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So my homebrew world doesn't really have a world-spanning Pathfinder society (I usually put in nation specific groups when it comes up) so in my Shattered Star campaign Sheila is creating an organization from scratch with local people. Here are traits for non-PFS member types who may have caught her attention.

Spelunker -
You've spent a lot of time exploring caves and underground areas, you know a cave-in could occur at any moment and a mis-step could mean death.

You gain a +2 trait bonus to Initiative and +1 trait bonus to reflex saves while underground

Trader of Curios -
You or your family deal in small magical items and trinkets. You have a keen eye for magic items and their worth.

You can use Appraise rather than Spellcraft to identify magic items, and get a +2 trait bonus on such checks.

Local Hero
You recently gained renown in Magnimar for an act of valor and daring (the exact details are between you and your DM), as a result the people around town have a favorable attitude towards you.

You gain a +3 trait bonus on diplomacy checks with citizens of Magnimar


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