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Screw enlarge person, get a giant hide armor keyed to a storm or cloud giant. Get straight to gargantuan size, regardless of your previous size category.

applecat144 wrote:

Considering this, I don't get the point of this deed. It's pretty much a vital strike that cost grit and doesn't allow you to move, or a full attack that doesn't allow you to take a 5-foot step and that deals less damages.

Well, it has some pros. It can help with DR, help for crits, it's easier to hit but that's just not enough imo to justify the cost of 1 grit point. Anyway you have clustured shot for DR, and even with 4 BBA you aren't going to crit THAT often so you'd rather make all your attacks either way. And if you really want to crit there's the lethal patience deed at level 15. Finally, hitting has never been hard with gunslingers, especially at higher levels.

It costs only 1 ammo to shoot, yes, but anyway as a gunslinger you need your reloading gears and feats so this isn't relevant by the time you can actually perform the deed.

All this to say that I can't find a good reason to use this deed. What about you ?

Five words; Double Hackbut plus named bullet.

You can take a nice long walk on an AoO if you use Combat Patrol

Well any of the Feat AWT options are available to the Gloomblade since they have basic weapon training

Xavram5 wrote:

Can a player create a magic item with a caster level higher than their own? One of our players is talking about wanting to make a Meta Magic Rod, the Lesser Dazing one. Look at it, it says that its a Caster Level 17 item...but he's only 10th level.

Can he do this? If he can, is there a penalty to trying to create it?

Also, in "normal" non-magical crafting, it says you can add 5 to the DC to cut the time in half...can you do this for Magic Items? No where in the rules for magic item creation do I see this rule, but the player is saying it exists. I'm not sure that they're not combining the two types of "crafting", which have VERY different rules for how long things take.


So to answer your questions in order;

1: Yes, yes he can. For magic item crafting the only things you absolutely need and can not ignore is; The feat for making the item, at least 1000 gold to get it started (you can put magic item crafting on hold until you have free time/funds to finish it. But you can not start another project until you finish the current one, or lose everything you've done so far to start the new one) and access to the spell while crafting for completion items (potions, scrolls, and wands)

2: Yes he can, it just adds a +5 to the DC for each requirement he can't meet.

3: once again yes you can, works a bit different then normal crafting though. With magic crafting you add +5 to the DC, and instead of progressing at 1000 GP per 8 hours, it is instead 1000 GP per 4 hours (still max of 8 hours per 24 for crafting) and this stacks with all other ways of crafting faster.

the beard is treated as armor spikes so it doesn't really help the bite much, so that tree is way off of what you want.

Animal fury rage power, get the grapple chain to at least rapid grappler, and have the big head goblin trait (if actually goblin) and the goblin feat ankle biter. and a Giants hide armor

Congrats, yer now biting up to 6 times a round on a single target, and you get to bite anyone aggressing you with a combat maneuver (excluding turning the grapple around back on you) and the hide lets you get up to large or huge while retaining your bite

Salt and Rust are two great friends when it comes to pain based torture

From what I understand from previous experience, when you use snap shot to treat your initiative as 20 for the surprise round, you just get the one ranged attack, no other actions, full stop. Thus the name "Snap Shot" since you're basically going "OH CRUD!" and reflexively firing off a shot.

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The hardest creature is from Iron Gods pt 6. The Overlord robot (CR 20/MR 8) clocks in with a hardness of 20, making it literally the hardest creature in the game since no other creature has a hardness rating above 15.

Abusable yes, but also helpful for feat-starved classes that want to do a feat heavy style. Just shove the kapstone feats into yer weapons and vaboom! You can do all the crazy stuff now, or even put some of your regular feats towards secondary and maybe even flavor/non-combat stuff.

Sucks when you walk into an anti magic zone, get disarmmed, or have yer weapon destroyed.

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The metal cartridge is cited as an alchemical ammo specifically for advanced firearms. Making it the "baseline" ammo for advanced guns (making it 4 gp pricier per shot compared to normal firearms if you do not craft yer own ammo.)

Now there is no real RAW or RAI for this, but this is what my table does so expect variance from gm to gm; add the cost difference of normal ammo and metal jackets (4 gp) to the cost of the regular alchemical rounds, then follow the gunsmithing ammo craft rules from there.

