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ok before I get started ... yes I know I must own the resources in question ... thats neither here no there .. my question is on Procedure and the below example can be extrapelated to any other summons

I have a cleric of Erastil (Currently level 2)
I Own a PDF Copy of Beastiarys 1,2,and 3
I own Kingmaker Book 2 - this includes the alternate Summoning list for Clerics / druids of Erastil that adds the following;(it is legal)

Celestial Elk for Summon Monster / Natures Ally II
Celestial Dire Boar for Summon Monster / Natures ally III

I do not have a tablet the closest I have is a Cell Phone(I have a Laptop but if I don't have a plug its nothing but a paperweight)

if I Load the bestiaries into my cellphone (the watermark may be tough to see tho as I haven't tried this yet)to prove Ownership ... show the Kingmaker book am I then able to use a Herolab / SRD printout etc. for the creatures statblock - as opposed to figuring it out on the fly

this can also go for any summoned monster that one may summon

I only ask the question because the celestial elk is the 1st one I'll be able to summon


You have to provide the stats at the table in a legal, readable form. Personally, I have the PDF on my phone/tablet to "prove" ownership, but make a character sheet for the things I summon regularly. You don't have to sue the Bestiary to run the creature, you just need to have it there. Use whatever form will allow you to run the summoned creature at the table efficiently.

Silver Crusade

Just print the couple of key pages from the pdf's, rather than worrying about showing it to a GM on your phone.

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