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we had a very odd set of ciurcumstances tonight in the Iron cages

PC Casts Baleful polymorph on creature.... 2 fails on Saves now Creature thinks its a toad

then PC's proceed to take their newfound Toad out of the cages

what happens to the gear on said creature after it dusts (gear is merged into the body)

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so Im looking at this and trying to wrap my head around it

Relavent text from the Additional rules is as follows

The first time a character participates in a
session granting a Curse of the Crimson Throne Chronicle
sheet, also give them a copy of this bonus sheet. Each
volume opens up new ways to use the sheet and grants the
PC one or more Harrow Points using the Divining With A
Harrow Deck instructions that appear on pages 416–417.

so I am playing Campaign mode ... and intend to apply all chronicles to 1 PC

Part 1 is a 1-2
Part 2 is a 6-8

so my question is how does Hero of the harrow Work with Saving the Chronicle

the PC which is getting this Stack is Currently level 2 (after applying part 1) so I know that I have the 1 Harrow point

we've completed part 2 and I have recorded the Harrow points on the chronicle sheet as specified in the Rules Document but when do I have access to the Points from part 2 ... when I apply the chronicle ? or now

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had a situation in a game last night

now while not particularly dangerous due to the spells that were up at the time it brought up a very interesting rules discussion for future situations

this was in a Way of the Wicked Campaign

the Encounter was with a Peri the creature used its whirlwind dance and was able to successfully suck one PC up into the Firey Twister

it then started using its Wall of Fire SLA's and put 2 of them down and started dragging the unfortunate soul back and forth through the walls of fire ... this was not a planned tactic ... but one that evolved on the fly

my question in the end is ... if you are forcibly moved through a wall of fire (in this case 2) with the possibility of dragging him through each wall 2x in 1 round ... does the wall do damage each time ... my logic says yes .. but my OMFG this is super OP says no

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prepping to run these today and had a question come up that Ive not had before with these 2 - and Ive run them both at least twice before

doubling up on pregens

in Serpents Rise I would absolutely say no due to the way the scenario is written and and the story behind it

but True dragons is a bit different and TECHICNACLY I could see it as possible ... my Gut says no ... but there is some logicality to it

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I and 1 other GM ran this at a local con over the weekend and We were both asked 1 question that was Identical

"Can we work together on a multi phase trap to complete it quicker"

there is nothing about that in the rules for it so we both said no .. but since both of us got this question it makes sense to ask here was this intended .. or an oversight ?

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this is hypothetical only but Id like to know how to handle this

not getting into the whys or the hows ... just a simple "what do I do"

if 2 players leave a 5 or 4 man table at the tail end of the scenario (under an hour left) leaving it at 3 or worse 2 players obviously breaking legality what do you do

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I know Gencon is still in its final day so Im not worried
but is there a window planned on these 2 scenarios are landing for 4 and 5 star GM's ... Im already starting to get questions for updates on these

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ran into this thing while playing Iron gods tonight ...

whats the deal with the DC on the aura ... DC 27 what (Fort reflex will)

and what does the save for the aura actually do ... since the ability tied to the aura seems to indicate that the save listed in the aura
is irrelivant as there is no text to support what a succesful save causes

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so I ran this at APcon ... and over the last 24 hours I have been scouring this scenario Hoping I did something Wrong

Reguarding the 2nd PA point

am I correct that the ONLY Hint about the Loyalist Propaganda is dutring the Argument with Olandil and Poppo when poppo Says The Following ?

Poppo says, “One word of warning! Once you leave here, the
Passfiders are going to be blamed for everything, right?”
Olandil shrugs, “Your point is? I don’t care if the Loyalists tell
all of Cheliax the Pathfider Society caused everything that has
ever gone wrong in this town.

I have scoured this from 1 end to the other and the above is the ONLY mention that something Might happen ... and whats sad is even the Summary seems to support it

If the PCs succeed, every faction except the Loyalists also agrees to help the PCs counteract the loyalist’s anti-Pathfider propaganda, while the Loyalists assure the PCs that they will not produce such propaganda in the fist place, and give the PCs a chance to question Olandil.

