Can you make metal versions of special alchemical cartridges?

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Yeah, so just like the title says, can you make metal alchemical cartridges like dragon's breath or entangling shot for advanced firearms? And if so, how much do they cost? I tried googling this but all I got was a good two dozen people asking if metal cartridges being "sturdier versions of alchemical cartridges" meant that they reduced the reload time, which was not at all helpful.


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The metal cartridge is cited as an alchemical ammo specifically for advanced firearms. Making it the "baseline" ammo for advanced guns (making it 4 gp pricier per shot compared to normal firearms if you do not craft yer own ammo.)

Now there is no real RAW or RAI for this, but this is what my table does so expect variance from gm to gm; add the cost difference of normal ammo and metal jackets (4 gp) to the cost of the regular alchemical rounds, then follow the gunsmithing ammo craft rules from there.

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