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So, the Bottleneck Bridge situation is kinda well known. I decided to move Gattlebee's house to the Capital District so they'd cross the river. However, besides the geography being incorrect, the bridge map is only 50 feet across and not covered in market stalls as the flavour text would suggest. I was curious if anyone knew of a map more fitting for the actual bridge as written.

I've seen there's an alternative map that moves it to an alleyway but I like the visuals of fighting on a massive bridge off the gaping chasm with the waterfall in the background.

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I just wanted to put a shout out to Paizo and Foundry for putting this all together. I used to be a charter subscriber, and was even a GM for the launch of PFS at GenCon Indy 08. Around the time of the change from PF1 to 2, I went back to university and moved across the Atlantic. My friends and I as a result switched to more theater of the mind PbtA style games and Vampire since we didn't really like Roll20, but with the Foundry implementation we've reignited our passion for PF.

I really hope you guys go back and implement some of the other PF2 APs in Foundry the same way (particularly Agents of Edgewatch and Strength of Thousands!)

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So, overall, I'm not too thrilled about what we're getting (Goblins as PC races? No thanks. Catfolk would be way more interesting to me).

My biggest fear though is that you'll use Starfinder's NPC/monster creation system. Which is awful. Please don't. Stick with the 3/3.5/PF system. All creatures should be running off the same ruleset.

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For the last two days I have been unable to access my assets page (either through the old bookmarks or the new dropdown menu). I haven't been attempting constantly so I don't know if I'm just picking poor times but it's getting a bit frustrating.

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My PFS Inquisitor just hit level 3. He's a halfling spy who uses a hand crossbow. He's meant to be a skill monkey and I generally play him in RP/skill heavy scenarios. He's pretty terrible at combat. I'm trying to pick the most useful feats for solo tactics but it's pretty tough.

Next level I get an animal companion (animal domain) so that'll help a bit. My current feats are level 1 - Childlike, Level 3 Point Blank Shot.

Friendly Fire is the one I'm most keen on getting since it'll help someone more combat-capable get an extra shot in each turn, but it has to wait until I get Precise Shot at 5.

Bonded Mind seems like it'd be awesome for the spy-concept, but no idea how it would work with solo tactics.

Trade Initiative looks like another good choice since my Initiative is pretty good, I could pass it off to the heavy armor low dex guy to get between me and the enemy.

Thoughts/comments appreciated!

Correction: Level 7 I am getting Precise Shot, level 5 is Boon Companion

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So this AP is so good, and my group loves it so much, we are about to play through it a second time! We have a few new players who didn't get to experience it the first time, I will be running it instead of PCing.

One of the things I'm going to be doing to change it up is move it from Fantasy to Post-Apocalyptic. The Crown of Fangs will be an advanced AI and Kazavon an ancient AI war machine. The Orcs will be mutants. Still working on the conversion, but wanted to get the thread started to see if others might have some ideas to add some radioactive spice.

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It is time! We've seen the announcements of Hell's Vengeance, Strange Aeons, Ironfang Invasion and Ruins of Azlant!

Time to put out the calls for what we want to see in the next two years!

Perennial staples of this thread:
Darkmoon Vale!
A proper Tian Xia!
More mythic! [Iblydos?]
First World!

Voice your support for one of those or add your own topic of interest! Just remember to try and keep it generalized, no need to plot out your entire dream AP, Adam and James need some work on their end =p

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So, for my campaign of Hell's Rebels...I'm removing the Hell. I'm trying to fit it into a historical period in my homebrew setting, and devils aint got nothing to do with it. It's more Arcane Nazis.

So I want to replace Blosodriette with, well just about anything that can fulfill the same role but isn't a devil.


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So we all know that casting awaken on an animal companion makes it no longer a companion, but a cohort.

What are the ramifications of just giving it more INT though? Like through a +6 INT headband?

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A friend (who will probably join this thread shortly) is considering converting Hell's Rebels to a more oriental game based on the Khmer Empire. We were chatting about it and wondering what would be a good list of base classes (or default archetypes) to align with Southeast Asian history/mythology?

I'm thinking

Cleric (Ecclesithurge)

seem like good go-to ones.

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This is a little different than previous posts on this. Mostly I want to know where the rolls come into play and how they affect anything. It says under sleight of hand you can draw a concealed weapons as a move with a penalty. I always thought you rolled when concealing, not when drawing. How do I resolve this scenario:

Han has a dagger concealed in a spring loaded sheath. He decides to throw it at Greedo. He draws the weapon as an Immediate (Swift) action and attacks. This is the surprise round. He also has Underhanded rogue talent.

