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I and 1 other GM ran this at a local con over the weekend and We were both asked 1 question that was Identical

"Can we work together on a multi phase trap to complete it quicker"

there is nothing about that in the rules for it so we both said no .. but since both of us got this question it makes sense to ask here was this intended .. or an oversight ?

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What I've seen GMs do and what I've done myself is they can aid another, but the rogue is the only one that can shorten the time to build a trap.

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and even that really falls outside of the Scope since its only a 1 round reduction
6 Min = 60 rounds -1

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I've been running it as one phase not one round as that's the only way it makes logical sense. Otherwise there is no reason to make it minimum 1 round since there's no traps he has access to that would only take 2 rounds of combat.

So I've explained it as:
he can instead reduce the construction time of any trap he is working on by 1 phase (to a minimum of 1 phase)

It's a unique talent. If it wasn't meant to reduce it a phase, then there wouldn't be any reason to include that part of the ability, he'd only use it to give 2 kobolds +2. I'm under the assumption that terminology was changed from rounds to phase in the scenario but the pregen didn't get updated.

Of course only John or Thursty would be able to confirm or deny my assumtions. I just might be letting the rogue get away with a lot more than he should.

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Ya I'm hoping John can swing through real quick like and say if they can or cannot work together to reduce the phases

Also that talent makes perfect sense the way it is I don't see any way of making 12 min crafting into 6 ....I'd say it's stretching it to say the least translating l1 round into 1 phase (6min)

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If the PCs work together to make a trap, they can use aid another, but they cannot reduce the time it takes to make a trap.

As for Fazgyn's ability, it should reduce the time taken by 1 phase, rather than 1 round. It is a custom rogue talent for this scenario, intended to represent the heights of ingenuity for someone that kobolds would say is obsessed with traps.

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Thanks for clearing that up. I was beginning to question it myself, but it was the only thing that made sense to me. :)

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much appreciated

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