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Our ship is run by a drow captain (me) and halforc mate with human crew. We want an imposition to give the crew low light or darkvision so we can attack at night. Any suggestions for level/cost of this?

Goggles w/ a Permanent Darkvision Spell?

I mean, it doesn't really sound like a problem that needs an imposition as it does a magic item. You could conveniently capture an old, unable to fight mage/craftsman that could create some sort of item for the Players or ship.

Or create a homebrew feat like this:

Pirates Do it in the Dark
Benefit: Your knowledge of ships and experience fighting at night allow you to fight in the dark of night. You receive limited darkvision while on a ship at sea. (20 feet, no benefit on land.)

Kinda clunky, but hey, that's homebrew, right?

Liberty's Edge

I wanted something more for the crew not the PCs

Well, by comparison:

"Get up you dogs!" Gives as its benefit a 1st level spell to all crew members for 10 infamy, once per week at the "disgraceful" level.

"Honour the code!" Gives +4 Cha (equivalent to eagle's splendor, a 2nd level spell) to all crew for 5 infamy at the "notorious" level.

For a middle ground, I'd propose:

Despicable Imposition (cost: 10 infamy)

"Dead of Night!" The PCs and their crew gain darkvision for the next 24 hours. This imposition can only be used once per week.

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