I guess Han rolls sleight of hand vs perception when drawing the dagger. If Greedo spots it, he can go on the initiative, but Han has already started his turn, so his initiative seems moot at this point. Does that prevent Underhanded from triggering though since Greedo spotted the dagger?

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DStreet Performer wrote:
Disappearing Act (Su): A street performer can use performance to divert attention from an ally. All creatures within 30 feet that fail a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the bard’s level + the bard’s Cha modifier) treat one creature chosen by the bard as if it were invisible. This performance affects one additional creature at 5th level and every 6 levels thereafter. If the targets take any action that would cause them to become visible, they become visible to everyone. The bard cannot use this ability on himself. This ability is a mind-affecting effect that requires visual components.

So how does this work? If you invis an ally and they break it do you have to start all over again, or does maintaining it re-invis them? Do the enemies need to make saves every round?

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Right now my Order History has about 163 items across 7 pages. Could you guys maybe work on this a bit so it's easier to view them, instead of the big centered boxes simply a table, also show the amount paid without having to click on each order individually.

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I need to run a one shot and want it to be a political/diplomatic type adventure. Maybe a big meeting, or a ball held by nobility (akin to the Winter Ball in Dragon Age Inquisition). Does anyone know of any good pre-published adventures I can tinker with to do this? I know the Sixfold Trial has some good stuff, but we already played that and my hunting on Drivethru isn't turning up much.

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Do whips add strength modifier to damage? In 3.5 they didn't, but it is a question that came up in the game today (as there are no mighty whips in Pathfinder)

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Alright, so every two years (and by every I mean there was one in 2010 and again in 2012) it's time to restart the What AP would you like to see next thread since a lot of our suggestions have made it! Wrath of the Righteous and Iron Gods both were in no small part influenced by these threads so I shall start us off! There will be 4 APs so I will suggest 4 ones I want to see!


Mythic Iblydos!

A return to Tian Xia! Either Kaiju oriented or something inspired by Wu Xia films


Submit yours and sooner or later the guys with way more time on their hands than even I will go through and collect the data :)

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Anyone know if this is small or medium? Looking for a mini for my ratfolk.

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Is there a guide to where the PCs should level up throughout the AP? I hate doing xp math

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If this hybrid ckass idea is successful, what might you like to see in the future?

Cavalier/Gunslinger > Cowboy
Druid/Summoner > Animorph
Cleric/Monk > Sohei
Wizard/Oracle > Occultist

just some examples.

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So while we have a thread for entire APs you want, how about one for the nuts and bolts. Elements you would like to see in an upcoming AP. Things like Hexploration, the play from CoT, stronghold like Ft Rannick etc.

My own personal desire, I would like a big fancy ball in an AP. Demonskar Ball was a fantastic fan addon for Shackled City but I had to GM. Would love to see one fully and officially woven into an AP plot.

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When making a trip or disarm maneuver with a whip, do you need Weapon Finesse or Agile Maneuvers to use your dex instead of str for the check?

And would Fury Fall add the dex a second time?

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I want to register a complaint that it has been YEARS since many of the talented writers at Paizo have written an AP or module issue. Fantasitic craftsmen like Wes, Jason, Erik, the Jameses and Sean have been promoted so high we never get to see them put out great adventures anymore! (Excepting Sutter who did an AP issue and Jacobs who does a bit of all the AP issues).

I must insist Jason, Wes, Erik and Sean get an AP or module assignment in 2014 =)

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Was a bit surprised this AP doesn't have one of these threads yet (though a lot of people are starting their own individual ones). So lets give it someplace nice and tidy.

Don't have their names yet but here is my party's makeup.

Catfolk Paladin (Champion)
Human Inquisitor/Trapper Ranger (Trickster)
Human Druid (Guardian)
Tiefling Oracle, Outer Rifts/Sorcerer/Mystic Theurge (Archmage)
Human Cleric/Divine Scion (Heirophant)
Human Oracle, Battle (Marshal)

I am very happy with the party they made, I insisted each player take a different mythic path. Came out nice.

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Reading the campaign outline, it looks like for five books the PCs are dealing with and focusedon Baphomet and his cult. Then in book six we suddenly shift focus to Deskari. How much of a role is Deskari playing during the first five chapters? The outline reads like a five book story with a skyrim-like DLC book six added on (if that isn't the case read this as a criticism of the outline not of the AP as a whole).

