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Tyrrin Denulia wrote:
Gonna give Fei a bit more time to react to being vomited upon. Maybe he's into that.

So (as a general rule), when I hop on here to check for new posts I check here first. Maybe I need to stop doing that, lol.... ;D

N.B. And for the record, no, Fei is not an emetophile.... ;)

GM Fireclaw wrote:

Mid 2000s indy music was weird, but I felt it was appropriate. XD

Shall I go all Harbinger on Tyrrin now? ("Assuming direct control")

Color me intrigued... ;)

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........Well alrighty then.

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[Goes to Wiki to add more data.]

[Remembers he doesn't want to get sued.]

[Cancels entry.]


"Ace" wrote:

"Should I attempt to take any of these insurgents out? I'm guessing Ghalen can handle rescuing Ty on his own." Ace asks over the comm.

I can't remember if the High Seer is in communication with us or not, but if she is, Ace will direct this question to her.

Fei can route it to her, yes.

narrator wrote:
Ghalen Kiln wrote:

He nods, then watches their flank as Fei does his thing.

Does this mean Ghalen has come inside and changed back? He wouldn't fit through the hallway as a dragon. Just making sure I know who is where and in what form. :)

Working on it (^-^)

Ghalen Kiln wrote:
::What have you found?::

Telepathic communication there, correct?

Jaiye wrote:

I had hoped that would amuse you (^-^)

"Ace" wrote:
Ace chuckles at his friend's question. "Of course I do!" He replies confidently, walking up to the wall, which suddenly opens up on it's own.

Darn....too late to fix it, but you totally should have taken credit for that:

"Ace" wrote:
"See? No problem." He says with a flourish and a winning grin.

Just sayin'


"Ace" wrote:
Are we all at the tree mansion of the Chancellor? Or are Jai and I still en-route?

Jaiye's post happened just a moment or so ago in game, so they still need to get over there. Though it doesn't sound like they're too far away.

That being said, it's probably best not to be in Ghalen's blast radius just yet... ;)

So we've got three rounds of potential answers from Ace's spell before Fei gets Ghalen's transmission about Tyrrin's kidnap.

I suppose that's a pretty good pre-holiday cliffhanger - fingers crossed for good intel! (^-^)

Kryzbyn wrote:
LOL then that nefarious natural 1 on a save rears it's ugly head...

So much hate for this dice generator.....

So, com chatter in 3 rounds then, I guess? ;P

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narrator wrote:

Speaking of:

When they were near the city, but not quite inside its protection, Tyrrin and Ghalen were attacked by a group of guards wearing leaf pins and wearing masks, which made sense as soon as they threw down a smoke bomb.

Make a DC 25 Fort save vs poison. If you make the save then these guys have no chance. They are in way over their heads. Feel free to narrate how you wipe the floor with them.

Tyrrin is doubled over coughing and cannot seem to get a proper breath.

Oh, it's on now....:

Inquisitor Ghalen makes Fortitude save.

Breathes deeply while drawing BFG on traitorous guards:

"Smells like......HERESY."

Engages Operation: Spray and Slay.


Jaiye wrote:

"Oh, puh-lease," the demon said, rolling her eyes. "If I have to be subjected to these indignities, at least don't also insult my intelligence and planning skills while you're at it. Ow!" she cried out, glaring at Jaiye for the backhand she'd just been dealt. "You are so going to pay for that later," she growled.

Jaiye rolled her eyes. "Yeah, so I don't trust her at all, but the demon has a point. This is not her style. It's not convoluted enough. And relying on drow for help? What was she going to do, blackmail them with threats about revealing their good deeds if they didn't cooperate? She already had a scheme in motion, and I am quite certain she was surprised by our trap, or she wouldn't still be stuck in it."

Other than his eyes tracking slowly between the succubus and Jaiye as the lycan strikes her captive, Fei does not make any other move during that interchange to show his concern over this behavior.

"As I said...I did not consider it likely," he replies in his usual, measured tone.

