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I know that the Titan Mauler is a messy archetype, but that aside, we were having a debate within our gaming group about how the bonus of the Giant-blooded trait works with the Massive Weapon ability of the Titan Mauler archetype.

The giant-blooded trait says that over-sized weapons penalties are halved.

The massive weapon ability:

At 3rd level, a titan mauler becomes skilled in the use of massive weapons looted from her titanic foes.

She can use two-handed weapons meant for creatures one size category larger, but the penalty for doing so is increased by 4. However, the attack roll penalty for using weapons too large for her size is reduced by 1, and this reduction increases by 1 for every three levels beyond 3rd (to a minimum of 0).

This ability replaces trap sense.

The operative phrase here being "penalty for doing so is increase by 4". What penalty? The over-sized weapon penalty. So would the Giant-blooded trait effectively reduce the penalty by 3 total? Or does it only apply to the initial -2, thus giving you a total of (-2/2) + (-4) = (-5). Not including the reduction in attack role penalties.

How would you interpret this?


I could be wrong, but usually you add up penalties/bonuses before you multiply/divide via effects, so you'd have a -3 to attack with both the trait and the ability at lvl 3 (2+4-1=5 / 2= 2.5 round up on penalties)

What is giant blooded from can seem to find it.

EDIT found it.

Okay so as i see it DeusTerran has it how I would rule it figure out the penalty and then divide but I can see how someone might see the math as P/2-1 instead of (P-1)/2

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