Nothing is mentioned at the start in the briefing or knowledge checks... Nothing is mentioned (or available) from

The information broker

am I missing something ?

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so before I begin I want to make it clear that while this is NOT a request for any particular retraining .. but more about procedure and clarification on how to do it - I have also asked this question in the past but to no answer

Mike Brock Responded to a thread here

I don't want to be a ninja anymore why can't I rebuild my PFS Ninja for Free

again ... this is NOT questioning this decision and I would have responded there but it seems that the thread was locked before I got to it (at least it seems locked since I cannot respond)

Mike Brock wrote:

You can retrain rogue into unchained rogue or vice versa. You can not retrain ninja into unchained rogue unless you want to use the retraining rules already established.

cool thats the Ruling .. the last part tho makes me ask the question ------ how is this done

the retraining Rules State - Quoted from SRD due to ease of text copy / paste

Pathfinder SRD wrote:

One of the most critical choices you can make about your character is what class to choose when you gain a level.

In general, it takes 7 days to retrain one level in a class into one level in another class. Some classes are more suited for this kind of retraining, as they have a similar focus or purpose—this is called retraining synergy. If your old class has retraining synergy with your new class, retraining that class level takes only 5 days instead of 7 days. Determine class retraining synergies according to Table 3 –8: Retraining Synergies.

Most prestige classes have retraining synergy with base classes that share their common class features. For example, the arcane trickster prestige class requires and advances arcane spellcasting, so it has retraining synergy with all arcane spellcasting classes. It also requires and advances sneak attack, so it has retraining synergy with classes that grant sneak attack. The GM is the final arbiter of whether or not a prestige class has retraining synergy with a base class, but should err on the side of generosity—if you would rather spend time retraining levels over and over again instead of adventuring, that is your choice.

now when you get deeper into this you have to take a look at how Alternate Classes are worded

Pathfinder SRD wrote:

Alternate classes are standalone classes whose basic ideas are very close to established base classes, yet whose required alterations would be too expansive for an archetype. An alternate class operates exactly as a base class, save that a character who takes a level in an alternate class can never take a level in its associated class—a samurai cannot also be a cavalier, and vice versa.

as far as I can tell Class retraining is done 1 at a time not in bulk and also from Highest level to lowest so the question of procedure becomes important

so a Ninja 6 Wanting to retrain into Rogue would have to go by Steps (theoretically)

so the particular questions are

A) is Retraining done in Bulk Rather than 1 Item at a time
B) does Ninja Consider to have Synergy with Rogue
C) do we treat this as a Class or an Archtype

there are probably another few that I could tack onto this but they arent coming to mind

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the FLGS I have been playing at recently has started quoting a rule change on AE Spells from players with other players in the Area

the rule they are quoting is that it cannot be done - Period - Regardless of if the other players consent or not -and presumably regardless of weather the attack would actually kill the PC

this also came up last week while spending a standard action to Wake a PC that was under the effect of Deep Slumber I was asked "Would this fall under hurting another PC?"

ok ... sure if such a rule exists Im all for it.

only 1 problem - I cannot Find it in the PFSOPG, the only rule is

PFSGOP wrote:
In short, you can never voluntarily use your character to kill another character—ever.

again if there is a rules change then fine - but Id just like to see a source, I can think of 1 situation off the top of my head where this kind of Ruling would be more harm than good - Swarms

Edit ---edited for format and examples

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now I have no Issues with Save or Suck spells but this one gives me some pause especially within a PFS Setting

ran into a player with this spell the other day when I was running a new season 6

this particular scenario the BBEG was a "Fight till the death" in a relativly enclosed space ,and had me call the fight as soon as the spell landed and the BBEG Failed the save

1 day/ level on a lvl 3 spell that causes the target to be nauseated when within 60 feet of the designated creature is a bit overpowered

