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ran into this thing while playing Iron gods tonight ...

whats the deal with the DC on the aura ... DC 27 what (Fort reflex will)

and what does the save for the aura actually do ... since the ability tied to the aura seems to indicate that the save listed in the aura
is irrelivant as there is no text to support what a succesful save causes

The DC would seem to be a mistake as the actual text on Magnetic Pulse specifies that the effect isn't save based at all, but a special CMB check. Yeah, it really doesn't make sense for there to be a DC listed.

Could it be the DC of the reflex save against the Engulf effect after being drawn into the ooze due to the magnetic pull?

Sir Cowdog wrote:
Could it be the DC save against the Engulf effect?

The statblock lists the engulf DC as 33, not 27. it is. Maybe it is a typo or something then.

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