Do whips add strength modifier to damage?

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Do whips add strength modifier to damage? In 3.5 they didn't, but it is a question that came up in the game today (as there are no mighty whips in Pathfinder)

Yes. Unless you take Slashing Grace for them, then you get Dex to damage instead.

You can also wield one two-handed to get 1.5*Str with it.

RumpinRufus wrote:
You can also wield one two-handed to get 1.5*Str with it.

Which is an utterly silly image and I'll make fun of you if you do it in one of my games.

But allowable RAW and not OP or anything, so...

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Do not forget, the whip is a non lethal weapon that does not threaten the area around you. It's use provokes attacks from those who threaten you. Finally, it will not do damage to anything furrier then a bald monk or wearing armor of the same relative thickness and durability of tissue paper.

You do not need to limit it any more then that, thank you.

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RumpinRufus wrote:
You can also wield one two-handed to get 1.5*Str with it.

Nope, that is no longer true, per Ultimate Equipment:

You can't wield a whip in two hands in order to apply 1-1/2 times your Strength modifier to damage rolls.

However, that doesn't limit you from adding 1-1/2 damage from Power Attack when wielding a whip two-handed...

@Dafydd: Seriously, if someone wants to use a whip for anything besides combat maneuvers, then they will almost certainly be going into the Whip Mastery feat chain, which eliminates almost all those limitations, although I think you missed one.

Whip limitations:
Exotic weapon, not martial
1d3 damage (1d2 small)
Non-lethal only
Cannot do damage to targets with a even modicum of Natural Armor (+3) or manufactured armor (+1).
Provokes when used
Does not threaten
No extra damage from Str when wielded two-handed

Whip benefits:
Attack anywhere in its 15' reach area.
Disarm keyword, so +2 on disarm maneuvers
Trip keyword, so can be dropped instead of getting tripped if done while in the target's
threatened area. Also allows you to use the whip's bonuses for drag and reposition combat maneuvers.

With the proper feats, many, but not all, the limitations get waived.

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Yep, I missed the exotic weapon and the terrible damage.

And the no 2 hand for extra damage. Did not know that one, but figures.

Oh, one more thing, it can be used with weapon finesse (and agile and slashing grace) which is a definite benefit, but more feat tax.

It can be a great weapon, but it takes quite a while to reach that level.

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