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I need to run a one shot and want it to be a political/diplomatic type adventure. Maybe a big meeting, or a ball held by nobility (akin to the Winter Ball in Dragon Age Inquisition). Does anyone know of any good pre-published adventures I can tinker with to do this? I know the Sixfold Trial has some good stuff, but we already played that and my hunting on Drivethru isn't turning up much.

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I'm not sure if it's suitable for a one shot, but the first part of EN Publishing's Zeitgeist AP, The Island at the Axis of the World, might fit the bill. Act one starts with an investigation that transitions to a social scene on board a steam ship loaded with dignitaries. It's free on Paizo, so it may be worth checking out to see if you can pillage it for ideas. Good luck!

Diplomacy, from an old edition of Dungeon magazine. It's 3.5, but that's okay, because the number of mobs you'd have to translate over can be counted on one hand.

The basic plot is one of your patrons has chosen you to go to the plane of earth and put in a bid for some sort of "infinite diamond mine" on their behalf. The offers are fairly immense, and you'll be up against beings offering entire planets for it.

The Freeport Trilogy has a couple of political scenes that could be adapted for one shot purposes. At one point there is a big party with tons of noble/political big shot NPCs of vying factions for the party to interact with.

Also the Succubus Bride has a set up of a political marriage to end a war but there are complications when it turns out one of the ruling families is demonic.

Are you open to pfs scenarios? A number fit the bill, including the Merchant's wake.

The second module of the Curse of the Golden Spear trilogy of introductory modules for the Kaidan setting of Japanese horror (PFRPG) by Rite Publishing, Dim Spirit, starts with a political encounter with entirely non-combat diplomacy activities between the adventure party and the local daimyo, Lord Hachiwara. Also following this encounter is activities on the streets of Tsue-jo, the provincial capital in horse trading and distributing free gifts to the residents encountered.

Possibly the Zeitgeist AP by ENWorld Publishing ?

Diplomacy (Dungeon #144): : High stakes planar diplomacy for control of a demiplane of diamonds. Lots of fun just for how all the various diplomats think.


One uses Diplomacy
One uses Bluff
One uses Intimidate
One uses Appraise

You use the skill synergy bard. :)

Don't forget to apply the Diplomacy fix then, reducing the impact of one diplomacy roll to a better defined and smaller scale result: getting someone to a accept a specific deal/bargain.

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