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This is specifically for craft: alchemy, and with use of the feats signature skill and master alchemist so you need to be at least level 7.

Lets say a Gnome with a +4 int mod and skill focus on craft alchemy, and all 7 levels he puts a point into said craft. Decides he wants to make some Dwarven Stout. The DC for this would be 15 (High quality item, and since alcohol is a drug it is an alchemical item) And he decides to accelerate the craft making the DC a nice 25. With a +21 on the check and a full alchemists lab the Gnome decides to take 10, making his craft check a nice 33.

This is where it gets silly.

With the first tier of Signature skill; Craft the skill-check is doubled before being multiplied by the DC. Making it a whopping 66, meaning this gnomes weekly progress is 1650. and with master alchemist any alchemical items you make are progressed by their gold values instead of their silver values.

Dwarven Stout is 1/2 a pound, meaning two servings (8cp) is a pint. You can fit 600 pints in a regular barrel (75 gallons). Translated; Dwarven Stout is worth 3gp a barrel.

Using the crafting rules by RAW and doing a single days worth of progress; you can make more then 78 barrels of Dwarven Stout in a 8 hour period. That is 5850 gallons of tasty dwarven tradition in a 8 hour period, or 731.25 gallons a hour, or 12.1875 gallons a minute.

It's not glamorous, and it's not gonna slay any dragons (unless you plan to molotov it to death) But by the entire pantheon you and every village, town, hamlet, city, and random encounter within a 600 mile radius of you will be so hammered they can't do a thing for a week.

After reading, and re-reading a few times I've come to the strange conclusion that the fighter Archetypes Tactician and Lore Warden 1st level skill advantages stack. Since by RAW when you take multiple archetypes and they have a conflicting choice (in this case proficiencies) you take one or the other as long as the chain (example one archetype replacing armor training 1, 2, 3, and 4 at level 3, and another archetype wants to replace armor training 3 at a much later level, you have to stick with the one you took at level 3)

So if I'm correct in how I've read the rules and the archetypes, you can get a fighter that's getting 4 skill points a level +2 skill points a level that can only be spent on INT based skills, gain a whole crap-ton of skill choices. and only at the cost of most of your armor proficiencies and your 1st level fighter feat.

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The Trophy Hunter Archetype, a nice option for the ranger except for one minor problem.

Unlike the spellslinger and holy gun counterparts, the Trophy Hunter does not gain proficiency with firearms NOR the gunsmithing feat, heck they don't even get a starting gun!

Was this intended or did the trophy hunter just get pooched during the ultimate combat errata, for I have searched it high and low and all I have found in the errata are very few people asking about it but no real answers.

I think I finally found the maximum full attacks someone can do.

Level 16 barbarian with the wild rager archtype, 19 dex so he can have all 3 tiers of two weapon fighting, using a sword and pistol loadout he also has rapid shot and haste has been cast upon him.

that makes for 10 total attacks (4 base with 16 BAB, 3 from Two Weapon Fighting feats, 1 from rapid shot, 1 from wild rager archtype and 1 from haste)

My Rules question is does this all actually work? And are there ways to get more attacks in a full attack round? (without devolving into ballofarmsman cheese)

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What are some of the smaller things in pathfinder that for some strange reason rub you the wrong way, drive you up the wall or simply grinds your gears?

For me, why is it that for animal companions that the wolf, not only starts bigger but GETS bigger then a bear? WHY IS THIS!!!!!

Speed can be an asset in tabletop, but I just did some math for some serious pathfinder cheese.

A level 20 human character with 18 levels in monk, (shifts from lawful to chaotic) and 2 levels in barbarian. All of his feats are fleet, while the human bonus feat is run. With the base land-speed of a human at 30, +10 from barbarian. +50 from all the fleet feats, and + 60 from the monk. You are at a land-speed of 150. Add some ankle rings/boots with haste & permanence on them and you're at a land-speed of 180. With this speed that is a +60 on all jump acrobatics checks with a running start, and are effectively going 33 kilometers per hour as a move action.

At a full action run with the run feat, you are going 164.5 kilometers per hour. You are the fastest thing alive.

My question to you people of Paizo general is this: With all these stats laid out to you. If this character were to do the janni rush maneuver with the style feats granted by a monk of many styles. At a full charge (360 feet in 6/5 seconds) what would you rule/house-rule as bonus damage to both you and the target as you have hit them at speeds faster then most street cars

This is mostly to confirm my math as well as a slight rules question.

At level 20 (16 synthesist summoner and 4 Monk of the sacred Mountain) While the Eidolon is wearing Bracers of Armor +8, all of it's armor points as Natural Armor (+12) with its base natural armor as a humanoid (+2) with maximum improved Natural Armor evolutions (+8) The Greater shielded Meld (+4 shield) with two improved natural armor feats (+2) A dex of fourteen while wearing a belt of incredible dexterity +6 (20 dex total = +5 dex AC) While the Monk has the monk AC with a wisdom 16 (+4) with the sacred mountain natural ac (+1) with three feats of improved Natural armor (+3) while being hit with a maximum Barkskin (+5)

If my math is right that is a total of 56 AC. Did I do this right? And if so, what can hit this without being a critical hit?