that are extra tossed in.

I think the RP possibilities of it are great and can lead to interesting little 2 minute side quests/tasks.

I am maybe looking at it more than it will end up being but I am hoping by them including it as an actual mode of play that they will integrate some of the ultimate campaign type options and really run with it.

Just like with the exploration mode they have as well and the hex maps for PC's to explore that I have seen I really hope this becomes something that isn't just a small section that never really gets used by first party content.

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How do you guys feel about these modes?

Personally as someone who likes to have rules for everything I love them.

Do you think they will be incorporated into the AP's and Modules or end up just being a rules system that is used in homebrews?

I really hope they put them into the AP's and use them in unique and diffrerent ways to show off the system.

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The Critical Role podcast had the proper marketing and the blind dumb luck of being on at the right time in D&Ds life.

None of the other editions had any chance of having that kind of streaming popularity.

The reason?

It’s so easy to learn and play. It’s exactly the reason I’d never play it or enjoy it. It’s just too simple and flat rules wise.

And that is the exact reason PF and SF will never have the same kind of capability for streaming and liveplay audiences.

People for the majority want easy and simple. Only those of us that want a deeper game ever even consider playing the more rules heavy rpgs.

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Awesome stream. It was good to see you guys didn't just pick the most experienced gamers/roleplayers as the game feels more "real" than alot of streams.

Everyone did an excellent job. So far I'm going to go have to go with Owen's character Qundle as my favorite so far!

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The only off putting thing for me with the AP is that the pawns will probably be out after the AP wraps up in 2020. I never liked this, I know the reasoning is because the artwork and whatever isn't ready to go right away for pawns but it makes little sense to have the pawns come out after the AP in my mind.

I have all the Pawns anyways from every set in Pathfinder/Starfinder so I'm sure I'll make do but it sure would be nice to have these at the beginning of AP's instead of after.

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I’d like to see all those things for the reason that it helps the hobby expand. I think we will see a lot of innovation in the next decade but me personally I will always be a book and miniature guy because this how I enjoy to play. It also allows me to unplug from the world and I’d prefer not to have to plug in to enjoy it.

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Thanks for that answer that is very interesting to say the least. It is awesome to hear you guys have a friend like that who is willing to go to bat for you and help you promote your product!

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Whatever the case I'm glad Owen is in it. No offence to any of the other Paizo staff but he's my favorite Paizo character.

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I liked the 3 part AP idea. Especially if there a decent amount of them so we could branch how we wanted. 6 part AP's always have ups and downs from book to book and can end up going places where things get a little played out. I would love love love to see starfinder modules. I think Sci-Fi better plays into a module scheme then fantasy as you can do modules as planets or something comparable and its easily dropped into any campaign or adventure.

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I am also going to agree with Hilary on the annoyance of the Razmir donations sound. I listened at work on headphones and it made it very hard at points to understand some things.

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Good show last night Dan!

The reveal today about the 2E stream was excellent as well.

It would be nice to have an Q/A episode sometime if possible. I'm thinking a episode that consists of whatever the audience or us here feels like asking and is able to be answered. Everything from rules clarifications, lore questions and anything relevant to Starfinder. Be an interesting thing to see where a freeform show goes, especially with the one man we can count on to do the job properly. Owen.

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I think another question you guys should be asking is why the owners of ND/Sodapop were paying themselves 100K+ a year plus bonuses while their company was tanking. I know people are wanting Paizo and their representatives to step up and admit some responsibility for backing ND in this endeavour but all things considered they were probably led astray and lied to as well just as much as us all by ND. It was my post that Erik was replying to and I chose to do my due diligence afterwards even when he spoke up saying that ND could be trusted. My research found that “No” ND could not be trusted.

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Rob was alot more talkative and engaging when he was on the show this week, it was awesome!

Dan if you are looking to get your viewership up which I think with twitch being so popular these days is kind of a no-brainer for a compnay like Paizo I have a little bit of advice.


I'm not saying buy a superbowl ad or anything but maybe little card inserts like the X-mas cards Paizo sends out that you can toss in outgoing packages would be a easy cheap way.

I think if more people knew they had PF/SF streams available directly from Paizo they would definitely tune in.

Maybe some cross-promotion from the Glass Cannon guys???

Just my 2 cents.

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That someone is hesitant or scared to attend a gaming event where the purpose is to have fun is so disheartening. In our gaming group it is the same though and the 2 females in our group refuse to participate at local events or go to events at our local gaming store due to the fact they are made to feel uncomfortable by others words and actions. Harassment doesn't have to be overt actions it can just be simply someone being a little too nice that can make people feel awkward.

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Great show Dan and team. You know Dan you are making significant progress in your ability to run these shows. It is a learned skill to be able to interview people and keep the show paced and to properly place questions and I feel you are making a steady progression in your ability to do these things. Admittedly Owen seems like a guy that almost interviews himself most of the time. Awesome job!

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I think best case scenario is that everyone receives some of their stuff to be quite frank and honest. I was the one who originally started this post to see what everyone thought of backing the project and after hearing your feedback and that of the previous backers I chose not to back the project. The only reason I even check back in is that 2 of my players who love painting minis both chose to back this project even after me voicing my doubts. Neither one of them are part of the boards here at Paizo so I check in for them to let them know if anything new has came up. One of them has received close to a dozen minis for over 600$ and the other has received absolutely nothing after going in for the same amount. I know both of them are choked at Ninja Division moreso for the lack of communication then not fulfilling the kickstarter. Companies go broke, stocks go bust and things fail all the time so they get that things like this can be a risk.The kick in the balls is that there was no communication really throughout the whole time other than occasional placate the plebs postings from Ninja Scott. Neither player is mad at Paizo in the least because truly the blame lays elsewhere. Did Paizo make a bad decision business wise? I would have to say Yes. The warning flags were there and it was fairly obvious from the get-go that the chances of ND breaking the mold and fulfilling was probably a longshot. Businesses make mistakes, people make mistakes but don't let one bad mistake sour you on an otherwise phenomenal game and company. Just my opinion and thoughts.

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Awesome show Dan about the Sun and I liked the Pathfinder one with Sara Marie as well, thanks for giving her my regards as far as shouting out customer service for their stellar job they do. One piece of constructive criticism from someone who sometimes chooses to listen on headphones at work with just audio. You click the pen on the table quite a bit.

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