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so I have a character that got the ban hammer back in August ... and its been collecting dust for a while .... I still havent played it so I have rebuild options still

I rebuilt it once and tested it in an non PFS Game ... unfortunatly I really felt like a Dalek (EXTERMINATE !!) so I scrapped the Idea for the most part -----this is currently an 8th level character

during a discussion at Dennys with some friends the following Idea was explored

Barbarian 1
Fighter 1 (because the lvl of fighter was not an effected class I have to keep it
Inquisitor 3
Druid 3+

I know what your thinking ... OMFG this is a mutt !!!

the Idea behind this build is to synergize everything to a druids animal companion as well as Wildshape / rage

the build goes as follows

Berserker of the Society (+3 rounds of rage)

Str 14
Dex 12
Con 16
Int 14
Wis 14
Cha 8

lvl 1 Barbarian(1)
(lvl1)Raging Vitality
(Human) Racial Heritage(Orc)

lvl 2 Fighter(1)
(f1b) power Attack

lvl 3 Druid(1)
(lvl3) Boon Companion,
Nature Bond(badger)

lvl 4 Inquisitor (1)
Travel Domain

lvl 5 Druid (2)
(lvl5)Extra Rage

lvl 6 Inquisitor(2)

lvl 7 Druid(3)
(Lvl7) ?????

lvl 8 Inquisitor(3)
Solo Tactics,
Teamwork Feat(Amplified Rage)

lvl 9 Druid(4)
(lvl9) Shaping Focus

the reason for the badger animal companion is for the amplified rage teamwork feat (with Solo tactics)making Rounds of rage +8 str +10 Con(Raging vitality)

and the Shaping Focus feat is to synergize and boost the Wild shape feature Preliminary math makes-a raging earth elemental
at 9th level +12 str +10 Con
at 11th level +14 str +12 con at 11th

I am fully planning to put the animal companions 4th level stat into inteligence to get it extra rage feat

as well as running with Wild Dragonhide full plate (the pricetag HURTS)

I also know I'll be dealing with a lot of table variation (GM's wont take kindly to earth elementals wielding Nodachi's)

my current issue is
2nd trait
7th level feat
Deity / Domain for inquisitor part (Im really leaning twords travel because of the full plate use)

Im willing to look at stats as well

feel free to toss your feedback at me :-)

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