My main curiosity is if anyone else has had issues with this particular spell

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so 1st off this is a PFS Character

tonight I was examining the possibility of retraining my Life Oracle into a Spirit Guide Oracle when I ran into something

Note - Lots of Rules will be quoted and I'll be using the SRD for easy quoting

the point of question is the Following

Pathfinder SRD wrote:
At 3rd level, a spirit guide can form a temporary bond with a spirit, as the shaman's wandering spirit class feature. She must make this selection each day when she refreshes her spells. A spirit guide cannot bond with a spirit that is incompatible with her alignment, ethos, or mystery (GM's discretion).

so Lets Take a look at the spirit text from Shaman

(yes I realize that the Shaman doesn't gain the spirit ability but for this question I believe it becomes Relavent)

Pathfinder SRD wrote:

A shaman forms a mystical bond with the spirits of the world. She forms a lasting bond with a single spirit, which grants a number of abilities and defines many of her other class features.

At 1st level, a shaman gains the spirit ability granted by her chosen spirit. She adds the spells granted by that spirit to the list of spells that she can cast using spirit magic. She also adds the hexes possessed by that spirit to the list of hexes that she can use with the hex and wandering hex class features.

At 8th level, the shaman gains the abilities listed in the greater version of her selected spirit. At 16th level, the shaman gains the abilities listed for the true version of her selected spirit.

If the shaman takes levels in another class that grants a mystery (such as the oracle), the spirit and mystery must match, even if that means one of them must change. Subject to GM discretion, the shaman can change her former mystery or spirit to make them conform.

Pathfinder SRD wrote:
At 4th level, a shaman can form a temporary bond with a spirit other than the one selected using her spirit class feature. She must make this selection each day when preparing her spells. While this feature is active, she gains the spirit ability granted by the spirit. She also adds the spells granted by that spirit to her list of spells that she can cast using spirit magic. She does not add the hexes from her wandering spirit to her list of hexes that she can choose from with the hex class feature. At 12th level, she gains the abilities listed in the greater version of her wandering spirit. At 20th level, she gains the ability listed in the true version of her wandering spirit.

so the Question is - based on the Following lines of text - can a Spirit Guide Life Oracle take the Life Wandering Spirit as so many have suggested for this Archtype

Pathfinder SRD wrote:
If the shaman takes levels in another class that grants a mystery (such as the oracle), the spirit and mystery must match, even if that means one of them must change. Subject to GM discretion, the shaman can change her former mystery or spirit to make them conform.


Pathfinder SRD wrote:
At 4th level, a shaman can form a temporary bond with a spirit other than the one selected using her spirit class feature

Or because an Oracle does not gain the Spirit feature do they ignore it

My Gut is they Could not since the mystery must match the spirit .. and the wandering says a spirit Other than that chosen by the spirit (that must match the mystery)

Edit - cleaned up some useless text

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Kitsune feats Fox Shape, Swift kitsune shapechanger and vulpine pounce from Dragon empires primer have a little header at the top that say

a Kitsune may select from the followwing feats any time she would gain a feat

the 1st 2 are where the question is since the 3rd has the combat descriptor

would a kitsune fighter who gains a bonus combat feat at 6th be able to choose Swift Kitsune Shapechanger even tho its not a combat feat ?

I'm thinking yes ... but Im just wanting to confirm

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I ran a table of bonekeep 1 back in June, During a Local event over the weekend I had one of my players from that table approach me with a question I did not know the answer to -

During part 1 I inflicted his PC with one of the 3 diseases (dont remember which) - his PC at the time was a level 3 Monk, since then he has leveled up to lvl 7 (IIRC) - at level 5 Monks gain the following--

Purity of Body (Ex)

At 5th level, a monk gains immunity to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases.

so how exactly does that work, when he leaves Bonekeep the disease vanishes -- that part is Clear Cut

but upon Reentering it comes back Also --clear Cut

however now hes immune

My Gut tells me to side with the player on this one and hed get a "Free Removal" of the disease due to class ability but my gut also says "Thats too easy"

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Pretty sure I know the answer to this but just want to confirm

spells found in a spell/formulae book during a scenario / module that are not legal for PFS play ---
e.g. Permanency, awaken, blood transcription etc.
are not scribable by the PC's

and can be considered to "Magically" Vanish from the book in which they are found in

am I correct in this ?