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I have yet to take a good look through WotR but plan on using it as a followup to Shackled City. Was wondering if anyone had tips (JJ especially) on integrating Graz'zt/Athax into the storyline.

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Can a wand hold more than one spell? RAI I presume not since I have never seen one published but RAW is it legitimate? Would it be broken to allow?

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I am playing a Reincarnated Druid/Pathfinder Savant in Reign of Winter and looking for some spell advice for my esoteric spells. A couple catches though.

1 I can't use the summoner spell list trick, we believe it goes against the spirit of the ability. Paladin and Ranger are ok though.

2 I don't want any damage dealing spells. Utility, buff, debuff and save or suck spells are my focus.

I also through eldritch heritage have a bonded item so even if I never prepare the spell I still have emergency access.

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I am making a summoner and want my eidolon to have a pair of pincers but am confused by the primary/secondary. It says if I only have one attack they are primary. Pincers grants two attacks so are they then both secondary? Or do they mean only one attack form?

If it means attack form and I take rake do my pincers then become secondary?

Scarab Sages 4/5

Oh man! I am glad this does not affect the Venture Lieutenants at all and my wonderful VC Jason Leonard can fix this. Don't worry, it is only a years worth of work for my local region Jason and no you can not have my detailed database of what pfs numbers belong to which players and which ones they have played and gmed.

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I am currently building my character for Reign of Winter and want to go down the Diehard feat tree (Endurance, Diehard, Deathless Initiate/Master)

I built a half orc (alternate racial trait to get Endurance instead of Intimidate bonuses) and started with STR 18, DEX 12, CON 16, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 8 (20 point buy). I am considering swapping the CHA penalty to INT or WIS so I can go for the Spirit Totem rage powers but that's what I need advice on.

What rage powers and traits should I go for? I would love if there were something like the Alchemist's Lingering Spirit ability to keep me up longer in Diehard but I can't find anything. All Paizo is allowed, 3PP is allowed with permission.

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So while making a replacement animal companion I noticed dire bats only get blindsense, not sight. This seems an error since it would mean bats always suffer from miss chances and would be constantly flying into walls and objects.

Also blindsight specifically calls out echolocation which bats have.

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I just submitted my wondrous and am excited to get the contest underway, but Round 2 doesn't excite me as much. I think PF has too many archetypes already and would have preferred design a Prestige Class.

Although I do have an archetype idea rarin' to go.

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Much like the AP thread, post your ideas for modules here!

My own:

Darkmoon Vale - The Varisia of the modules line has been neglected since PF rules. Let us go back with a new story there that can also be used as a sequel to the previous modules.

Insane Asylum -Something horror for autumn, pref by Logue and/or Pett, exploring a Kirkbride style/Shutter Island asylum.

Underdark - Not much has been done with the darklands since Second Darkness

Viperwall - nuff said

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This happened to me last week and I needed a place to tell it.

Playing at my friend's house, my PF core got ruined. My friend's pig (as in oink oink)...pleasured himself on it. I lost a book to cat piss, but this was way grosser and far more unusual. I had to share.

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Would a Fey druid lose their DR/Cold Iron in wild shape RAW?

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So did anyone else notice the identical plot between No Response from Deepmar and Shards of Sin? What with both having Derro kidnapping people to experiment on them and find out a way to alleviate their light sensitivity. The results being people with messed up memories. I asked JJ in his thread but gencon and all.

Wanted to see the reactions of others, if there is no tie-in, I would have rather seen something different for S*1

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So my homebrew world doesn't really have a world-spanning Pathfinder society (I usually put in nation specific groups when it comes up) so in my Shattered Star campaign Sheila is creating an organization from scratch with local people. Here are traits for non-PFS member types who may have caught her attention.

Spelunker -
You've spent a lot of time exploring caves and underground areas, you know a cave-in could occur at any moment and a mis-step could mean death.

You gain a +2 trait bonus to Initiative and +1 trait bonus to reflex saves while underground

Trader of Curios -
You or your family deal in small magical items and trinkets. You have a keen eye for magic items and their worth.

You can use Appraise rather than Spellcraft to identify magic items, and get a +2 trait bonus on such checks.

Local Hero
You recently gained renown in Magnimar for an act of valor and daring (the exact details are between you and your DM), as a result the people around town have a favorable attitude towards you.

