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I just noticed this and felt that maybe it was an oversight in the season 5 Organized play Document

under Gamemaster Rewards it says

Organized play guide wrote:

any GM who runs a scenario gets full credit for that scenario applied to one of her own characters. “Full credit” means the GM gets the following:

1 XP for the scenario, 100% of the Max Gold for the subtier
most appropriate to the GM’s PC, and 2 PP (or, for a slow advancement track character, 1/2 XP, 1 PP, and 50% of the Max Gold for the subtier most appropriate to the GM’s PC).

The GM may select any special boons bestowed by a Chronicle sheet, such as free magical treasure, regional boons, or future bonus die rolls

then goes on tot alk about Day jobs

now ... what I was wondering is about things in season 5 that show specific Factions (e.g. Stolen Heir has one for Taldor and one for Andoran)

this is where I think the potential Oversight happened .. based on the way the guide to OP is written ..a GM could apply the Scenarios Chronicle to a Cheliax PC and gain Both boons ...

am I correct in my belief that this was not intended ?


Yes, I agree this interpretation is not what is intended. Just like a GM credit for Way of the Kirin (before August 14th) only gave the Lantern Lodge reward to a Lantern Lodge character, a GM credit can only give boons that the character can actually qualify for.

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Well correct me if I am wrong but reading the boons themselves they only apply to those factions. I think common sense applies or atleast when I gm 'd it recently I used the stance "i get the xp and gold but not the boons cause my guys sczarni".

That's how I understood it as well... if the character you are applying the GM credit to does not fit the boon's faction, you do not earn that boon.

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like I said thats my interpretation as well however I felt that bringing this forward to the campaign coordinators so that they could mess witht he wording in future Releases of the Organized play Guide

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