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Just got my ACG in the mail today ... Misprint was on the cover

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had a player come up with a hypothetical situation using Magic Jar the other day and completely stumped me

the Situation is this

Player 1 playes a Str / Con Melee Type
Player 2 plays a Caster

both players are Family members / Roomates

Player 1 encounters a Situation and has to leave halfway through the Scenario

Player 2 Chooses to Cast Magic Jar - taking over player 1's body - while placing his own body into a bag of holding

I know that the answer I SHOULD give him is that player 1 only gets partial credit etc ... but the argument is Compelling for both players getting full credit

Player 1's Body is at Risk as is Player 2 ...

has anyone else had this come up before and if so how did you habdle it ...

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this is more of a pre-emptive question since I am Fairly sure its going to come up

I have a character in Eyes of the Ten ATM - after finishing Part 2 I would like to do some retraining of class levels

Calculations and everything are done and I know what my costs are (2600 gp and 20 PA) and I do own Ultimate Campaign

whats going to come up is that since its an "Arc" and the character is "Locked in" I have a feeling my GM is going to tell me I cant do it based on "not leaving the Area"

we've already been Denied Day Job Rolls because of those same reasons

This is an online Game for what its Worth

Typically Scenarios that say there is a penalty for doing something actively say it (See Two Season 3 Arcs inside the Tapestry)

my question is - is there anything Stopping me from doing all of this

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Saw today that we have scenarios announced through till Late March

one that I was suprised not to see was the Season 5 EX

granted I know nothing about it but Curiosity strains me to ask when we should expect to see it announced or better yet a round abouts as to when we should expect to see it available for 4 and 5 star GM's

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Had a player ask me a question today about Slow track and how some things work

the situation that was brought up was a PC 2 or 2.5xp on Slow Track and running an adventure path or Module which Would Grant 1.5 XP on Slow Track

what happens ?

the XP would Crest obviously but would the player be Stuck on Slow track ? or could they choose normal once they leveled ...

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My search Fu is Weak but I was curious - how detailed an entry on a chronicle sheet does a retrain entry have to be

Which should I be using
Retrain feat (PA & Gold Cost)"
Retrain Feat X (PA & Gold Cost) with Feat Y

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do players get Day Job Rolls for the SP's (Year of the Shadow Lodge, Blood under absalom, Race for the Runecarved Key, Siege of the Diamond city

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I just noticed this and felt that maybe it was an oversight in the season 5 Organized play Document

under Gamemaster Rewards it says

Organized play guide wrote:

any GM who runs a scenario gets full credit for that scenario applied to one of her own characters. “Full credit” means the GM gets the following:

1 XP for the scenario, 100% of the Max Gold for the subtier
most appropriate to the GM’s PC, and 2 PP (or, for a slow advancement track character, 1/2 XP, 1 PP, and 50% of the Max Gold for the subtier most appropriate to the GM’s PC).

The GM may select any special boons bestowed by a Chronicle sheet, such as free magical treasure, regional boons, or future bonus die rolls

then goes on tot alk about Day jobs

now ... what I was wondering is about things in season 5 that show specific Factions (e.g. Stolen Heir has one for Taldor and one for Andoran)

this is where I think the potential Oversight happened .. based on the way the guide to OP is written ..a GM could apply the Scenarios Chronicle to a Cheliax PC and gain Both boons ...

am I correct in my belief that this was not intended ?

