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The hardest creature is from Iron Gods pt 6. The Overlord robot (CR 20/MR 8) clocks in with a hardness of 20, making it literally the hardest creature in the game since no other creature has a hardness rating above 15.

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The metal cartridge is cited as an alchemical ammo specifically for advanced firearms. Making it the "baseline" ammo for advanced guns (making it 4 gp pricier per shot compared to normal firearms if you do not craft yer own ammo.)

Now there is no real RAW or RAI for this, but this is what my table does so expect variance from gm to gm; add the cost difference of normal ammo and metal jackets (4 gp) to the cost of the regular alchemical rounds, then follow the gunsmithing ammo craft rules from there.

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Not all longjumps take place in combat

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Just give bears one-and-a-half str on natural attacks, grab, and rend. More lethal, and more inline with their reality counterparts

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"Got drunk in Highhelm, woke up in Korvosa with a dead king. Well f#€k me."

Aka how most dwarves SHOULD start the curse campaign.

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If I were to entirely base this off of my personal experiences with playing classes, these would be the themes I'd say were quite fitting;

Barbarian, Bard, Cavalier, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Gunslinger, Magus, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Summoner,and Wizard

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I can't remember who coined the saying for Pathfinder specifically but I liked it; "Just let the pathfinders deal with it, they're crazy and suicidal enough to solve the problem. And for cheap too!"

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Mudfoot wrote:
Knight who says Meh wrote:
The only thing missing is melee piercing damage.

And then give it one of those magic scopes and bam, the birth of the fantasy tacti-cool gun.

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When mythic casters have access to spells that auto slay enemies (1-3 spell combo) that the martials can also slay (when they blow their WHOLE LOAD)

They really have no right to complain

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:

There have been a lot of threads complaining about underpowered weapons. With the exception of the first link, I just dug those up with about five minutes of random searching. Hell, I didn't even bother wading through the many firearm threads.

Why? Why does it bother people that a sling isn't as effective as a longbow? Isn't that kind of realistic? A sling could be useful, yeah, but there's a reason the longbow was a more popular weapon for elite troops.

Why are people annoyed that a crossbow is a less heroic weapon than a composite bow, for that matter? Of course crossbows take too long to load to be a valid "hero's" weapon.

Well, the thing is, Pathfinder has a bit of a contradiction. It's not a big thing—it's not something that ruins the game by any means—but I think it's the reason these arguments keep sprouting up.

Pathfinder, much more than any D&D edition prior to it, makes the characters feel like big, damn heroes. Like many games and stories, it tells us that the important thing is that the players feel badass—and it's not exactly all wrong there. And if there's anything anime has taught us, it's that the more impractical a weapon is, the more badass it is to use. Who needs guns?! I got swordchucks!

Pathfinder starts us down this path, giving us extra feats, extra abilities, and ensuring we always have options. But it doesn't go all the way. It keeps crossbows pretty much nerfed unless you're willing to spend a bunch of feats. Nobody in their right mind uses shuriken when they can just take levels in Zen Archer and get a much better result. And don't get me started on sling staves.


My two cents is; if other weapon options had different flavors of support (as in tactics, maneuvers, and special ammo)they would get seen in a better light.

Whats the difference between a Bow and a Crossbow; range, damage, and feat support. Whats the difference between armed melee and unarmed melee? Damage and attack options. Sword and Board/other Sword you got attack, disarm, sunder, ect. Unarmed you can do all that, and grab the guys face and shove it into your knee whilst screaming LUCHA at the top of your lungs.

Lets look at slings, sure they're not the greatest damage wise, but say there was the option of delivering sunder and disarm attempts with it. And/or being able to deliver thrown splash weapons (50ft range tangle-foot bag anyone?

If everything was equal, that would defeat the purpose of options. What the other options need is a different kind of support that lets them be competitive but in a different light

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Robotic Construct Sorcerer? sounds like fun!

*Accessing global arcane faunt lines*
*Access granted*
*begin eldritch code line 1100101010010101010111010101100*
*scanning for pattern*
*scan complete*
*eldritch code line prepared*
*scanning for targets*
*targets found*
*executing eldritch code line*


sorry I could not resist

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3.5 Loyalist wrote:

Well there is the random treasure, which may contain items more powerful than you can craft (but which won't lead to wealth being converted to all body slots being filled). There is also the hobgoblin equipment as treasure, which will be very useful for melee classes by default, ranged classes if they had archers and crossbowmen, and spellcaster loot if they had spellcasters. The default loot for "heroic" enemies with character levels can cover the upgrading bases pretty easily. See the equipment for a level 8 fighter.

I don't allow weapon, armour or wondrous item crafting and it works really well. Sometimes their foes don't give them exactly what they could use, but there is nifty stuff there, a chance to use items they have never used before, items they could not craft if they only took some of the item creation feats, or items which are great for npcs (they are close to running a kingmaker like game) or bribes. Mmmm, yes bribes. Using loot less useful to the party, which you didn't have to craft to aid negotiations and friendship.

