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ok ... I started running my group through this today .. and my question is based on one of the contingency plans included in the Scenario

1st - the Group was able to Capture the Red Raven (Tremor sense / Earth Glide / Blessing of Fervor / Huge and trip= OP)

now in the Scenario there is a Line about his Cape being Retained as Treasure if he is captured or Killed ... but it does not show up on the chronicle Sheet

my question is ... how do we as GM's of this scenario handle his Cape ... is it just hand waved or what ?

They only get to use it in the scenario. If you need to justify it not being in the chronicle sheet, just say the Red Raven asked for it back after they returned from the final act, since it is the defining piece of his Red Raven costume.

If the Red Raven was killed instead, you could use Eliza or Osprey to ask the PCs for the cape in order to continue investigations into the Red Raven's revolutionary group or something of that sort.

But I'm pretty sure the chronicle sheet is as intended. As much as my Paladin would love that cape (he already wears a regular cape of the mountebank) I think it would be pretty powerful.

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thats Kinda what I was thinking .. I just wanted to be sure


What happens if the Raven is dealt with in before the final scene as in he previously died?

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Ulfen Death Squad wrote:
What happens if the Raven is dealt with in before the final scene as in he previously died?

See the bottom right of pg. 17 in the scenario:

What if the Red Raven is captured or killed?
Even if the PCs don’t make it up to the balcony in time to save Adril
Hestram, they’ll likely be highly motivated to prevent
the Red Raven from escaping. If captured, the Raven
compliments the PCs on their prowess, ruing aloud that
fate has cast them on the side of villains and murderers.
If his attitude can be changed from hostile to friendly,
the Red Raven explains that his investigation proves that
Adril Hestram murdered the previous lord of the Raven’s
estate in Edme, and that he and some very unwholesome
associates are up to no good in the Maze of the Open
Road, striking at sites throughout Golarion for unknown
purposes. He has the papers to prove it back at his estate
in Edme. If made helpful and the PCs talk positively of
the Galtan Revolution, the Red Raven provides all of this
information and offers to lead the PCs through the Maze of
the Open Road and back to his hideout to prove his case.
Should the Red Raven survive, you will need to adjust
events in Act 7 (the Red Raven’s girlfriend Geppa is absent,
having given her magical ring to the fighter Teko), as well
as in Act 8 (where Geppa replaces the Red Raven as the
victim of the Mob’s guillotine). Eliza eventually takes the
Red Raven into custody, where she soon begins to think
he could be a valuable ally to the Pathfinder Society.


What if he died in that act which prevents his showing up in the final part?

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Then his girlfriend takes his place in the final act.

Veppa will give her ring to teko.

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