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I have been under the assumption that the paragraph from pg. 219 CRB that states

In most cases, wizards charge a fee for the privilege of
copying spells from their spellbooks. This fee is usually
equal to half the cost to write the spell into a spellbook (see
Writing a New Spell into a Spellbook). Rare and unique
spells might cost significantly more.

is 100% RAW and Viable ... however .. when I was in a game today I started having second thoughts ... I don't want to jump into anything illegal so I'm hoping someone from campaign staff can answer this for me

is purchasing Access to an NPC's spellbook for 1/2 ink Cost and then scribing it to your own spellbook for Ink Cost legal... I have looked through the Organized play guide .. and I SWEAR I found it once ... but I now cant find it

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in the CRB under Strand of Prayer Beads (Standard) it Lists a price of 45,800

then farther down in the description it Lists Cost Modifiers if Beads are Missing

bead of blessing –600 gp,
bead of healing –9,000 gp,
bead of karma –20,000 gp,
bead of smiting –16,800 gp,
bead of summons –20,000 gp,
bead of wind walking –46,800 gp

the question I have is this:

is it Legal to buy one of these with a Missing Bead (Summons for instance)

this isnt a caster level issue ... its a listed option in the CRB ... thats why Im asking

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First off Animal Companions are so far out of my Comfort Zone on how to build them effectivly ... Ive searched for information on it but my search Fu is weak.. found 1 Thread based on a level 5 Deinonychus but that was as close as I could come

2nd off this is PFS Character

I know about the Imp Unarmed Strike ,Dragon style, and Improved Natural attack Feats

my Issue is Skills, Tricks, and purposes as well as some mechanical issues with feat placment

Ive gotten that Acrobatics is the big skill I want to work on but is that it ?

Tricks are a bit more problematic ... I know I need Attack twice but what else

this is what I have thus far

Deinonychus Companion level 1
N Small Animal
Init + 3; Senses low-light vision, scent; Perception +2
AC 15, touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+3 Dex, + 1 natural, +1 size, )
hp 15 (2d8 +6) Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +1
Speed 60 ft. Attack 2 talons +4 (1d6), bite +4 (1d4)
Ability Scores Str 11, Dex 17, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 14
BAB + 1; CMB + 5; CMD 15
Feats: Weapon Finesse
Skill Points Acrobatics +7 (+19 for jumping), - still have 1 Rank
Skills Special Qualities: Link, share spells,
Attack x2(DC 20)
5 left

Max tricks at lvl 1: 7 6 from Int + Bonus

The Mechanical issue Im Having is with getting Imp unarmed and dragon style Since the AC has to be 4th lvl before it gets its int boost (required for any feats outside of animal) and Imp Natural attacks landing at lvl 8 due to BAB, if you release the animal and gain new one are you just assuming that the new AC Started with an Int of 3 and build it from there ?

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in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide there is a Vaity Called Caravan which has been discussed on the boards briefly before

my quesion is about when it says "When you first purchase your caravan,
you must decide how you wish to represent the caravan’s
interests—this decides what additional skill you can
use to make Day Job checks"

and then below that are listed 3 options Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate

I just want to confirm weather the intent of this Vanity is to be only those 3 options ... or if other Options could be included ...

basically I have a PC Im looking for a way to use Sense Motive as a Day Job check and was wondering if Caravan would allow for that

FWIW I dont think it will .. Im just covering my bases

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ok before I get started ... yes I know I must own the resources in question ... thats neither here no there .. my question is on Procedure and the below example can be extrapelated to any other summons

I have a cleric of Erastil (Currently level 2)
I Own a PDF Copy of Beastiarys 1,2,and 3
I own Kingmaker Book 2 - this includes the alternate Summoning list for Clerics / druids of Erastil that adds the following;(it is legal)

Celestial Elk for Summon Monster / Natures Ally II
Celestial Dire Boar for Summon Monster / Natures ally III

I do not have a tablet the closest I have is a Cell Phone(I have a Laptop but if I don't have a plug its nothing but a paperweight)

if I Load the bestiaries into my cellphone (the watermark may be tough to see tho as I haven't tried this yet)to prove Ownership ... show the Kingmaker book am I then able to use a Herolab / SRD printout etc. for the creatures statblock - as opposed to figuring it out on the fly

this can also go for any summoned monster that one may summon

I only ask the question because the celestial elk is the 1st one I'll be able to summon

