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this is more of a pre-emptive question since I am Fairly sure its going to come up

I have a character in Eyes of the Ten ATM - after finishing Part 2 I would like to do some retraining of class levels

Calculations and everything are done and I know what my costs are (2600 gp and 20 PA) and I do own Ultimate Campaign

whats going to come up is that since its an "Arc" and the character is "Locked in" I have a feeling my GM is going to tell me I cant do it based on "not leaving the Area"

we've already been Denied Day Job Rolls because of those same reasons

This is an online Game for what its Worth

Typically Scenarios that say there is a penalty for doing something actively say it (See Two Season 3 Arcs inside the Tapestry)

my question is - is there anything Stopping me from doing all of this

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Eyes of the 10 still has day jobs and an undefined ammout of time between scenarios.

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Wow. That's night and day from my Eyes experience. We've been doing Day Job rolls, and the GM has even told us ample time has taken place between scenarios. I haven't run it yet (or finished the arc, yet), so I'm not sure which way is correct, but my *guess* at the moment is that your GM is incorrect.

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You can UC retrain between scenarios, regardless of the face that the character is "locked in" to finishing the arc. Basically, the arc lock-in does not change the fact that they are, in fact, separate scenarios.

This also means you should be able to male a Day Job check for each part, as well.

Tell your GM to reread the Seeker-arc rules in the GtPFSOP, and remind him that if it isn't spelled out there, it's not any different than playing any other multi-part arc. Failing that, ask the online VC to have a polite word with him.


The only time you are restricted from doing stuff between scenarios is between the two Rats of Round Mountain scenarios, and that is optional based on if you are trying to earn a special boon at the end of the second part.

The lock in restriction on Eyes of the Ten is based on not being allowed to play any modules or specials between the parts. Basically when you start part 1 you have to progress through parts 2,3 and 4 before playing anything else. Eyes of the Ten does not have any restrictions on the normal between scenario stuff printed anywhere in the series.


Our group just finished Part 1 (literally, just hours ago). We agreed that from a RP perspective, it doesn't make sense to take enough time off before Part 2 to do anything significant. None of us are going to make any purchases that we couldn't make at our current location or do anything that would require more than a few hours to complete. We are very much enjoying the story, and are trying to stay immersed in it.

However, that was a purely RP decision, and as others have said, because these are different scenarios, from a pure rules perspective you can do anything normally allowed between scenarios.

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