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in PFS there is at least 1 Scenario that I know of that you can aquire access to an Unholy Scythe .. and this enchantment has been deemed "Not Legal" in PFS (as far as I know Chronicles overwrite this)

I'll use that as the example here. No I dont actually want the weapon

lets say I have gone through that scenario with a character that Wont take negative levels for using it and gain Access to that Weapon

since (IIRC) I have not seen any scenarios that give access to just an Enchantment ... would I therefore have access to the enchantment on any weapon I should choose ? or would it be just that particular weapon

same question would go for the Teir 4-5 with the flaming burst weapon

Granting access to a unique weapon does not "unlock" the enchantments of that weapon. You can buy the scythe or not; it doesn't have any impact on your ability to buy otherwise-banned enchantments.

Exactly. The Chronicle gives you access to purchase an Unholy Scythe; it does not give you blanket access to purchase the Unholy weapon enhancement.

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Kinda what I was thinking ... tho TBH thats something Id like to see on Chronicles - Access to enchantments - rather than weapons

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