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I am currently building my character for Reign of Winter and want to go down the Diehard feat tree (Endurance, Diehard, Deathless Initiate/Master)

I built a half orc (alternate racial trait to get Endurance instead of Intimidate bonuses) and started with STR 18, DEX 12, CON 16, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 8 (20 point buy). I am considering swapping the CHA penalty to INT or WIS so I can go for the Spirit Totem rage powers but that's what I need advice on.

What rage powers and traits should I go for? I would love if there were something like the Alchemist's Lingering Spirit ability to keep me up longer in Diehard but I can't find anything. All Paizo is allowed, 3PP is allowed with permission.

there was one feat that allowed you to stay alive a little longer after death. you just needed to be healed before the end of it... check out the racial feats

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Ouch, at the cost of a permanent negative level, thats crazy.

resurrection causes neg level too. but can prevent costly rez or our group is more fond of reincarnate...and can prevent tpk too

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I think I will have to grit my teeth and do a four level vivisectionist dip. At least the mutagen will help

Dont have to... are alot of orcish feats that give like bonuses with diehard active, healing, forgot most of them, looked when i made an inquisitor. hehe... diehard + fast heal while concious...:D

alot of friends think diehard is a death sentence, and not far wrong usually

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Invulnerable Rager Barbarian.

Ferocious Resolve feat.

Ferocious Tenacity feat.

Resilient Brute feat.

Endure Pain feat.

Fight On feat.

Raging Vitality feat.

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I think Raging Vitality is a must. Not only +2 CON per rage but also the ability to rage when unconcious or dying. Not exactly what you were looking for because you can still rage in diehard-mode but still a good feat I believe.

just guaranteed death when rage stops? XD and you lose 6/HD hp? XD but, is that much longer for healer to get to you.

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That is why I really want lingering spirit. +10 to my neg hp basically, I think combining with a CON mutagen and swapping my str and con scores would be good for optimizing. Taking another -1 CHA cen get my INT to 12 for formulae. With rage and mutagen at level 5 I could get down to -36 before dying. Level 3 will be fast healing feat and level 5 ironhide which is a prereq

I will just have to work on the fluff justification lol

Yeah if you go alchemist, lingering spirit can help a bit (although +10 points instead of +con points is kinda lame in my opinion)

While it's doesn't DIRECTLY affect living below 0 health, spontaneous healing and healing touch are EXCELLENT abilities; In my opinion it essentially gives the PC that much extra health, since it heals so fast it seems pretty difficult to kill a person [from full health] before they can use up their fast healing. It's a really efficient thing to have for general survivability/health — I'm no expert, but I'd say it's the most efficient "health gain" (effectively) possible.

edit: looks like you mentioned it while I was writing this post

This isn't exactly what you were looking for (or perhaps it is and you didn't realize it) - its a Human Barbarian who uses the Diehard and Endurance feats from Unbreakable Fighter to qualify for almost game-breaking Damage Resistance along with a host of other goodies (like Pounce and an ultra-high Superstition bonus). It could be easily modified to suit a half-orc though I think a Human works best - primarily due to the Superstition bonus - all the toughness in the world isn't doing you any favors is you're charmed, held or asleep.

Here is the thread discussing it and a link to the build itself. I've tweaked it a bit since that post, but it will more than adequately lay out the concept and how it works.

I'm not saying your idea is a bad one, going for Deathless Initiate, but my goal would be to never get into that much trouble to begin with, rather than center a build around abilities that don't kick in until you're almost dead.

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