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had a player come up with a hypothetical situation using Magic Jar the other day and completely stumped me

the Situation is this

Player 1 playes a Str / Con Melee Type
Player 2 plays a Caster

both players are Family members / Roomates

Player 1 encounters a Situation and has to leave halfway through the Scenario

Player 2 Chooses to Cast Magic Jar - taking over player 1's body - while placing his own body into a bag of holding

I know that the answer I SHOULD give him is that player 1 only gets partial credit etc ... but the argument is Compelling for both players getting full credit

Player 1's Body is at Risk as is Player 2 ...

has anyone else had this come up before and if so how did you habdle it ...

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I wouldn't allow the player that left early to gain any more credit from the point he took off.

The Chronicle Sheet is an OOC tracker for the player's accomplishments.

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You definitely shouldn't allow them to gain full credit with this kind of "workaround".
There's not much experience to be gained by the fighter by watching as he is remote-controlled.
And since this puts the fighter's body at risk without him being able to gain experience from it, you could count it as PVP and therefore disallow the entire idea.

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