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Not all longjumps take place in combat

I think kingmaker has rules for this for searching map tiles n such

MrCharisma wrote:

I understand why they did this, but - You can't multi-class Paladin/Barbarian due to alignment restrictions. Thematically this kind-of makes sense until you read all the material out there about "re-flavouring rage". But mechanically this stops you picking up the Fatigue Mercy and rage-cycling from character-level 4 onward (the ability to ignore post-rage-fatigue is a level 17 Barbarian ability).

Except ever since the release of the Bloodrager class this has kind of been a moot point. You can absolutely have a Rage-cycling Paladin if you dip into Bloodrager instead of Barbarian.

You can't get the fatigue mercy for a multiclass pali/barb, but it IS possible to multiclass as a paladin and a barbarian, or pali/anything outside of it's alignment restrictions. Introducing the Vindictive Bastard It's not the greatest, but hey it's a way to get some of yer pally powers back if you ever fall!

It would completely break the release cycle but I'd want to release a high adventure where each part forks into two different possibilities (part 1, part 2a, part 2b, and so on) based on either how well or how badly the party does it.

For example; Part 1 could be about rescuing a local noble from the nefarious clutches of a necromancer who in a delusional daze thinks that this nobles blood will let him summon some long dead eldritch evil. Part 2a would be if the party succeeded in saving the noble, they now need to aid her in getting back home and finding out that yeah, she actually does have blood that could summon death from beyond and need to guard her caboose.

Meanwhile in part 2b the party botches the rescue, but the necromancer botches the spell and ends up just as dead as his sacrifice, now the party needs to go to the other side of the continent to recruit one of several relatives that have shirked their duty to go and have fun, and the party has to either politicize, finagle, or just downright kidnap one of these people so that someone can rule the throne of the place that hired them.

And then from there each part forks out based on if the party either aced the challenge or flubbed it just hard enough to survive, resulting in a grand total of 64 different endings, and a total of 63 ap books released.

Yes, I am indeed a madman.

So a race/class combo can make magic items much faster at a cost of speccing FURTHER into crafting then they already have, that's actually really usefull as hell to know

They don't currently, but for if/when PF2 rolls around it'd be a nice sendoff for regular PF to get the APs in hardback

I'll answer as best as i can for the RAW of it;

1: since the grapnel arm calls out specifically the grappling hook for how it mostly works, it can reasonably latch on to anything you could hook your hands on (much like actual grapple hooks), hitting non combat targets for this is AC:5, range incriment 10, range cap 40 (cause of the chain). For hitting a combat target its mostly the same except you target touch instead of 5. (So no worries about getting stuck, this aint a hookshot)

2: the reload is for the hook itself not the chain, so no spidermaning with it sadly. And theres nothing to say you don't have two hands, since the grapnel is part OF the prosthetic, it doesn't replace anything (look at the picture in the book for example).

3: yes you can, since the only differences between the grapnel and a normal grapple hook are; max 40ft, the special touch attack, it's attached to you, and it's fired instead of thrown.

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Just give bears one-and-a-half str on natural attacks, grab, and rend. More lethal, and more inline with their reality counterparts

The tekko kagi seems to be mechanically an eastern klar (weapon that is also a shield) so I'd follow that example of how to wield it.

Cestus (and gauntlets made and enchanted to be weapons) are weapons, and by RAW do not take up non-weapon item slots. The your DM will usually give you a stink eye for wearing cestuses, wrist launchers, and a glove of storing or other glove-like magic item.

As for the dueling on cestus, by raw that works, since glove weapons have you "always armed" and you'd lose the bonus once you wield a weapon since mechanically you can not wield 2 weapons in one hand for enchant bonuses.

And yeah the -2 is for tasks (ie skills) only. So that would apply to whatever attempt makes sense to the gm when you describe the skill attempt (hand-based acrobatics, crafts, climbing, disable device, disguise, escape artist, hand based perform, hand based proffession, sleight of hand, hand based UMD are the usual suspects)

also of note for most magic item crafting; the only things you absolutely NEED are the gold, the item your enchanting (for arms and armor only really), and the feat. Almost all the other requirements can be ignored for a +5 increase in the DC each.

