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Running a scenario on wednesday that has an automatic reset incendiary cloud trap that SHOULD trigger 5 times before the PC's can get out

that description alonw should tell some of you what this is

Im looking at this and the math gets kind of staggering

1st trigger - 6d6 damage

2nd trigger - 6d6 damage +6d6 damage(Duration)

3rd Trigger - 6d6 damage +12d6 damage(Duration)

4th Triger - 6d6 damage +18d6 damage(Duration)

5th Trigger - 6d6 damage +24d6 damage(Duration)

reflex save for 1/2

am I looking at this right ... or do multiple cloud spells in the same area not stack and if so ... what page # is that on

Heh, yeah that room.....

Hope the players...

A. Do not screw it up and eat the other 3 as well.
B. Have someone to channel as it takes 5 rounds and is easy to keep up with.
C. have communal Fire resist.

At the level it is played, they should be fine.

If not, well this is not the time to pull punches.

*Resist fire 30 is really easy to have at that level*

Shadow Lodge

I agree ... Im just trying to confirm that the mechanics are correct on my end

Yeah I hear you.

You do the prep and are like O_o

Just hope to god the PC's don't split up, that little spinning room can SUCK.

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