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so Im looking at this and trying to wrap my head around it

Relavent text from the Additional rules is as follows

The first time a character participates in a
session granting a Curse of the Crimson Throne Chronicle
sheet, also give them a copy of this bonus sheet. Each
volume opens up new ways to use the sheet and grants the
PC one or more Harrow Points using the Divining With A
Harrow Deck instructions that appear on pages 416–417.

so I am playing Campaign mode ... and intend to apply all chronicles to 1 PC

Part 1 is a 1-2
Part 2 is a 6-8

so my question is how does Hero of the harrow Work with Saving the Chronicle

the PC which is getting this Stack is Currently level 2 (after applying part 1) so I know that I have the 1 Harrow point

we've completed part 2 and I have recorded the Harrow points on the chronicle sheet as specified in the Rules Document but when do I have access to the Points from part 2 ... when I apply the chronicle ? or now

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Hate doing this ... but Bump ... anyone have any clue ?

Grand Lodge 2/5

I think you wouldn't have the new harrow points until you are 6th lvl and the second chronicle gets applied; that's the way I plan to enact it with my PC who is getting these chronicles. No basis other than it seems right.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

that's my gut ... but the rules on this seem very open and with almost no forethought

also the fact that you only record the card on the Hero Chronicle ... not on the one for the specific part .. and the fact that as an AP it could be Months between Sanctioned parts of the Path ... having to wait till you apply credit to record information seems very illogical

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