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A friend (who will probably join this thread shortly) is considering converting Hell's Rebels to a more oriental game based on the Khmer Empire. We were chatting about it and wondering what would be a good list of base classes (or default archetypes) to align with Southeast Asian history/mythology?

I'm thinking

Cleric (Ecclesithurge)

seem like good go-to ones.

Liberty's Edge

I'm the friend!

I'm also surprised Magus isn't on that list.

The Khmer Empire isn't something I know well, so I'll document myself before commenting on the class selection.

For now, I'll simply chime in considering the use of the cleric(Ecclesitheurge) as base class. If it is only motivated by removing the armor, you could go the same route as Pathfinder Chronicles : Campaign Setting where each class is modified for the purpose of this setting.

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