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I noticed that this AP isnt in the system yet for scheduling / reporting

Shadow Lodge 5/5

in PFS there is at least 1 Scenario that I know of that you can aquire access to an Unholy Scythe .. and this enchantment has been deemed "Not Legal" in PFS (as far as I know Chronicles overwrite this)

I'll use that as the example here. No I dont actually want the weapon

lets say I have gone through that scenario with a character that Wont take negative levels for using it and gain Access to that Weapon

since (IIRC) I have not seen any scenarios that give access to just an Enchantment ... would I therefore have access to the enchantment on any weapon I should choose ? or would it be just that particular weapon

same question would go for the Teir 4-5 with the flaming burst weapon

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so this should be Simple .. but my search Fu is weak

is it legal to have a PFS Character with a 19 point buy (instead of a 20)

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I have a character that is Currently Ninja 5 / Fighter 2

through playing the character I have come to realize how bad I am missing not having Trapfinding and Evasion and really all I am using Regularly from Ninja is Vanishing Trick

I know I could take a combination of classes that would allow me to gain these abilities (Monk 2 Ranger - Trapper 1 for example)

the other thought is Retraining and I'm not really sure if I can pull this off

Ultimate Campaign wrote:

When you retrain a class level, you lose all the benefits
of the highest level you have in that class. You immediately
select a different class, add a level in that class, and gain
all the beneft its of that new class level.

now what I am thinking of is Retraining from Ninja to Rogue ... but the wording says "the highest level you have in that class" and the word "Immediatly" and since I cant have both Ninja and Rogue this presents a Problem in the RAW

then there is the Class Synergy ... and the fact that there is no mention of Alternate classes on the list (on either side) and it would stand to reason that a Ninja would Synergyze with a rogue .. and a samurai with a cavalier

so my question boils down to how do I do this

A) Pay the class Synergy cost (5 days) and retrain the batch (25 days)

B) Pay the 7 days and retain the batch (35 days)

C) would involve spending 25 PA into another class ... and then another 25 into a rogue - which works by the rules but I will never have the PA to do it based on the scaling cost (it also seems excessive to do it that way since it almost seems like a double penalty)

D) would follow the Archtype Retraining : which again seems Excessive because that's the exact reason why alternate classes were made (not quite a class but more than an archtype)

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so I have a character that Im working on... and having an issue with the 2nd trait .. is it a viable action to simply Not Choose a 2nd Trait in case something turns up later that feels more right ... or is the trait slot a "use it or Loose it"

Shadow Lodge 5/5

forgive me if Ive missed the answer somewhere but -

part of the boon States that

---you may change from <Insert Faction here> to a new faction without spending Prestige Points or losing any faction-specific Prestige Awards.

I remember somewhere something about faction Traits ... but cant find it now ... do we keep them ... or do we have to change them out ?

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in the description of animal companions it says

SRD wrote:
Animal companions with an Intelligence of 3 or higher can select any feat they are physically capable of using. GMs might expand this list to include feats from other sources

my question is ... do animal companions ignore racial requirements on feats ...

e.g. Badger taking amplify rage (Orc, Half-Orc requirement)

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Running a scenario on wednesday that has an automatic reset incendiary cloud trap that SHOULD trigger 5 times before the PC's can get out

that description alonw should tell some of you what this is

Im looking at this and the math gets kind of staggering

1st trigger - 6d6 damage

2nd trigger - 6d6 damage +6d6 damage(Duration)

3rd Trigger - 6d6 damage +12d6 damage(Duration)

4th Triger - 6d6 damage +18d6 damage(Duration)

5th Trigger - 6d6 damage +24d6 damage(Duration)

reflex save for 1/2

am I looking at this right ... or do multiple cloud spells in the same area not stack and if so ... what page # is that on

