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Liberty's Edge

Yeah, so if there is no content change to a pdf is there a way I can stop getting emails everytime you make one easier to print? The new lite versions is making the emails a bit too frequent.

Web Product Manager

Today should be the absolute last mass update to those PDFs. There is no way to opt out of receiving emails for products you've purchased however, as the system for content updates and regular file updates is exactly the same. Our system is designed to try to be smart enough to not spam you with email, and we try to avoid this. Since we were not updating *all* of the products that had Lite versions released, the emails are being sent based on those individual products. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

To be clear, you can opt out of getting emails about *all* updates to your digital assets, but you can't opt out of just some of them. It's all or nothing.

To opt out of update notifications for *all* of your digital assets, go to your Privacy Settings and uncheck the box next to "Paizo may send me notifications about updates to my digital assets."

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