what feats best go well with a bladed scarf?

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Silver Crusade

Pretty straight forward i wanna know what feat paths besides weapon finesse would work well with a bladed scarf.

Basically any feat trees/combos that take advantage of it's properties (finesse based trip/disarm and grapple builds) and two-handed factors (boosted power-attack and str and-a-half)

If you really want to abuse the scarf you want the Magus Archetype here since it lets you one-hand the scarf (and if you want to forgo magus spell-striking, dual-wield scarves)

There are also some weapon modifications that you can use on the scarf to fit your needs whatever they be

It's less about what feat and more what class. The scarf itself is 2handed, which means a lot of the Finesse feats don't apply to it. That one Magus archetype you're basically playing a Kensai Magus with a lower crit range. Go Finesse to make up for your lack or armor. After that, consider what spells you want to cast.

Because this archetype is so similat to Kensai, just about everything in this guide applies.

Alternatively, Unchained Rogue is alright. Boring but effective feats like Weapon Focus, Improved Initiative, Great Fortitude and Iron Will cover your weaknesses and boosts your strengths.

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