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so I have a character that got the ban hammer back in August ... and its been collecting dust for a while .... I still havent played it so I have rebuild options still

I rebuilt it once and tested it in an non PFS Game ... unfortunatly I really felt like a Dalek (EXTERMINATE !!) so I scrapped the Idea for the most part -----this is currently an 8th level character

during a discussion at Dennys with some friends the following Idea was explored

Barbarian 1
Fighter 1 (because the lvl of fighter was not an effected class I have to keep it
Inquisitor 3
Druid 3+

I know what your thinking ... OMFG this is a mutt !!!

the Idea behind this build is to synergize everything to a druids animal companion as well as Wildshape / rage

the build goes as follows

Berserker of the Society (+3 rounds of rage)

Str 14
Dex 12
Con 16
Int 14
Wis 14
Cha 8

lvl 1 Barbarian(1)
(lvl1)Raging Vitality
(Human) Racial Heritage(Orc)

lvl 2 Fighter(1)
(f1b) power Attack

lvl 3 Druid(1)
(lvl3) Boon Companion,
Nature Bond(badger)

lvl 4 Inquisitor (1)
Travel Domain

lvl 5 Druid (2)
(lvl5)Extra Rage

lvl 6 Inquisitor(2)

lvl 7 Druid(3)
(Lvl7) ?????

lvl 8 Inquisitor(3)
Solo Tactics,
Teamwork Feat(Amplified Rage)

lvl 9 Druid(4)
(lvl9) Shaping Focus

the reason for the badger animal companion is for the amplified rage teamwork feat (with Solo tactics)making Rounds of rage +8 str +10 Con(Raging vitality)

and the Shaping Focus feat is to synergize and boost the Wild shape feature Preliminary math makes-a raging earth elemental
at 9th level +12 str +10 Con
at 11th level +14 str +12 con at 11th

I am fully planning to put the animal companions 4th level stat into inteligence to get it extra rage feat

as well as running with Wild Dragonhide full plate (the pricetag HURTS)

I also know I'll be dealing with a lot of table variation (GM's wont take kindly to earth elementals wielding Nodachi's)

my current issue is
2nd trait
7th level feat
Deity / Domain for inquisitor part (Im really leaning twords travel because of the full plate use)

Im willing to look at stats as well

feel free to toss your feedback at me :-)

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so we all know that in order to use a Feat / trait ect from additional resources you must own the book

My question stems from the moving of Boon Companion from Seeker of Secrets to the Animal Archive

as I have yet to get my hands on the Animal Archive I must rely on the SRD for definitions ect.

the Wording between the 2 books is Minuscule

Seeker of Secrets - "to a maximum Bonus equal to your character level"

Animal Archive (Via SRD) - "to a maximum effective druid level equal to your character level"

I understand that nothing in Archive is legal for PFS until this coming week...

I also well understand that the most recent printing of a feat, trait ect. supersedes the previous but for those of us who may have bought seeker just for boon companion suddenly those peoples cost raises by 1/3rd for something they already had that was legal

my question is if we already own Seeker of Secrets ... will ownership of this book suffice for legality to use Boon Companion ?

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so I remember somewhere where it was said that when rebuilding a 1st level character you could rebuild into a race boon ...

my question is .. can you rebuild into the boon granted by completing the retirement Arc

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ok ... I started running my group through this today .. and my question is based on one of the contingency plans included in the Scenario

1st - the Group was able to Capture the Red Raven (Tremor sense / Earth Glide / Blessing of Fervor / Huge and trip= OP)

now in the Scenario there is a Line about his Cape being Retained as Treasure if he is captured or Killed ... but it does not show up on the chronicle Sheet

my question is ... how do we as GM's of this scenario handle his Cape ... is it just hand waved or what ?

