What to replace Blosodriette with?

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So, for my campaign of Hell's Rebels...I'm removing the Hell. I'm trying to fit it into a historical period in my homebrew setting, and devils aint got nothing to do with it. It's more Arcane Nazis.

So I want to replace Blosodriette with, well just about anything that can fulfill the same role but isn't a devil.


Spyglass Archon is, so far as I can tell, Heaven's answer to Imps.

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Perhaps a Homunculus with some rogue levels and an at will invisability. Or you could just refluff Blosodriette into being Unqiue Homunculus.

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An (evil) pixie? There's close enough in power and appearance that you could use her given statistics for her, reskin and/or maybe switch out minor abilities (give her DR/cold iron instead of silver, fer instance), and change her sting to a poisoned needle or some such. If the players ask why she's different from other pixies, you might say she was altered by the Arcane Nazis using what ever blasphemous, crimes-against-nature sort of augmentation program that these sorts always have. Instead of trying to get back to hell, she might be trying to get back to the First World/Fey Wild/wherever fey come from in your game world.

If your Arcane Nazis have some sort of occultic ideology, perhaps they summoned Blosodriele from there? (Or perhaps she came as a result of a failed summoning of something else?)

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I honestly don't see why she can't remain an Imp.

Just because you're not using the Forces of Hell as an antagonist doesn't mean you don't have summoners who summon devils. Indeed, this could explain why that family is looked down upon - they consorted with devils. That's not kosher. ;)

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I like the Homunculus idea, thank you.

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