"Ace" wrote:
Motioning with a paw to the commander under him, Ace asks "Anybody got some manacles for this guy? Maybe he has some answers for us?"
He has already been restrained (^-^):
Fei, of the Sun Soul wrote:
"Ace" wrote:
Ace sits his considerable bulk (800lbs) on the commander. He shifts his vocal cords around and calls out to Fei. "Got one of the commanders. What should I do with him?"
Assuming the rest of the rank and file troops are in full retreat, Fei sends some the nanite swarm harassing them back to the remaining dropped piles of armor, where they quickly assimilate the material and then assemble into an intricate restraint harness around the pinned commander.

The young monk then gestures to Casilkasheyith's prisoner.

"That is one of the commanders of the drow units that attacked. I have his fellow commanders restrained with the other troops over there. I am sure that one of them will be able to give us their purpose for being here...and who they are allied with in Laeren."

narrator wrote:
The squads among the civilians are neutralized before they understand what is going on, but the squads that are fighting with Laeren's defenders have more time to notice things. The first squad tries to retreat, but doesn't make it before being locked into their own armor. The second squad breaks and completely loses all sense of order, making their resistance totally disorganized and ineffective. The third squad tears off their armor as they break away in an orderly fashion, their commander having more success at keeping order, and they are able to retreat, squad still intact.

I'm reading this to mean that the second and third drow squads are still engaged with the Laeren defenders, but only the third squad is providing any effective opposition. Am I correct on that?

"Ace" wrote:
You had said above that Fei opened a com channel with Ace and Ghalen. Wasn't sure if that was one way or not. About the only thing Ace has is his datapad, but idk if WiFi exits out here in the woods lol

I just looked back at my post, and I did not write that out clearly enough - apologies for that.

Since he was still standing next to Ace when he spoke, Fei just talked to him (and transmitted what he said to Ghalen simultaneously over comm).

"Ace" wrote:
Unsure if Ace has a way to communicate with Fei or not.

Ace has no long-range communication ability with Fei, no. (Unless he has a communicator I don't know about).

narrator wrote:

This is the Autumnal Equinox Festival. Yes, it is still early fall, beginning of the school year. :)

There are no restricted colors. Generally only children really engage in any theme dressing for this event. For everyone else, it's a fancy dress ball. Elven styles of formalwear tend to be a bit on the revealing side, but that's not a requirement and even among elves more conservative dress is sometimes seen.

Heh - that last one could be nice and awkward. I should be good to post now, thanks :)

narrator wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

If there's anything I forgot to include that you want to know, let me know.

I've got two questions that I forgot to ask earlier today (=^-^=):

1. Which Equinox Festival is this? Vernal or Autumnal? (I'm pretty sure we're still in the fall of the new school year, but I just don't remember for certain anymore)

2. Are there certain wardrobe choices/colors/affectations that are considered 'taboo' at each Festival? (i.e. Wearing green to the Autumnal Equinox Festival, or fall tones to the Vernal)

Nala Zamarosok wrote:
"I'm not sure if this is a sign that he's finishing his transformation or it's just another stage. But I'll be sure to keep you informed when we have any new information. You can call me if there's any kind of problem. Until Phaeze is back I'm running this show all on my own," she added with a slight grimace.

"Now in all fairness, Miss Zamarosok," a jovial voice calls out from behind her, "you really need to trust in your staff's ability long enough to check your messages regarding that. But I'm just as guilty of doing the same thing, so no judgments." :D

narrator wrote:
Well, he's doing a great job of curbing rash words born of fear. Anger on the other hand, is having a field day since for once she's not trying to hide or run away. :P

Well he can't fix everybody's issues, now can he? ;P

The transport (several times larger than the Kuros shuttles) is hovering over the landing pad as Fei exits the building. Vernier thrusters fire and slowly rotate the bulky vehicle as it comes to ground on the tarmac.

A large loading door/ramp cracks open and lowers itself to the ground. Almost immediately, several ground transports rumble down the ramp and move to the deployment lot off to the side of the landing pad, accompanied by multiple personnel on foot. Everything and everyone spilling from the belly of the ship bears the prominent markings of emergency and medical services.