And yeah mundane crafting is a pain, but thats what pocket dimensions with accelerated time and filled with homonculi sla-I mean crafters are for

To answer the original post, the summoner really isn't that overpowered. But then again almost every class in PF can get ridiculously "OP" when either studied in a complete vacuum or built so razor thin to specifications. For example; with a little skill and a LOT of splatbook scouring you can make a rogue (unchained or otherwise) by level 14-16 hit a +47 to +55 stealth bonus, that CAN NOT BE SEEN (yay hellcat + hide in plain sight) nor detected with minimal magic item assistance and 0 core 6 magic items

Yeah with that bit in the grapple charts it's no problem to hug enemies into blissfull unconsciousness

I'd say the standard -2 to the attack/check for dealing nonlethal with a lethal style in this case

Not official bur pretty close; Jacobs says that whips triple natural reach, so yeah 30ft reach but that inner 10 has you hosed as with other reach weapons

I could be wrong, but usually you add up penalties/bonuses before you multiply/divide via effects, so you'd have a -3 to attack with both the trait and the ability at lvl 3 (2+4-1=5 / 2= 2.5 round up on penalties)

Evilserran wrote:
2. It is entirely possible to make a 40+ vertical no running start leap up to charge. I've done it on a cavalier, who ha a level of hunter. Cheetah sprint multiplies your land speed by 10 as enchancement bonus, applying for the bonus to increases speed for jumping checked, my axebeak can easily clear that vertical leap, with spider climb, i will stick to the ceiling, next turn, I charge back down to the ground. My bird usually falls prone, and i have to swift dismount. But as a cvannonabller, my target is usually dead on the way up, and definitely dead on the way back down...

You are correct in that you can jump as part of a charge, and that would allow the cat to pounce on the flyer, because pathfinder gravity only works after an action causes you to fall. I was under the impression that OP's kitty was just letting gravity do all the work from the roof.

Chess is right, I missread that bit of Fortuitous. So 4 AoO's not 5.

Roll 4d6, reroll 1's, drop the lowest, repeat 4 times to make 4 arrays. Then players may trade arrays.

Offhand adds +1 to your total AoO's a round, but it can be done only with your offhand weapon (and all of the drawbacks that incur). So in your scenario you have 2 left. Offhand is a very build-specific feat for going all-out on causing enemys to threaten as many AoO's as possible (since you only get one AoO per action causing it)

As for fortuitous, as written I think it only gives you one AoO double-tap a round regardless of how many fortuitous weapons you have (I could be wrong) but it is also an additive effect. So with the same stats above if an enemy provoked 4 AoO's (via different actions/effects) you could tap him 5 times total (3 base + 1 at -5 + 1 that MUST be yer offhand weapon)

3 dimensional combat in 3x has always been a pain in the arse.

By RAW sadly the dire kitty can't pounce, since charge is a special full round (or standard if you only have a standard) that requires you to STOP adjacent to your target before your attacks. And since creatures/objects fall at a rate of 500ft a round (see casting while falling) yer cat hits the ground well before it can even try to claw or bite.

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"Got drunk in Highhelm, woke up in Korvosa with a dead king. Well f#€k me."

Aka how most dwarves SHOULD start the curse campaign.

DRD1812 wrote:

You're a 5th level occultist. You've got 10 points in your current Mind Barrier, and have just taken 20 damage. Can you allow your current Mind Barrier to absorb 10 points then reactivate the ability halfway through damage allocation in order to absorb the other 10?

See below for the ability in question.

Mind Barrier (Sp)
As a swift action, you can expend 1 point of mental focus to create a shield of mental energy around you that protects you from harm. The shield prevents a total of 2 points of damage per occultist level you possess.

It lasts until the start of your next turn or until exhausted.

For example, if you are 5th level, the mind barrier protects you from 10 points of damage; if you are hit by an attack that would deal 12 points of damage, the mind barrier is exhausted and you take 2 points of damage. You can activate this ability as an immediate action, but doing so costs 2 points of mental focus instead of 1.

like most have said, you can't activate it once the damage has been rolled. However you CAN activate in response to a confirmed hit/crit since it functions much like the goblin feat roll with it for it's immediate action clause.

hitting NPCs with the XHD sleep spells is a good way to ballpark their HD

From my understandin, master craftsman lets you use the chosen skill as a replacement for caster levels and spellcraft (aka the actual enchanting). so if you want to make a magic sword using craft (backsmithing) with master craftsman you need to get your hands on a masterwork sword via other means (don't do it via mundane crafting, that takes forever)

I always assume that NPC magic item crafters have the traits "hedge magician" or "spark of creation" so that way they make even more money

it's based off of it's body, large and above "long" types are always considered quadrupeds regardless of how many legs they actually have

Matthew Downie wrote:

Also of note: Caster's Shield.

I'm a bit unclear on whether 'able to read a scroll off the back of a shield' is a unique power of that shield or something you could do in general.

