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My PFS Inquisitor just hit level 3. He's a halfling spy who uses a hand crossbow. He's meant to be a skill monkey and I generally play him in RP/skill heavy scenarios. He's pretty terrible at combat. I'm trying to pick the most useful feats for solo tactics but it's pretty tough.

Next level I get an animal companion (animal domain) so that'll help a bit. My current feats are level 1 - Childlike, Level 3 Point Blank Shot.

Friendly Fire is the one I'm most keen on getting since it'll help someone more combat-capable get an extra shot in each turn, but it has to wait until I get Precise Shot at 5.

Bonded Mind seems like it'd be awesome for the spy-concept, but no idea how it would work with solo tactics.

Trade Initiative looks like another good choice since my Initiative is pretty good, I could pass it off to the heavy armor low dex guy to get between me and the enemy.

Thoughts/comments appreciated!

Correction: Level 7 I am getting Precise Shot, level 5 is Boon Companion

What about Coordinated Shot, specially since you have PBS already and the animal companion will help you out with that a lot! Also, this will let you qualify for Enfilading Fire, which is a nice boost as well (you will need to pick up Precise Shot beforehand though).

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You definitely need to pick up Precise Shot asap.

Bonded Mind has a PFS caveat: you don't benefit from that feat unless another player also actually has that feat, permanently- solo tactics does not work for it.

Escape Route is a good feat to have so you can position yourself in combat, though it's typically better if you are a melee combatant.

Lookout is pretty good too.

Trade Initiative is nice once you have your AC. It basically allows you to roll twice and take the better on initiative checks.

Since you're a Halfling, you can get Relentless Cheer for a bonus to your saving throws.

I've never played a game where the companion got its own seperate initiative, though, eliminating any synergy with Trade Initiative.

It would be especially strange if somehow your companion mount acted on a different turn

Definitely agree on Coordinated Shot at 3, since you don't have precise shot yet

Also, I'd switch the levels of Precise Shot and Boon Companion, to qualify for Enfilading Fire at 6

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