rogue 'Snap shot' talent - can you free\swift action?

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so the rogue talent 'Snap Shot' say : "A rogue with this talent may treat her initiative roll as a 20 for a surprise round, regardless of her initiative, but she may only take an attack action with a ranged weapon"
does this mean the only action available at all is one ranged attack action, or does this mean that attacking can only be ranged, but other allowed actions are ok.
to be clear in a surprise round beside ether taking a move action or standard one can also make a 5 ft step (not an action, and can't be used if physically moved with a move action) and free actions.(swift action included as one can take swift action any time he can take a free action in his turn).

in case you wonder what im after it's combining:
- bard archaeologist 'Archaeologist’s Luck' ability (swift action to start, is treated as performance for feats and such). gain talent at level 4 so snap shot goes there.
- Battle cry.
- Lingering Performance - these two help with the fact that by raw this archtype doesn't get any more performance rounds/day at higher levels (he start with 4+cha and stay there,unless feats etc)
- fate's favored.
- Introspecitve Performance
and if i can understand how this 'Faction' thing work also Master Performer and Grand Master Preformer to kick it up a few notches.

edit. do notice. the snap shot probably doesn't mean he always get to act in surprise rounds (for that we need other classes abilities). only that if he does he can start early fully buffed.

If you use the Snap Shot talent, I'd say you're locked into using only a single ranged attack. But, the talent says may so you can roll and if you decide that you want to treat is as a 20 then you're locked into the single ranged attack.

yea. considering that if im surprised i don't get to act even with this talent i'll probably go with 'Ready for Anything' feat, all if it's requirements are also good for acting faster or perception etc, so is not a waste.

This is one of those cases where English is woefully ambiguous--the text could legitimately read either way, though I'd lean toward Claxon's interpretation. Assume the worst, and be pleasantly surprised if table variation ends up in your favor.

Yeah, I always assume the most restrictive interpretation especially when there isn't clear guidance.

It's easier to find other ways to buff your initiative and act in the surprise round (IMO) than to rely on such a talent which could be interpreted in different ways.

From what I understand from previous experience, when you use snap shot to treat your initiative as 20 for the surprise round, you just get the one ranged attack, no other actions, full stop. Thus the name "Snap Shot" since you're basically going "OH CRUD!" and reflexively firing off a shot.

I agree that if you choose the 20 you're locked into ranged.

Luckily there are some things you can do about this to make that happen, so it's not terrible.

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