Friendship! Friendship!

Mundane and minor magic loot from the hobgoblins is stuff that they either already have and won't use (converted to gold) stuff they can't use (converted to gold) or stuff that will be useful in a later and rare situation (most likely sold for gold at a later date) Using a magic item to bribe or negotiate is basically using the item AS gold.

Why do you hate your players by giving them vast amounts of wealth that they can't really use?

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Scariest monster? Anything that uses tactics to it's advantage.

Tuckers Kobolds man

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I play fighter because you can do so many awesome martial builds with them.

Get all the trip feats, pole-arm, lots of dex and AoO's, and then combat patrol. Unless it's invisible, out of reach in the air or underground Gandalf's got NUTHIN on your YOU SHALL NOT PASS

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the last game I ran (a while back actually) where the PC's were in a solo bossfight had a gay old time. Mainly because I went final fantasy/shadow of the colossus and other games on them.

The boss was a construct Castle, it was so huge a single foot or fist took up a 50 foot Area. The PC's had to damage parts to slow it down, or climb/fly up to key points to do extra damage.

They nearly failed because they stopped it JUST IN TIME before it reached it's goal of smashing the capitol City.

Solo Encounters can be damn fun if you give them some spin

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Mergy wrote:

If the guy seemed awfully proficient with his giant greatsword, I'm gonna take a bet that the little dagger at his belt doesn't hurt as much.

Also, this.

This also proves that breaking the martial guys weapon sometimes is a bad idea

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the last game I ran that involved this feat was a two weapon ranger that didn't read the whole feat, by the time he had realized that he couldn't used two at the same time he was sad.

So to be nice I home-brewed a "Improved Dervish Dance" that had a required Dervish dance and Two Weapon Fighting. It basically let him get his full-action two weapon offhand attacks by tossing the blade back and forth between his main hand an off hand at a -2 for all the attacks, with a greater dervish dance also requiring improved two weapon fighting that got rid of the penalty. Sure it was a bit of a feat tax but it made the guy happy.

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The Trophy Hunter Archetype, a nice option for the ranger except for one minor problem.

Unlike the spellslinger and holy gun counterparts, the Trophy Hunter does not gain proficiency with firearms NOR the gunsmithing feat, heck they don't even get a starting gun!

Was this intended or did the trophy hunter just get pooched during the ultimate combat errata, for I have searched it high and low and all I have found in the errata are very few people asking about it but no real answers.

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SteelDraco wrote:
I generally don't like the animal companion rules as presented. The presence of a bunch of dinosaurs as clearly optimal choices annoys me, the balance seems very screwy between the different animals, and the bear gets shafted. (I played a dwarven druid with a war-bear mount, so the fact that they don't get Large annoys me to NO END. Because that was quite possibly my favorite character of all time.

I hear you brother /bropaw

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What are some of the smaller things in pathfinder that for some strange reason rub you the wrong way, drive you up the wall or simply grinds your gears?

For me, why is it that for animal companions that the wolf, not only starts bigger but GETS bigger then a bear? WHY IS THIS!!!!!

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shallowsoul wrote:
Cheapy wrote:
Flagged for the homebrew forum, where it belongs.

This isn't homebrew.

Please don't be flagging something because "you" think it belongs somewhere else. This is a general discussion about the Pathfinder Magic Item Creation rules in it's present form.

well we HAVE devolved it into somewhat homebrew, and bringing up 5th is NOT helping

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I'd ask the DM if I could convert a Thri-kreen (non-psionic) to PF. Cause I really love the mantids. If that went over I'd roll up a pure alchemist. "good news everyone! Flasks EVERYWHERE!" and be a total party bro with 4 healing flasks for all a round.

If not, Minotaur Monk, wearing armor (screw the wisdom AC, fast movement and flurry at this point) with brawling on the armor, while wearing an amulet of mighty fists. pour all my points into dex so I can grab two weapon fighting feats for my own armored flurry. Master of Many Styles using Janni Rush. Ever been hit by a large cow doing a FALCON PUNCH?

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Gorbacz wrote:
shallowsoul wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
shallowsoul wrote:
I would knock the charges down to about 20 or 10.
What does that achieve, other than eating up more lines in the inventory on charsheet because you have to buy multiple wands?
Gold isn't infinite I'm afraid, well at least not in my games.
Ah, so you want to knock down the number of charges while keeping the price. Again, what's the idea behind?

this is a standard staple of low fantasy or rare magic settings when the DM wants to make magic items seem rarer/more awesome then they actually are, bad GMs that do this end up TPK'ing their groups because those wands of healing they bough brand new that they needed were full price for 1/2 or 1/4 of the charges it's supposed to have.

In other words its just another lazy way to make PC's "feel" weak