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Taldan noble's half Ulfen bastard kicked out of fencing school for anger issues; becomes Pathfinder.
(Swashbuckler 1, Unchained Barbarian 5)

Family tradition to become parole officer for criminal outsiders, takes his job VERY seriously.
(Unwavering Conduit Summoner 8 with a Devil eidolon)

Family tradition to become parole officer for criminal outsiders, turned charge into waifu almost immediately.
(APG Summoner 12)

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Fey raised paladin tells the gods to get off her lawn.

Silver Crusade

Traveling spellsword of the Arcanamirium, who wants to See and experience all that he can.
(Bladebound Magus)

Monastic Doctor who wishes to preserve others opportunity for perfection.
(Sacred Fist Warpriest/Evangelist)

Seductive Dancer girl who moonlights as a spy, informant and assassin.
(Soundstriker/Brazen Deciever Bard)

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Asmodean Priest turned Body Thieving Magician. After all, possession is nine tenths of the law.

I died. Who rose from the grave was...someone very different.

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"Got drunk in Highhelm, woke up in Korvosa with a dead king. Well f#€k me."

Aka how most dwarves SHOULD start the curse campaign.

Scion of exiled Chelaxian noble family becomes a Lion Blade, then travels back home to start a revolution.

Magnimarian girl discovers her invisible twin sister who died in the womb until one day, said sister becomes more ... solid.

Nobody expects a halfling Barbarian! Especially with maximum strength! And a BIG hammer! - Titan Mauler

^And especially nobody expects a Halfling Barbarian working for the Spanish Inquisition . . . .

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Left home to become a ________. Ended up sex-crazed addict with ________ ________ instead.

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Brokenhearted Wizard vows revenge by marrying a harem and starting his own Academy.

-Kingmaker Campaign setting. The young wizard fell in love with the daughter of the academy head while the two of them were students. He graduated and started teaching at the academy. They planned a future together, but that suddenly changed when she broke off the engagement, returned the ring, and had a very quick wedding with the 70 year old wizard that was most likely to become the next academy head.

Devastated our wizard went on a drinking binge and ended up promising a cute young women that he'd follow her out into the wilderness to found a kingdom. His bonded item was the engagement ring. Spent the first year of the campaign trying to date every women in the party (no takers).

^That's what happens when you dump Charisma and Wisdom . . . .

Liberty's Edge

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Orcish barmaid meets drunken archmage. Nine months later, she gets gift of Candi. Praise Calistria.

Young wizard with hemophilia who forgot to prepare spells because he was too busy reading

3 foot female Indiana Jones with pink hair. Loves to read and trip people with her whip.

Impetuous lazy youth buttstung into adventurism via matriarchal circumstance regrets every wasted day hereafter

Grand Lodge

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Dajur wrote:
Paladin rides into town. Shoots all who need to be shot. Rides outta town.

This guy?

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When you're the 4th son of a baron, you take the coat-of-arms they give you.

Go see the coat-of-arms

Samsaran arcanist - his past lives are other people's, and new ones keep coming.

I lay them to rest. Death druid.

Former vampire blood ‘donor,’ now cleric of Urgathoa, serving his own hunger.

The Exchange

Son of two minstrels, but I can't sing. I get mad and hit enemies hard.

If Puss-in-boots and Batman had an endearing yet selfish crackbaby. Moonsugar's a hellavuh drug.

Made a new character:

"I was a warrior, then a thief, now I'm an oracle." Samsaran Oracle.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Oracle of Calistria in Kingmaker: Abandoned by her noble father, got revenge by becoming queen of her own kingdom.

Catfolk Samurai lvl 12 - Yes my warhorse is named Mule and My Mule is named Charger... why do you ask?

Worship God of Iron? Check. Revere nature? Check. Nature Fang? VITAL STRIKE CHARGE SNEAK ATTACK!

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Dragon hating, fallen paladin falls in love with a dragon, finds Bahamut, and seeks redemption.

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Tian blacksmith fell in love with an adventurer, traveled to Numeria to forge a sword.

Liberty's Edge

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Young half-hag girl kills her abusive father; runs off with talking fox to find mother. (Hyphenated only counts as one! HAH!)

Girl runs away from home to make parents stop fighting; turns out she's the empress.

