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I ran a table of bonekeep 1 back in June, During a Local event over the weekend I had one of my players from that table approach me with a question I did not know the answer to -

During part 1 I inflicted his PC with one of the 3 diseases (dont remember which) - his PC at the time was a level 3 Monk, since then he has leveled up to lvl 7 (IIRC) - at level 5 Monks gain the following--

Purity of Body (Ex)

At 5th level, a monk gains immunity to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases.

so how exactly does that work, when he leaves Bonekeep the disease vanishes -- that part is Clear Cut

but upon Reentering it comes back Also --clear Cut

however now hes immune

My Gut tells me to side with the player on this one and hed get a "Free Removal" of the disease due to class ability but my gut also says "Thats too easy"

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He reached a point in his training where his body now shrugs off and conquers any disease that assails it. I can't think of a good reason that existing diseases would be somehow "missed" by his now perfect immune system. Even if they were dormant, when they came back, his newfound purity would kick in and cleanse him. Maybe tell him he feels a bit "off" when he walks back into Bonekeep, and then he momentarily displays symptoms of the disease, but he enacts a few intense moments of meditation and the feeling passes.

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The disease bounces harmlessly off of his perfectly sculpted abs and does nothing.

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The monk health plan covers pre-existing conditions.

zefig wrote:
The monk health plan covers pre-existing conditions.

I hear their dental plan is amazing too.

Also chiming in to agree that immunity is immunity and overrides any pre-existing conditions. It's no different for a paladin who gets their health plan at 3rd level. Take that filth fever!

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OK so if receiving Disease Immunity cures disease... then why does every adventuring party not carry a Periapt of Health

Periapt of Health

Catch a disease... put on the Periapt, become immune, disease is cured. Then pass it over to the next guy who also caught the disease to cure his too.

This came up in a convo with a party prepping for Bonekeep, and just doesnt seem right.

My thoughts were that the disease persisted but no new diseases could be gained. Would love to see some other thoughts and logic on this.

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Well, if someone is interested in purchasing an item for 7500g to do something that a single casting of a 2nd level spell can do for 60g or a scroll for 150g then I don't have a problem with it. At that point they've paid for 50 scrolls of remove disease and it should get rid of them.

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The real threat is in future bonekeeps the diseases they have affect them. I would say that unless they are wearing the Periapt of Health or like the monk their immune system protects them now they still suffer for entering bonekeep.

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