You gain a +3 trait bonus on diplomacy checks with citizens of Magnimar


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So the old What AP would you like to see next thread, is long and intimidating, and a bit out of date now! Since many of those ideas have or are coming to pass (Pirates and Worldwound especially) let's get the next 2 years worth going!

My top three are:

Iblydos (would love some Ancient Greek Clash of the Titans/Odyssey love)

Darkmoon Vale (love this region so much, it's time to return)

Galt Vive le Revolution and some cloak and dagger/diplomacy gaming!

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So a question on how this works. First, the two relevant parts of rules

Thunderbolt (Sp): At 9th level, you can command a stroke of lightning to strike from above in a 5-foot-radius cylinder 60 feet high. The thunderbolt inflicts 1d6 points of damage per sorcerer level; half of this damage is electricity and half is sonic. A Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 your sorcerer level + your Charisma modifier) halves this damage. Creatures failing their saves are deafened for 1 round. At 9th level, you can use this ability once per day, at 17th twice per day, and at 20th three times per day. This power has a range of 120 feet.


Ride the Lightning:
Ride the Lightning (Sp): At 15th level, as a full-round action you can become a living lightning bolt and move in a straight line up to 10 times your speed. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity while moving in this way. Creatures or objects in your path are affected as by your thunderbolt power. Creatures do not block your movement but solid barriers do unless they are reduced to 0 hit points. You can use this power once per day for a number of rounds equal to your sorcerer level.

So with Ride the Lightning as a full round action I can become a living lightning bolt, travel we'll say 300 feet and zap everyone in the way for 15d6 electric, and keep doing it for 15 rounds straight?

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So I am not sure if this forum is right for the question, but since most of the 3pp guys view it it seems a good choice.

I am working on a campaign for my group and I think it is good enough for publishing as a pdf. I am only outlining at this point but had a few questions about the nature of this I am hoping you guys can answer.

1 - Forming an LLC is pretty much a must, right?
2 - Is there a free or cheap program to use for the layout and formatting of the pdf?

3 - Just how expensive is art on a 64 page book? Ballpark. I plan to limit it to inked sketches excluding the cover to save cash.

4 - How do you deal with taxes on the income?

5 - How much do merchants take off the cover? Paizo/drivethru are where I am expecting to make it available.

6 - Any other additional pre-sale costs besides art if you are writing/editing/formatting it yourself?

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Our ship is run by a drow captain (me) and halforc mate with human crew. We want an imposition to give the crew low light or darkvision so we can attack at night. Any suggestions for level/cost of this?

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Please cancel my campaign setting and players companion sunscriptions.

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So I wanna do a western themed AP between running Shackled City and Shattered Star. Inspired by Deadwood and the milieu of westerns out there. Here is what I have so far:

The locale is pretty much uncontrolled lands, it is claimed by the LG psionic nation to the west but generally left alone. The psionic nation only concerns itself with the Golem Train which runs through the region and connects it to the gnome nation on the east.My campaign setting is currently on the brink of a renaissance with the psionic nation and steampink gnome nation rising in influence over the arcane nations. The major villains are the demonic hordes (which is mainly being used in shack city), the rising Sinister Empire (which will be the focus o Shattered Star) and the declining Tiger Empire (LE mix of Rome and Nazi Germany) but I am open to other villain ideas for use in this.

Book 1 starts in a small town a week or so off from the railroad, goblins rob the bank and the PCs form a posse to hunt them down, finding out they were stealing the gold to feed a giant worm in a cave complex. Inside the complex they find crystals, crystals that are valuable to the psionic nation.

Book 2 is basically a gold rush but for crystals and brings conflict between the new settlers and the native catfolk tribe.

Book 3 will focus on the trsin

Book 4 will focus on thr gnome nation.

I have no clue for books 5 & 6, and more importantly no overreaching plot to tie everything together. Odd because normally that is the easier part for me.

Any thoughts?

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Is there a difference between two weapon feint and improved two weapon feint? Besides one having harder prereqs. Both are from UC according to d20pfsrd.

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Really awesome module, putting my SCAP game on hold to run it tomorrow. Up there with Hangmans, Last Baron, Carnival and Bloodcove as one of the best modules and best one put out under the PF rules set. Kudos

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In the lantern chamber it gives what happens if the PCs choose the bebilith chamberbutnot what happens if they choose the guardinal. What should happen if they go that way nd choose either to kill or free it?

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Yeah, so if there is no content change to a pdf is there a way I can stop getting emails everytime you make one easier to print? The new lite versions is making the emails a bit too frequent.

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