As all of this files past Fei, his attention is returned to the loading ramp of the vehicle as a loud, confident voice calls out to him over the din of machinery...

narrator wrote:
[]DESIGNATION EVE: Offer: We will share information about ourselves with you so you can plan how to best deal with the others once they have completed their ship. Sending: File....

Reposting, just in case there was something else pertinent to share from said file...

narrator wrote:
[]DESIGNATION EVE: Offer: We will share information about ourselves with you so you can plan how to best deal with the others once they have completed their ship. Sending: File....

Lyn, should I be looking out for a separate post/PM about this information from Eve, or was this supposed to just be a jumping off point to skip to the end of the ship's construction?

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Let me sing to you the song of my people...

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Declaration: At no point in the ensuing conversation with Eve will Fei refer to his companions as "Meatbags".


♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:
Fei could possibly mind control them if he can use his lace well enough.
Arthur Barren wrote:
His particular lace isn't designed for robot control unless I'm very much mistaken

Not at first, no. It's grown quite a bit in scope since first coming online, however. Having the mother of all power sources attached to it has been...invigorating ;)

But Magic's point above is the salient bit. While Fei has successfully hacked a high-end network (the secret lab where he fought Darth Vai), he hasn't had any experience with 'intelligent' systems like the 'bugs' yet, and has a very real chance of failing that. (He is a fast study, though.)

Ardiente 'Scorch' wrote:

Seeing how badly injured Elektra was, Scorch flies down to her, blasting her with fire.

Do I actually need to roll to hit her, or should I just roll 'damage'? Using Fire Blast to heal her

If she's conscious, she knows it's coming from you - my two coppers is she isn't going to dodge it (unless fire doesn't heal her due to her lightning-based abilities, of course)

In any case, Fei's next actions depend on the results of this, so cue the hold music (^-^)

Narrator! wrote:
Skill checks don't auto fail on a 1...a 40 is insanely good.

It's been my running tradition to always have Fei fail skill checks on a roll of '1'. It keeps things real for him.

I guess the report of gunfire inside the building was too much of a distraction ;)

Elektra Kalama wrote:

Elektra abandons her lightning blades in favor of a large burst of fire to clear the way to the window they entered by, and makes a dash for the window. The acid is still clinging to her skin and she continues to be burned by it.

Continuing damage: 10d6

Elektra has not made the window yet, correct? The bugs and Ghalen need to act before she can potentially get through?

(I'm trying to determine if there's anything here for Fei to roll Perception against to close the gap and get her healed before she drops...) :/

I've seen enough Stargate to know where this is going...

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narrator wrote:
I expect the situation will be resolved one way or another before Casseus could even get there. Trying to keep things simple. :)

Sounds good to me ;)

Ghalen Kiln wrote:
Scorch, can you see if you can get an ETA from Fido or Boss. If it's not soon, let's scout out the nearest building."

You mean Spitfire, right? ;)

Jeran Darkclaw wrote:
Over the radio: "Fido to Boss. Something is wrong at base. It's blocking radio signals in the area. Grunt and Spitfire already went in to investigate. I've parked the shuttle near town. The interference doesn't stretch this far. Phoenix and I planning to go in on foot, in a manner of speaking. The field doesn't stop telepathic communication though, so you should still be able to keep in contact with us that way."

It's probably my exhaustion making me miss the obvious again, but was this broadcast just to Jiminy, or was it 'open channel' to the whole team? (^-^)

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lynora wrote:
Oh, man. Tamrin's post. All the feels. Almost cried in public over that one.

Hm...looks like I forgot to leave something else for this when I had to make that post. Shame on me.

The Battle Hymn of the Resistance

Mutated PM for you, Monkeygod.

narrator wrote:
How would her being unconscious effect this?

And down the rabbit hole we go.... ;P

Every sentient being has some amount of courage to them (even if they don't know it). Being conscious or unconscious has no bearing on that. Raelle would have to be dead to not be detectable to the Champion of Courage, if he's actively seeking her out.