The casters shield specifically has a spot made of "special" leather that can have scrolls scribed on it for 1/2 cost over and over again (up to lvl 3 spells normally, lvl 5 with the greater version), which is a pretty nifty thing that I never knew of till now. Gonna need to use this in the future somehow.

I can't stand people that "Press F to pay respects" hard roll their social skills in pathfinder, I need at least an idea of what yer doing/saying in order to articulate the bonuses/penalties that are listed in the darn skills. I simply ask of my players that the bare minimum be that there is structure to their social actions, that they describe what they are doing/a summation of what they want to say. Diplomacy and saying yer asking if its worth the trouble in a eloquent fashion is much better then "I roll DC X and win right?"

CBDunkerson wrote:

Xill (and Xill Matriarchs) also use two bows, without any special ability specifically allowing this. Before anyone says 'Multiweapon Mastery'... that covers attack penalties, not the actual ability to use the weapons simultaneously.

From that, and other examples of multi-armed creatures using two-handed weapons, I'd agree that the bow nomad archetype seems like an anomaly... giving up class options to allow the character to do something which they should be able to do anyway.

Admitingly it's not that bad of a hit overall compared to some other archetypes or feats, Nomad loses wild empathy overall for a redundant clarification on 4 arms 2 bows, and it gains some neat tricks and a slightly better full attack with focused fire.

By RAW with no clarifications it would affect both, since they both use the charge language. However RAI is kinda clear with the name arcane BATTERY implies electricity

Basically any feat trees/combos that take advantage of it's properties (finesse based trip/disarm and grapple builds) and two-handed factors (boosted power-attack and str and-a-half)

If you really want to abuse the scarf you want the Magus Archetype here since it lets you one-hand the scarf (and if you want to forgo magus spell-striking, dual-wield scarves)

There are also some weapon modifications that you can use on the scarf to fit your needs whatever they be

a non-completionist group could finish the Emerald spire by 11th or 12th level. And sure it's not an adventure path but with how huge it is, it may as well be.

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If I were to entirely base this off of my personal experiences with playing classes, these would be the themes I'd say were quite fitting;

Barbarian, Bard, Cavalier, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Gunslinger, Magus, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Summoner,and Wizard

Well this sounds fun! Gonna use the wizard list for this one.

0: Mending; Cause when the comp crashes I want my slaps to actually fix it!
1: Magic Missile; Because Magic Missile
2: Bullet Shield; Since first thing someone sees me slinging spells I'm probably gonna get shot at, and well increasing my chances of NOT being shot is a good idea
3: Fireball; Because FIREBALL
4: Quieting Weapons; Because the image of putting this spell on a artillery piece and only hearing a pitiful 'phut' amuses me
5: Baleful Polymorph; The best revenge on someone is turning them into a chicken!
6: Beast Shape IV; change in to dinosaurs and other lost creatures, take photos, make mad profit from 'incredible artistry'
7: Mage’s Magnificent Mansion; Never pay for a hotel again!
8; Greater Teleport (With Still Spell Metamagic); For easy travel, and when someone manages to pin you to the ground
9; Summon Monster IX; And now you have ALL OF THE FRIENDS!

Just to add to the clarity of the hornbow, this is ripped right out of page 8 of the AA2;

"Larger even than a longbow, these bows are often made from
the horns of great beasts. Though they have a shorter range
than other bows, their greater destructive power is highly
favored by orcs and their kin. All hornbows are composite bows
and can be modified to benefit from high Strength scores in the
same way as other composite bows. Any effect that applies to
both longbows and shortbows also applies to hornbows.

Just going off of the entry here and past entries in other books that have treated X weapon gets Y benefit. If you can do it with a short/longbow you can do it with a hornbow

Porridge wrote:
Re DeusTerran: what do you think about the MoMS dip route? That only requires 5 feats, and gets around the BAB requirement. And it allows you to gets things working at lvl 6, and leaves you with 1 (2 If human) feats to spare.

Personally for the Shield Champ archetype specifically I'd stay full brawler so that way the lvl 12 part of returning shield keys off sooner, because flurrying with your "shield" and using your strike damage instead of the bash damage is great

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I can't remember who coined the saying for Pathfinder specifically but I liked it; "Just let the pathfinders deal with it, they're crazy and suicidal enough to solve the problem. And for cheap too!"

In PFS, no, because PFS is all about nofunallowed and getting the mission done as fast as possible. Outside of PFS the bird needs to be able to hold the rod (which it can) activate it (usually either pressing a button or saying a word) which a crow can do. and lastly it needs a minimum int of 3-4

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