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Yay Catfolk


This is a pretty good article on the Catfolk. It follows the rather standard interpretation of them as a tribal pseudo native american culture (especially the Lenape) but with some feline twists. Definitely worth the $2 if you want some more Catfolk info as a player or GM. The racial traits and alternative racial abilities are both useful and well balanced.

Really the only downside to it is the art. The art on the example NPC in the back is good, as are the items, but the cover image and image on page 3 are simply awful and that's half of the character pictures.

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Great launch!


Paizo has a history of going from good to great through a lot of trial and error in their product lines. The Adventure Paths have certainly come a long way from Shackled City. Launching their fiction line is certainly a big trial and with almost zero error.

This book is simply fantastic, the characters are fun and unique. I especially enjoyed Jeggare's almost Victorian attitudes on class and nobility and Radovan provided a great counterpoint to it. Frequently with a licensed material like this you get a generic story that throws in a few proper nouns from the source material but Prince of Wolves truly feels like a story belonging in Golarion and only in Golarion.

There were a few disappointments; this book is not the start of an epic adventure. Rather, it is just a short story inside the world of Golarion (albeit a good short story). As someone used to reading fantasy serials like the Star Wars expanded universe, the Wheel of Time series, etc I'm disappointed that this book seems to be a single shot.

I did however think the riffle scrolls were a bit silly, and I was saddened more wasn't done to explore Ezra's background.

I would recommend this to anyone who is on the fence about getting it; it gives a good perspective on the campaign setting that just isn't doable through the descriptions in the books.