The same thing would apply if it was Fear, Love, Life, even Light (if she was in a room that had any kind of electromagnetic radiation in it).


Jeran Darkclaw wrote:
Jeran snorted. "Thanks, man. You always know how to make me feel better. Come on, let's go break the bad news to the newbies. I've got their list of call sign names right here, and I am absolutely sure they are not gonna like it. The boss has a twisted sense of humor."


Imperial Chronicler wrote:
Awww....I thought Vai and Phaeze made for a cute couple. (^-^)
MisterLurch wrote:
Lol. Not if Phaezeriel does not want Fei to rearrange his organs. Over 14 square kilometers...

Hey now, I think you're confusing Fei with Vai. She's the jealous one.

[drippingsarcasm]Yay draconic traits...[/drippingsarcasm] ;P

( this point, Phaeze would probably get his blessing.)

Damiani wrote:
It's true-- Monks are savage military trained butchers of life!

He wishes he could argue that point... (-_-)

Phaezeriel wrote:
I am gonna facilitate the Vai transition by bringing this scene to a close.

Awww....I thought Vai and Phaeze made for a cute couple. (^-^)

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"Ace" wrote:
I was waiting for Alys to reply. I could have posted before her, but it was better to wait. Now I just need to get to my laptop. Lol. Soon, hopefully.

Fixed that for ya ;D

lynora wrote:

I totally get that and I don't blame you one bit for being frustrated. This plot went off the rails a while ago, and having multiple people running it certainly hasn't helped that. This latest wrench in the works was actually designed to speed up the resolution, believe it or not. I am trying to help. The way I see it, there are two ways to quickly wrap up this storyline.

Option A. You stick with the trap plan. Hey, it's a good plan, and it actually has a better chance without Illy. There are three girls in the room with Ace who all meet the criteria that they know the murderer uses better than Illy did. Convince Tami, Tyrrin, or Alys to take her place and proceed as planned.
Option B. Ace decides to throw caution to the wind and makes telepathic contact with the unconscious Ginni. She might be pissed about it later, but he can follow the link between Ginni and the murderer and finally catch the bastard.
Whichever option you choose, I expect this story to be resolved in short order. We are not dragging this out one bit more.

Hmm....This could add an interesting twist to something I had planned for the evening of this game day (which isn't intended to slow anything down, just to run parallel to the main investigation).

I'll have to keep an eye out for what option is chosen. ;)

Have you reposted? I still don't see anything in the game thread if you did.

Damiani wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
Damiani wrote:
Curiously -- how is he tracking the energy levels? measuring against energy going in versus received, or does each 'cell' have tracking measurements as well? Also, is this corridor open to abuse by external parties? Given what you wrote, it'd be hard to change that 'fact' now and -- well this is a tasty source of energy for anything that might want to nibble.
Just to sort-of answer this. I know in the past that there have been at least one or two (or more?) villains that have targeted Fei for the potential he holds energy-wise (and capability for destruction-wise).

My question is not about Fei, or his 'capacity' -- as much as the structures he's been building over the past week, and such. These things aren't going unnoticed!

Thanks though. I get the impression there isn't a limit to Fei's energy, or he may go out into space and become a stellar object if he loses it, or something goes 'awry'. Heh. But that's more physical matter then pure energy-- ah, science.

Good stuff.


Be at ease....there's really nothing to see here.

Those pylons are there to facilitate Fei's recent changes to his daily 'routine'. And grand a plot device for rebuilding Kuros the next time the town gets blown to shtako. :)

(And I guess my post didn't communicate Fei's due diligence in making his work a secret/non-issue well enough, so my apologies for any confusion that caused. I wasn't planning on putting any more delays in front of the stuff we've been trying to get to for so long now).

Not far - into some of the nearby hallways on that floor at most. Definitely not down on another sub-level like where the SIM rooms are located.


Krays wrote:
"As your bother in law..."

Hmmm....I believe that title more aptly belongs to Jiminy and Taron (pre-private parts swap, of course)

Just sayin' ;P

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