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a friend of mine pointed out to me something about acrobatics and its raised some questions in my Mind

the way that Acrobatics is Worded is when using it to move through a threatened square you move at 1/2 speed

By RAW Acrobatics is not a move action ... its a mode of movement and seems to support moving normally ...and making the acrobatics squares as 1/2 movement

SRD wrote:
In addition, you can move through a threatened square without provoking an attack of opportunity from an enemy by using Acrobatics. When moving in this way, you move at half speed. You can move at full speed by increasing the DC of the check by 10. You cannot use Acrobatics to move past foes if your speed is reduced due to carrying a medium or heavy load or wearing medium or heavy armor. If an ability allows you to move at full speed under such conditions, you can use Acrobatics to move past foes. You can use Acrobatics in this way while prone, but doing so requires a full-round action to move 5 feet, and the DC is increased by 5. If you attempt to move through an enemy’s space and fail the check, you lose the move action and provoke an attack of opportunity.

whats your thoughts ?

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so .. Im prepping this for next week ... and I ran into something

the group I'll be Prepping this for contains a paladin of Iomondae - Cheliax Faction

at one point ...

the Chelaxian is to read a manuscript that summons an Ice devil

now due to RP this character has remained ignorant as possible (even including excuses as to mispronouncing Asmodeous's name)--(dont ask)

my question ... this event ... beyond the RP aspects of it ... should I require him to take an atonement spell if he chooses to go through with this ? reading the faction mission its not obvious (but its highly hinted at) whats going to happen

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so a thought Crossed my mind ... and Im not sure if its ever been asked

this is not a situation that I am currently looking at .. just a general question

for the sake of argument Lets say you GM a 7-11 and your highest character is a 3

procedure says ...
assign the character# you wish to apply credit to when you report the scenario
hold the credit till your character is of level (in this case 7) to be able to receive the credit


lets say that through a series of unfortunate events the Character Dies a few times ... expends Prestige / Boons / Favors / money and has nothing left ... and dies again ... no way to bring him back ... (I am ignoring surviving PC's pitching in to help res for a reason)

what happens to that held credit ... is it wasted ... applied to a new # ?

Im more curious than anything if this has ever come up before and if so what was the answer

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had a question about the following statment

PFSGtOP wrote:
If you play a non-1st-level pregenerated character, you can apply the credit to your character as soon as she reaches the level of the pregenerated character played

fair enough ... I play a 4th lvl Pregen playing in a 6-7 subtier as far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with doing that but how does the GM whos examining my chronicles know ... especially if there is a date discrepancy (played 2 months before the chronicle before it)... is the GM of the scenario supposed to make Note on the sheet ? (e.g. lvl 4 Kyra was played) or is this an "honor system" type thing ....

I recently played a lvl 4 kyra in a 6-7 Devil May know Pt. 2 and this just struck me

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I was having a discussion with someone today about some players I know that have some VERY Complicated builds

the conversation had taken a turn to understanding the builds as a GM and Convention settings

as far as I am aware if the player owns the Additional resources in question... offers explanation to the GM of the feats / Items ect used in a timely fashion . the player is well within his power and rights to use them ... regardless of comprehension

the person I was discussing this with seemed to not agree and said that if he didn't understand it and the event organizer didnt understand it the player is getting a pregen

it was my understanding that campaign rules were Written in stone and could not be altered by players or GM's

I know I would hate going to a Convention having a character that I had $50+ in Additional Resource Material (physical books) and have a GM inspect the character then not understand my build before the table started ...and hand me a Pregen

so the bottom Line ... if a build is so complicated that a GM has a hard time understanding it ... but is legal in every way(owning additional resources/ calculations are accurate ect.) .. does that give the GM the right to tell the player "no here's a Pregen" ?

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so I have a character that is only going to be able to play First steps Part 2 (which I played today)

Upon Looking at the chronicle I noticed that the GM did not record Prestige / Fame ...

I know the feelings of the Community on how this should be handled and know how I would handle it

I am looking for some official Binding Comment on how First steps is handled from Either Mike or Mark so that we can put it into the Forum Binding Topic

if you

A play them out of order,
B don't play all of them (part 3 Specifically)

I know getting them to respond is sometimes difficult but on this one, as often as this comes up, I believe its needed

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