Kobold with wings raised by half-elf; plays pranks to stop an invasion of home forest. (hyphen for the WIN)

Dwarf cleric has to learn to wield an earthbreaker and is uncomfortable around dead bodies.

To find lost wizard, his barbarian daughter set out with spellbook, yet taps bloodrage instead. (NPC Val Baine in Iron Gods among Scientists)

Orphan woman touched by time sought her ancestors' Minkaian throne with her bard half-sister. (NPC Amaya of Westcrown in Jade Regent)

Gnome raged against Eye of Abendego storm and took to sea, only to be shipwrecked. (Muffin in Serpent's Skull)

Carefree gnome ranger became monk detective to save Sandpoint from ancient conspiracy. (Abu in Rise of the Runelords)

Scarab Sages

He loved his son, he lost his wife. A Jewelled Sage is his new life. (Rahn, soon to be a Jewelled Sage)

To Rahn's son artifacts spoke, elves just said he spoke back. Goodbye Kyonin. Hello Absalom.

Wayang sings in the dead of night, take this little roc and learn to fly.

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Kyton blades and Infernal essence
By the Anchor they are remembered
Thrune will burn

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Hmm, that's almost a character backstory haiku. I gotta try it!


Sczarni wastrel bard
In Qadira born anew
Dawnflower guides him

Misguided gnome arcanist believes he's a paladin much to the chagrin of the party's paladin.

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Got a new one.

Orphaned halfling raised by boars. Does more damage than barbarian.

Shadow Lodge

"Only you understand me, doll I made from my last familiar and dead brother!"
Well, she isn't my *best* character...

Shadow Lodge

Everyone was sure he'd be evil. He became the first non-corrupt Royal Vizier.

Evil Sword / Ex-Familiar possesses Magus, burns libraries, desires to be Lucifer and destroy Akashic Record.

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Players all laughed at the idea of “bard-barians”. Idea took off and became serious.

3 year campaign followed.

Honey Badger gives no F**KS.

Half orc bloodrager named Honey Badger runs into all combats and scares the crap out of every one(i have the character built just need to play it).

^That sounds like heavy metal . . . .

"He knew the target, his hand knew the way" (Ranger with Possessed Hand)

"Destined to lead, Haunted to fall" (Oracle with the Haunted curse)

"Ran out of Foxes to give, decided to save world" (Bloodrager with celestial blood in path of the rightous)

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Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

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"They said she was crazy;
That she was nott a genie.
She was so much more."

(Ifrit Sorcerer with 6 Wisdom)

MuddyVolcano wrote:

1. I was sculpted from mud, left half-finished in a pie pan. The gods' children forgot to apologize.

2. This axe is my father.

Don't you mean, your father's?

I smiled.

3. I came from dragons.

No, the other end. I come to fertilize the faith of disciples.

4. I was birthed from a volcano. After that, life cooled a bit.

5. Love never dies. My parents, my children, are still with me.

Aren't you a necromancer?


I want to know what 2 and 3 are..

And for my own characters, I feel like my ideas weren't too exciting (and I haven't gotten to really play them yet but I hope to).

1: Merchant's kid finds talking sword, goes off to save the world.

2: I came from dragons, coming to prove my kingdom isn't cannon fodder

3: Young Kobold woman finds gun from ancient past, Dedicates her life to discovering its secrets.

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Jesus Christ, masked avenger.

(I was GM, it wasn't my character)

Abandoned by his parents, raised by wild chickens, and trained by Luchadores.

Scarab Sages

perhaps a few more than 15 words...
"I am Giamo Casanunda, Cleric of the god of Love - Cayden.

"I am a Matchmaker by profession, it is my 'day job' (finger quotes), perhaps we might discuss some of my other clients?"
At this point I switch to my OOC voice and say ... "Role Play often suffers due to time constraints, and we only have a limited time for this tonight so..." switching back to In Character voice "Sigh... It appears that we have got to save the world again now, perhaps after that we'll find your one true love, yes?"

The Exchange

Knives, pale skin & hair, grey eyes, grey lacquered armor, grey knife hilts, grey clothing, grey cloak, grey scabbards for knives. Always has a knife in hand - often sharpening it (shink-shink). Wears a lot of knives - all over. Oh, and did I mention the knives?

The Exchange


Yeah, that Ledford.

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